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10 Unexpected Ways Long Distance Relationships are More Intimate

Long distance relationships can be more intimate than close proximity ones

Hi, this is Jennifer, talking today about what many a long distance relationship (LDR) gets right: intimacy. Given the physical space between the partners hinders physically spending time together, that’s probably a shocking statement to read. But as you’ll find out below, long distance couples can be more intimate than people dating within the same city. This info just might help you strengthen your own relationship.

The Stigma of Long Distance Relationships

There’s still a stigma that long distance relationships are not as strong and more likely to end in break-up than traditional relationships. Not only is this completely unfounded, research shows that couples in long distance relationships do certain things and have certain traits which couples in close distance relationships can learn from to make their relationships stronger, especially when it comes to intimacy.

Here are 10 things you can learn about intimacy from a long distance relationship:

1. Touch isn’t Everything

When you think of intimacy, you might think that sex is what it’s all about. But, in reality, touch isn’t everything… and long distance couples prove that. Intimacy comes from more than just physical touch.

When it comes to intimacy, a strong emotional connection is perhaps one of the most important things. Without it, there’s no basis for the relationship. Then you’re not connected on a deep level, have no emotional attachment, and you’re not setting yourself up for long-term relationship success.

2. The Mind is a Sexy Place

When you’re not close physically, you have to be creative. That’s something that close distance couples sometimes miss out on. When the miles separate them, long distance couples must explore one another’s minds to give sexual pleasure, rather than each other’s bodies. Discovering deep desires and fantasizing together can give way to some of the most powerful sexual experiences.

3. Be as Creative as Long Distance Couples

Creativity is the secret weapon that makes long distance relationships thrive. From coming up with new ways to make their relationship thrive, to devising innovative ways to get it on, long distance couples are the artists when it comes to love! Their motto is, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” so bear that in mind when it all seems too hard in your relationship. Instead, get creative with your approach.

4. You Can Get Some Help

Sometimes, you just need a little help, and couples in LDRs aren’t afraid to admit it. The emergence of smart sexy devices, whereby each partner can control the other’s pleasure, have made long distance sex, well, possible!

And it’s something that close distance couples should take note of. The wealth of sex toys for couples on the market these days is extensive, and they can certainly spice up your sex life.

But it’s not just the pleasure-giving arena that technology has helped in terms of long distance intimacy. Now, smart jewellery alerts each partner when the other is thinking of them – cute!

5. Communicate Well – Long Distance Couples Know It!

It’s not a revelation that communication is important in any relationship but long distance couples take this to the next level. The distance between them means that they cannot pick up on their partner’s cues so they actually have to talk about how they’re feeling, making them less likely to bottle things up and explode in an argument.

As a close distance couple, this is perhaps one of the biggest lessons you can learn from a long distance relationship. Stop expecting your partner to read you mind and just tell them what you think!

6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When you’re not in close proximity to your other half, you don’t have the opportunity to get caught up in petty arguments. Time is precious, so long distance couples are more likely to brush off the stuff that doesn’t matter and focus on what does. How many times have you bickered with your partner unnecessarily? Too many to count, right? Well, take some advice from your long distance brethren and cut it out!

7. Trust Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Being in an LDR involves a huge level of trust. And it’s an implicit trust that many close distance relationships don’t need to endure. But it’s a reminder to us all that trusting our partner can create a feeling of security and safety in a relationship which not only creates a stronger bond, but also increases our overall happiness. Plus, there’s nothing more sexy than feeling secure!

8. Make the Most of the Time You Have

When you physically can’t spend time together often, the preciousness of the time you can actually spend together is multiplied. Long distance couples consciously connect when they’re together. They cherish their time, and they ensure they squeeze every drop of pleasure from their moments. So next time you’re sat next to your partner on the sofa, both with heads in your devices, think, what would long distance couples do?

9. Always Make the Effort

Without making an effort, a long distance relationship is set to fail. That’s why you’ll find that the successful ones have both parties going out of the way to make the other happy. From sacrificing certain things, making compromises, surprising them and generally ensuring that they are responsible (at least partly) for their other half’s happiness, successful long distance couples actually want to go the extra mile every single time.

10. Time Apart is Healthy

There’s nothing like forced time apart to make you appreciate the time you have together. But the same can also be said for appreciating your time alone too. Long distance couples have the chance to nurture other relationships in their lives, connect with themselves, and continue to develop themselves as an individual. So, why not spend some time away from your partner now and then? It may do you the world of good.

About the Writer

Jennifer Craig loves love! Whilst in her own long-distance relationship, she began SurviveLDR to help other long-distance lovers thrive in their relationships. It was then that she became fascinated with love and its effects on everything in our lives. From physical, emotional and mental health to career, friendships and happiness, the state of your relationship affects it all… and Jessica loves nothing more than to delve into the inner workings of dating, marriage and love!

12 thoughts on “10 Unexpected Ways Long Distance Relationships are More Intimate”

  1. I love this…I’m actually going into a long distance relationship and I get scared thinking what if it doesn’t work out…but this really help thank you

  2. I think people in close-distance relationships can do all these as well! For instance, my boyfriend and I make sure we let the other partner know how we’re feeling instead of bottling things up. We give each other time to pursue one’s hobbies, work, friends. And most importantly, we sacrifice time, money and energy to show how much we care and love each other (Physical touch is just a bonus). Regardless of whether you’re in a long-distance or close-distance relationship, I think the importance is building trust, loving unconditionally and mending differences that exist between you and your partner to become more understanding 🙂
    This was a nice piece to read. My cousin is in a long-distance relationship and she sometimes shares her concerns about it with me. I should share this with her!

    1. I love your reflections here on the qualities of a strong relationship, Grace. It sounds like you and your boyfriend are a respectful, giving pair. Thanks for sharing with your cousin and for loving love :)

  3. I was technically in a long-distance relationship with Al when we first got together. I was a senior in college about 150 miles away from Al. The nice part was when I came home to visit or on breaks, his parents lived about five miles from mine! Woohoo! He also drove up nearly every month, from September through May, to visit me for a weekend. I felt so special!

    1. Thank you! Will do. Oh, that would be so much fun! I would love to travel out west again, so maybe we can stop in for a visit and make that double date happen!

  4. That’s really true : one doesn’t feel smothered by the constant presence of the significant other, and the distance opens the gate of imagination… mind blowing…

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