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Romantic Vacations for Couples: 3 Extra Special Ideas

Romantic vacations for couples like the man and woman here

Romantic vacations for couples are a great way to show your partner affection. And it doesn’t have to be only on Valentine’s Day! Whether you decide together to go to a bucket list destination or it’s a surprise weekend away, there are lots of fun options. Use these ideas to keep the romance flowing for the whole trip, and ensure that you both have an extra special time.

Look at Romantic Holiday Packages

Many all-inclusive packages and cruises have exclusive romance or honeymoon packages to help to make your stay as special as possible. This will help to differentiate your trip from a normal vacation. These getaways are great for anniversaries or special occasions as they can provide you with extras that you would not normally invest in, such as flowers or champagne in your room. You might even take a day trip to the spa.

Many of these cruises also travel to specific locations known for their aptitude for romance, such as Paris and London. Plus, many package holidays are surprisingly affordable, with prices starting from around $80 for travelers. So vacations for couples don’t have to break the bank, whatever your budget may be.

With the right tips, it is also possible to book your own holiday romance. Simply research what’s out there, and book any tours, activities, and events in advance to help spread out the cost and secure your place.

Vacations for Couples: Start with a Private Jet

However, it is not only your location that is important. It’s also how you get there. If you want to make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience, hire a private jet. That’s a luxurious idea for vacations for couples. A Jettly private jet charter makes your trip extra special as you bypass customs and, therefore, spend more time together, with less time waiting in long and frustrating lineups.

Stratos Jets Charters allow you to find private flights heading to several locations, such as West Palm Beach in Florida. They will be able to match you with the best service for you, whether you want certain airplane amenities, a completely private flight, or a quiet landing airport.

If your spouse gets uncomfortable or sick while flying, make the experience more comfortable for them. They’ll appreciate that you’ve done your research so the travel time is easier for them. There might even be alternative ways to get to your destination, such as a train.

Think about Accommodation Services

If you book your flights and accommodation separately, don’t forget to take as much care with where you stay as the airplane ride itself. Accommodation is vital for a romantic vacations for couples.

For example, if your hotel room is dirty or has cheap-looking furniture, it won’t have that romantic an ambiance that you want, whether it’s your first trip together or not. Instead, look for a hotel or other space that is clean and cozy. Many websites show photos of rooms or you can contact the hotel front desk to ask to have a few pics emailed to you. If they are hesitant, you might want to make your future vacations for couples elsewhere. They might not want you to see a dingy room or hotel lobby.

Also, see if there are accommodation options for an extra special stay. Many hotels, for instance, have certain rooms for vacations for couples or those looking for romance. You may want room service too if you plan to eat breakfast in bed on a lazy morning. Many hotels also provide extra facilities, such as:

  • Spas
  • Swimming pools
  • Bars
  • Live entertainment

These extra services can help you go the extra mile for your loved one. Cater to their every desire!

Romantic Vacations for Couples Beyond Valentine’s Day

Romantic vacations for couples aren’t only for honeymoons and Valentine’s Day. Nope! There are plenty of ways throughout the year that you can show your loved one that you care on vacation, especially with the a couple of romantic extras.

Can you think of some other ways to put some romance into a vacation? If you could travel anywhere with your significant other, where would you go?

16 thoughts on “Romantic Vacations for Couples: 3 Extra Special Ideas”

  1. Fantastic post. Great ideas. Al and I won a romantic weekend getaway to the Williamsburg Winery at his company holiday party, and we redeemed that almost a year ago. We had so much fun. We are looking forward to visiting New York City later in 2019. I’m taking Al for the first time! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow. We’re both working tomorrow, but looking forward to celebrating together after work.

  2. Lovely post Christy, i will be having a lovely romantic evening with my hubby come the 14th Feb :-D Wishing you a wonderful week, and hope you too can spend a romantic evening with someone special.
    Take care dear friend.. <3

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