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Underwire bra pain solutions: Get rid of it, finally

underwire bra pain

Bras. I don’t know about you but sometimes I loathe them for being uncomfortable. Meanwhile, I love others for being comfy and providing me support simultaneously. Plus, I feel more confident when the bra looks good. Most bras have a supportive underwire, but if my underwire bra hurts, it can be painful! Below are reasons for underwire bra pain jabbing the rib and breast, and ways to solve it.

Disclosure: I am happy to collaborate with The Feather Bra to bring you this information on how to avoid a situation where the underwire hurts!

Why do underwire bras hurt?

Underwire bra pain makes the skin around the breasts sore to the touch and can be really uncomfortable. Underwires can press into your chest or even protrude out of the bra and poke your sides. Ouch.

That discomfort is a big reason why I don’t wear underwire bras under my clothing anymore. But if you do still want the support of the underwire here are a few tips. Alternatively, you could go wire-free.

How to stop underwire from hurting

1. Get the right fit

The first tip to avoid underwire bra pain is to buy a bra that fits well. Unfortunately, most women don’t know how to find their true bra size. Fortunately, we have Prima Donna Deauville bra which has fantastic functionalities and super pretty.

Shockingly, about 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra! Thankfully when you choose a bra that is neither too tight nor too loose, it can prevent your underwire from moving around and eventually poking you or digging into your chest.

2. Wash your bras carefully

As much as our bras go through daily as you wear them, they’re actually a delicate item of clothing. So, special care is necessary to keep the fabric of the bras at its best. If you don’t wash bras properly, they can stretch and thin out over time.

As a result, the underwire might poke through the fabric and hurt you. Not to mention that now you have a bra that’ll last a shorter time than it might otherwise with better care while washing.

That means you’ll be back shopping for a new one soon. That’s not a fun shopping trip, in my opinion; I feel overheated, spend time out when I could instead be relaxing at home, and get frustrated if it’s not a great fit. So, take care of your bra.

Hand washing it with delicate detergent and then air-drying it is the best way to keep your underwire bra in prime condition. And, by doing so, you’ll lessen the chances of any underwire bra pain.

Or if you’re like me and simply don’t have time to hand wash the bra then put it in a lingerie bag and pop it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a small load. Then air-dry it.

3. Keep replacements

Bras get old sooner than you might expect. The average lifespan of a bra is about 6 months. And that’s with washing it as I explained above, as well as rotating them. Since bras get old so quickly, it is ideal to have another bra handy in case the strap wears down to the point that it breaks or the underwire starts to hurt.

If you do experience underwire bra pain, I say stop wearing it! Life’s too short for that. Now is the time to choose that backup bra you have stashed at home or rotate between the other bras you have that are still comfortable to wear.

Solutions for underwire bra pain INFOGRAPHIC

underwire bra pain

My underwire bra hurts: Then avoid the underwire altogether!

Hands up if you’re joining me in wearing underwire-free bras!

Sometimes the best route for dealing with potential underwire bra pain hurting the rib and breast is to completely avoid an underwire design. While underwire is touted as the best option for full support bras, that’s not always the case.

Although it might take a bit of shopping around, there are plenty of wireless bras that offer full support and no fear of stabbing or digging into your skin while you wear them. The Feather Bra, for example, is a great underwire-free bra for comfort and support. Plus, they look great!

Plus, non-wire bras often come in the same colors as underwire ones, including black, white, and nude. So you don’t have to worry about that.

Get the right size and you’ll likely find a comfortable option that provides the support you want for underneath your clothes. This point applies during maternity and any other time in your life.

A few questions for you about underwire bra pain

Have you ever experienced a situation where your underwire hurts? If so, what did you do – toss the bra or put up with it? Also, do you prefer wire or non-wire bras?

37 thoughts on “Underwire bra pain solutions: Get rid of it, finally”

  1. Everything I read says the bra wire comes out because the bra size. I disagree. I wear a 36 band. If I go to 34 it’s very tight. So can someone explain again why they keep coming out? Because there’s no wearing a 34 unless I want to hurting from the band.

  2. I have a mixture of both underwire and wire-free bras that I pick and choose from depending on my activity for the day, or the outfit I’m planning to wear. Some clothes need a little less or more support to fit right. I make my bras last a lot longer than six months by always using a lingerie bag and never putting them in the dryer, though I probably stretch some out longer than I should.

    1. You’ve got the proper care routine with the lingerie bag and hang drying the bras, Amy. I do the same! That makes sense about choosing a bra based on the day’s activity and outfit. I actually do the same with my panties too haha. I feel amazing when I have new undergarments on under my clothes, even though nobody else knows they’re new haha ;)

  3. I’ve had good luck with underwire. I now know the value of replacing bras regularly. Also, I’ve ditched Victoria’s Secret entirely, and buy exclusively from Third Love. They really are the most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn. Getting fitted and measured properly is key!

    1. Woohoo you’re a Third Love fan and feeling comfortable ~ that makes me happy. I never like to think my friends are struggling to find comfort in their daily lives. BTW you’re one of the few women to get a proper fitment – I used to work at La Senza and often women were wearing the wrong size bras ;)

  4. I never minded underwire too much, and seemed to have good luck with fit. However, since going through radiation, I’m not supposed to wear them anymore. If I really wanted to for a few hours I could. Now I wear sports bras for the compression factor, and it’s a challenge to find one with straps that work with most shirts. The struggle is real!

    1. I’m glad you found a good option with sports bras, Jeri. Hopefully you are having a good weekend ~ I loved reading your email update and knowing you’re bringing out older works to submit for publishing. Wishing you much success always xx

  5. Haven’t worn underwire in years. Hehe. I personally love sports bras with varying types of support. A quick search for “who invented the underwire” looks like it might have been the ladies themselves who invented this contraption. Well! Hehe…I’m all for comfort and underwires, for me, are opposite. Interesting read, Friend! I also hope you’re having a great weekend.

    1. I’m all about comfort too, my friend. I wonder if underwires and stilettos can simply go into a box we bury forever haha ;) I’m okay with never wearing either one again! Happy weekend to you :D

  6. OR… just don’t wear a bra if you don’t need to &/or when you don’t need to.
    Small breasted women have more choice luxury on this point. Also, I have some t’s and stretch slips that offer very minimal support. Many modern clothing items completely disguise the fact of bra/braless, so what does it matter?
    Evenings out, job interviews… are bra times. I also like shoulder pads at a job interview. There’s power in them there shoulders!
    Whatever happened to “burn the bra”? A lot actually, and would be a fab article here.

    1. I love that you’re calling for the return of shoulder pads, Resa! For women who don’t have that strong upper body presence it’s a nice way to look as strong as we feel :D OHHHH burn the bra… great topic idea. Feel like guest posting ;) Haha no pressure! Love ya!

    2. Okay, love to! It’s quite the thing! I have to get my new Art Gown up first. That will be in about a week. Think I’ll actually burn a bra in the backyard and take pics to head the post.
      Anyway, I want to do proper research, as memory is far too, romantic.
      It could take a bit of time. Don’t let anyone steal the topic!

    3. Ohhh fabulous darling! I’ll hold the topic just for you ~ No timeline, just whenever you have time in the future :) I know these things take time and you can’t rush the creative process, with your gown or with the burning bra post. Love you!

  7. Funny how I never had problem with underwire bras and on the contrary I hate the wirefree ,it feels like I’m not supported,but I admit that if they Pearce the cotton or lace on the side and you don’t realise it untill you are wearing hem they are painful.

    1. Aiii, pesky underwires poking our beautiful bodies… I’m all for pain-free living! With bras and all other areas of life. Have a wonderful weekend, Ortensia!

  8. Underwire can be a pain, but it’s also the best option I’ve found. Nothing else compares. Getting the right fit has become more difficult for me as I’ve aged and put on weight. I’ve had bras last a lot longer than 6 months. If that’s all they lasted, they’d be a very expensive items. I guess I don’t go for the frills though. :)

    1. I’m glad to hear you get a longer use out of bras than 6 months, Norah. I think the key is not to use them after they start to stretch out as then we don’t get proper support and then our backs start to suffer… Oh the joys… xxoo

    1. Hi Sierra :) I’ve actually found some good ones that don’t have underwire but it does take some looking in stores. Hopefully you find comfort, whether it’s underwire or not.

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