A Clothing Style Guide for Curvy Women

Wardrobe in a store
Choosing clothes to flatter a curvaceous woman's body optimally. Photo via Pixabay (CC0).

Curvy women may struggle trying to fit fashion trends not suited for their personal body types. The women have different body proportions than stick-thin models. Curvy women should embrace their curves! When they follow clothing tips suited to their proportions, curvy women stride confidently, look stylish, and boost the positive attention they draw to them.

Wardrobe in a store
Choosing clothes to flatter a curvaceous woman’s body optimally. Photo via Pixabay (CC0).

Pick Suitable Prints

Clothes with prints flatter curvy women when the correct patterns are chosen. Curvy women suit larger prints than slimmer females, as patterns are more in proportion to the dimensions of their bodies. Vertical prints are advisable over horizontal patterns; the vertical prints lengthen curvy women’s bodies to create leaner looking figures.

While black is traditionally seen to have a slimming effect, women with curves do not have to stay away from color. When the styles are worn correctly, color adds interest and style to accentuate the body shapes in flattering ways.

Wear Well-Fit Clothing

Bulky clothing may make curvy women appear larger than they are in reality. Well-fitted clothing accentuates the women’s curves to play up their features in a positive light rather than trying to hide the shapely bodies. Clothes that are curvy-shaped themselves also suit the women. For example, flared pants add balance to the hips.

Flared jeans are a popular 2018 fashion trend that suits curvy women. These high-waisted, flared pants sweep close to the floor to elongate the legs. A slight flare, rather than a larger bell-bottom shape, is advisable so as not to overly emphasize heavier hips. Pair the pants with a fitted shirt, rather than a loose one, to create a balanced outfit.

Curvy women are best to void styles that add fabric to the hips, such as bulky pockets and zippered side pockets. These features draw attention to the hips in unflattering ways. Flat-fronted trousers look best.

For the length of dresses, hems that fall at knee level or slightly below the knee are preferable for curvaceous women. Legs look longer at these hemlines and heavier thighs are not revealed. Accentuate those great-looking calves!

Choose Flattering Styles

Skirts and dresses that are shaped to flow out from the waist naturally are best suited for curvy women. Smaller darts minimize any bulking of fabric around the waist that makes the area appear larger than it is in reality. Heavier fabrics rather than lighter ones are also preferable as they provide structure and a streamlined look.

For bottom-heavy women, open necklines of dresses and shirts are preferable to balance out their figures. V-necks are flattering shapes for the bosom as they add lines of interest without revealing too much cleavage.

For accessories, these females can don over-sized purses in fun shades of orange or purple to add style as well as anchoring the outfits. Chunky jewelry flatters the neckline and diverts attention from the hips. When curvy women embrace their curves, they stand confident and stunning in the middle of any room on any occasion!


  1. Having own style, to show our advantages and hide some of disadvantages it is definitely a key to feel pretty and more confident. Very helpful post! 😊

  2. Christy, I’m not what would be called a ‘curvy’ woman, however, I do find that close fitting clothes can certainly slim down rather than bulk up… I also love the flared pants: I can remember wearing them in the 60s – they were all the rage.. 🙂

  3. Nice tips! xD
    I have a weird pear-shaped body. I see curvy women with the bosoms to balance out the proportions, then me. An awkward pear. Once a bridal dress person called me, so confused over my measurements, like she never heard of a pear-shaped body before. But whatever. I’m much more accepting of my body shape now. It does make dressing cute a bit harder, especially in comparison to thinner girls for whom the clothes were made in the first place, but I appreciate the different body types, including mine!

  4. Good tips, Christy! While I am not quite as curvy as I used to be, I can appreciate some of these tips. At 5′ 2″ I have my own challenges. Heels help! A fun and practical post for all women who want to enhance the body they have.

  5. As a designer, I agree with all of your ideas here.
    I’ve been dressing all types of bodies for many years. Skinny is great for some styles, but skinny does not always look great.
    On my Art Gowns blog, I use a size 8 Judy. 8 is not skinny. 0 -2 is skinny if you are 5’6″.
    Proportion is another thought. Shorter torso/w longer legs, thick middle/w skinny legs, heavy bosom w/proportionate waist & thick legs. I could go on forever.
    My point is WE ARE ALL GORGEOUS! There are so many choices for all of us.
    Size is not the only issue. Age is another factor that keeps women down in our predominately sexist world.
    Bottom line is whatever rules there may be, there are no rules if you feel pretty/gorgeous/handsome/professional/vibrant/elegant/etc.
    Okay… men put on a suit…don’t get me going, as yes, I am a bit bitter/angry/etc. on the sexist front.

  6. Great tips, Christy, and perfect timing. I’ve been thinking about spring clothes, and events I need to dress up for, in the coming months. I’ll keep this info in mind when I go shopping!

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