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PDFelement Pro 6 Review – Is it a Good PDF Editor?

PDFelement Pro 6 review: Screenshot of top features

If you edit PDF files as a small business or entrepreneur, then you might have heard of the PDF editor PDFelement. Wondershare recently gifted a one-month license of the Pro 6 business software to try out in exchange for my honest feedback on it. Here is my PDFelement Pro 6 review.

Sponsored: Thanks to my sponsor, PDFelement, for supplying the free product to help me write this post today!

What is PDFelement?

PDFelement is PDF editor software that comes in personal and business versions. One feature is its ability to convert PDFs into Word documents.

The PDFelement Pro 6 is useful for me when I want to send drafts of articles I’ve written to my freelance clients. While you know me for blogging here, I also write product reviews and articles for clients. Using the PDF editor, I can send those drafts in PDF format rather than as a Word file.

Why would I want to do that? A great thing about PDFs is that they’re readable on both Mac and Windows systems. Whereas MS Word documents, unfortunately, don’t always read well on Mac computers and devices. So I’m better off to change the Word doc to a PDF and then send to clients so they can read the draft and get the project done, no matter if they’re Mac or Windows users. PDFs are independent of the OS, hardware, or app. Therefore they’re readable on any mobile device or on desktop.

With PDFelement Pro 6, you can also convert PDFs back into MS Office Word if you want to at any time. So there’s no risks of losing the original document. And you can do it all on the go too when you download the app.

How to Start Using PDFelement Pro 6

To write the PDFelement Pro 6 review I wanted to play around with the professional software. First off, I found it easy to download. There was a simple 3-step process:

  1. Click of the download button from the Wondershare website
  2. Open up the downloaded software
  3. Select Help on the top menu, click License Registration, and enter your unique registration key and license.

Then I was able to start using it right away. That process took only a few minutes, by the way.

Create a PDF with PDFelement Pro 6 software
PDFelement Pro 6 software converts your Word doc into a PDF with one click of your mouse. Yes, this is me using the PDF editor.

PDFelement Pro 6 Review: Using the PDF Editor

To start with, I wanted to test out my main reason for using the PDFelement Pro 6 review: to convert a Word doc to PDF. So, in Word, I pressed the “Create PDF” button on the top left side of the document. Then, in less than 5 seconds, a PDF version of that same Word file opened up your screen. Hello, easy.

From there, make changes right to the PDF itself. The Pro 6 software is very intuitive. You can edit the PDF to exactly how you want it to look. Add text, list boxes, digital signature, and more.

The look of the business software is much more appealing than Adobe Acrobat, by the way, which always looks unfriendly and intimidating to me. The style of PDFelement is visually attractive and I wasn’t intimidated by its design or features at all, even though I was new to it.

Forms and Templates Within the Business Software

Next, if you don’t want to create your own original PDF, save time by accessing hundreds of templates and forms in the PDF library that comes with PDFelement Pro 6. Templates like this aren’t available with Acrobat Pro DC, by the way. A few examples are:

  • Sales contract template
  • Loan application form
  • Flow chart template

Simply download the one you want from the library and it opens as a new tab on your screen. This feature has huge potential for increasing business productivity as you don’t have to build templates from scratch. Plus, they look professional.

PDFelement seating chart template
This is me creating a seating chart for our wedding.

Testing Out PDFelement’s Seating Chart Template

To test out the templates for this PDFelement Pro 6 review, I downloaded the Seating Chart and started to personalize it for tables at our wedding this coming November. As you can see in the image above, I was able to change the classroom seating chart to a wedding chart.

It was easy to swap out the header for a new one and add in names of wedding guests in the place of the default “students.” Furthermore, I can change the font and sizing by clicking options on the right side of the screen.

It’s much faster than starting from scratch with other PDF software. And PDFelement Pro 6 has a Support Center under the Help menu option, just in case I need it (nope, I didn’t have to use it).

PDFelement Pro 6 Review Conclusions

Going into this project, I was skeptical as Adobe business software has been complex at time for me to try to figure out. I was pleasantly surprised by PDFelement Pro 6’s user-friendly features. As a PDF editor, it converts Word to PDF easily and I like how I can customize its pre-made templates for professional-looking documents in less time. After my use of the software, I recommend it. You can get it right now for 50% OFF.

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