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How to Plan Your First Vacation as a Couple

When it comes time to plan your first vacation as a couple, this is bound to be exciting, but also a bit scary. After all, this might be the first time you have both spent more than 24 hours together. It makes perfect sense you would want the trip to run smoothly, so you can both focus on having a fantastic time together, which will strengthen your relationship. Find out how to plan your first vacation as a couple.

Choose the Right Destination

Both you and your partner probably have destinations you would like to visit. Sit down together to run through all the places you both want to visit so that you can choose the right destination for you mutually.

Doing so will ensure you visit a city that interests both of you, so one of you will not be bored. Start the planning now if Paris is your destination.

Discuss Your Travel Budget before You Book

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While you might have plenty of money in the bank for a vacation, your spouse might have a slightly smaller budget or vice versa. Before you start searching for the most popular vacation rental destinations or booking flights, decide on a travel budget together, so one person doesn’t need to go into debt to plan your first vacation as a couple.

Plan an Itinerary to Avoid Conflict

It is crucial you both plan an itinerary for your trip to prevent conflict or any misunderstandings. For example, sit down and talk about the attractions, landmarks, and restaurants you both want to visit.

If you love water sports but your partner can’t swim then find common ground to avoid disappointment once you get to your destination. Also, discuss a budget to ensure you can both afford all the activities on the to-do list.

Try to Compromise as You Plan Your First Vacation as a Couple

A relationship will fail if both partners are not willing to compromise. If you are planning a vacation with your partner, you might need to agree to an attraction that’s not on your to-do list. Or you may need to drop your budget to stay in more affordable accommodation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Don’t say no to everything just because it sounds boring or silly. Your partner could potentially introduce you to an exciting new activity or passion.

If you keep saying no as you two plan your first vacation as a couple, you’ll never experience new things. Ensure your vacation is one to remember by embracing unfamiliar activities. Doing so could strengthen your relationship a little bit more.

Turn Off Your Smartphone

Ensure your full attention is on your partner by staying off your smartphones as much as possible during the trip. While you might want to desperately catch up with friends or share your favorite vacation snaps on Instagram, constantly using a device might only frustrate your partner.

It will almost certainly annoy them if you insist on using your phone during dinner or on an excursion. Your online activity also takes you out of the present moment. Prove to your significant other there is no other place in the world you would rather be than here with them by keeping your phone in your bag or securing the device in the hotel room safe.

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  1. Very good tips! I love travelling with my boyfriend and I’m always the one to plan out the itinerary/travel routes, haha!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

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