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Tween Bedroom Ideas: 3 Things Your Daughter’s Room is Missing

Tween bedroom ideas include a reading nook

As your daughter leave the stages of childhood and moves towards becoming a teenager, a fun way to celebrate her growing up is to refresh the decor in her room. As she starts to assert more independence, which can also be a challenge, and her personality begins to shine more, include her in the decorating project. It’s a great opportunity for her to be creative. If she’s outgrown the princess and unicorn decals on the walls but isn’t quite ready for posters of her favorite bands or other older decorations, you might not know what to do with the room. Take a look at the space and if it’s missing any of the following tween bedroom ideas, such as reading nook, then consider adding them sooner rather than later.

1. Cool Accent Pieces

Accent items add personality, charm, color, and life to a bedroom. It’s all about the things that clearly accentuate the best parts of a room.

For example, throw pillows draw attention to the bed and any chairs or benches in the your daughter’s room. Fun pillows with sequins, characters, or unique shapes, for example, add personality to a space, making them one of the best tween bedroom ideas. It’s also a chance for your child to exert her responsibility as she chooses the pillow design.

Another possible accent piece is an area rug over a hardwood floor. Small, different-shaped rugs can accent the floor and any furniture on it, such as a desk. A rug could also go beneath her feet when she gets out of bed in the morning so her bare feet aren’t cold on hardwood. And another one might go nicely in front of the closet doors.

These accents are affordable, easy to find, and can add a lot to your daughter’s room.

2. A Gallery Wall

Your daughter can put together her very own gallery wall of artistic pieces that express wh she is. Watch her as she puts it together and give her a hand if she asks how to make it look even more artistically beautiful than it is already.

Simply put, a gallery wall is a collection of canvas prints, framed artwork, photos, wall hangings, and other artistic pieces in strategic formation on a wall. Tween bedroom ideas like this one work best if she creates a general outline for the wall gallery on paper first. If you’re both unsure where to start, there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest for inspiration.

Try to vary the kinds of art you use too. A gallery bedroom wall looks dynamic when it combines at least of few of the following:

  • Photos
  • Different frames
  • Canvas art
  • Quotes
  • At least one of your daughter’s initials

Let her put her imagination to work here. Gallery walls can look amazing and she’ll take pride in showing off how great her bedroom looks to family and friends. Once done the project, your daughter will feel pride in her accomplishment and have a boost of self-confidence.

3. Reading Nook

Finally, is your daughter’s room missing a reading area? This is my favorite of the tween bedroom ideas I’m suggesting here.

Keep her interest in reading alive by helping her put in a reading nook. It is a special place for her to dive into books whenever she wants to do so. Reading is important from the youngest age.

Design a cute reading nook in one corner of the room. It can feature a comfy place for her to sit, such as a window seat, and a bookshelf to hold her favorite books. Really, the design is up to your discretion. You might add drapes for privacy. Or instead of a window seat, maybe it’ll be a hanging canopy in the corner with a bunch of pillows on the floor.

It doesn’t really matter what the reading nook looks like as long as it’s something she’ll use and adore too. You don’t have many years of your little girl still being a child, so take advantage of that as much as you can now. Before you know it she’ll be a teenager and those years might put a strain on your relationship. 

Final Reminders about Tween Bedroom Ideas

Make sure you keep the home decor age appropriate. And look at your daughter’s room through her eyes as she’s the one who you want to love relaxing there.

What are some other fun tween bedroom ideas?

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  1. You are so right about art being therapeutic. On difficult days, I turn to my brushes. Art may also give you a community. I was a university teacher, but I found a community among artists. Music is also extraordinary therapy.Thank you.

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