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Can Online Marriage Counseling Help You?

online marriage counseling

Today Marie Miguel shares about a new trend: online marriage counseling. While many couples choose marriage counseling help, they may not yet know about the online option. Use this info to determine if it’s a good fit for you and your partner or to help someone close to you who may be struggling in their marriage.

To have a happy marriage, you first need to be happy (or working towards becoming happy) yourself. You cannot rely solely on your partner to make you feel better. Of course, that does not mean that your partner should not care about your feelings or make you feel worse, but if you are waiting for your spouse to help turn things around for you when you are sad, you may be putting too much pressure or undue pressure on them – and ultimately, your marriage. Your happiness should start with you.

Marriage is Not Easy

Marriage is hard. It is a lifetime commitment between two people who love each other and promise to support each other no matter what happens. But what if you have been married for a while and then seem to drift apart? Or maybe you just seem to be arguing about everything all the time? It could be that you just need some help learning how to communicate better. If you and your spouse are having trouble getting along or just cannot seem to communicate well, online marriage counseling help may be beneficial for both of you.

Learn to Communicate

Communication is an essential element of a happy and successful marriage. If you and your spouse are having trouble talking to each other, your relationship will surely be affected. On online marriage counseling platforms like BetterHelp, there are thousands of mental health professionals who specialize in marriage and relationship counseling. You and your significant other can learn new ways to communicate by learning how to talk to and listen to each other. For many couples, miscommunication is a core issue that is causing them problems in their marriage. However, this can be easily addressed in as few as one or two sessions with a licensed marriage counselor.

Online is Easier

online marriage counseling

What if you and your spouse don’t like the idea of traveling to a marriage counselor’s office to meet in-person? With online marriage counseling, you do not have to go anywhere because you can talk to your therapist from the comfort of your own home, or wherever else you happen to be. This is beneficial to many people who have difficulty talking about their feelings. Communication can be through online chat, email, instant messaging, telephone, or even Skype or FaceTime. These methods can lessen the stress of discussing uncomfortable feelings with people directly.

Too Busy for Marriage Counseling Help?

Online marriage counseling is also excellent for people who have full schedules. Or for those who may live in a remote area where seeing a therapist would require travelling long distances. You do not even need to set an appointment for an online counselor. You can communicate with your therapist at any time, day or night, seven days a week.

In addition, you and your partner need not be in the same place to meet with your counselor together. With online marriage counseling help, you can be in different states, countries, or time zones even. The internet is far-reaching, internationally.

Save Your Money with Online Marriage Counseling

Online therapy benefits your finances as well, as it is less expensive than regular marriage counseling. Your online therapist saves significant money by not paying for a brick-and-mortar office, staff, and utilities. They then pass these savings onto you. Meeting with an online counselor will also help save time otherwise taken from your workday (and your spouse’s) to travel to your therapist. Give online marriage counseling a try today – you may be getting along better as soon as tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Christy, This is a great article bringing awareness to another option that isn’t as costly. And communication is definitely key in any relationship. We’re getting closer to our 30th. :) Hugs and happy weekend! 💕

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