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Understanding U.S. Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Seeking out a rehabilitation center for addicts

Addiction to toxic substances like alcohol or opioids (like cocaine or heroin) is a terrible problem that is spiraling out of control in the United States. Addiction is an issue that deserves attention, which is why I am publishing this post.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post that I have been compensated for by Ohio Addiction Recovery Center.

The opioid issue

The fast-growing opioid addiction problem began growing like wildfire in the 1990s, when the pharmaceutical industry introduced a new class of painkillers that offered pain relief on a 24-hour, time release basis.

The problem is that these drug tablets were easily crushed and turned into a smokable or injectable form that offered a much greater “high.” These drugs, like Oxycontin, soon had a high street value, and were sold on the black market.

Many doctors also began prescribing the drugs more frequently, as they were seen as a panacea for pain. They also brought in extra income for doctors who were more interested in profits than in curing their patients’ pain. All of this is why addicted people in states like Ohio should seek help from a reputable Ohio Drug Rehab Program, so they can move beyond addiction and into a healthy life.

Moving beyond prohibition

Alcohol is another highly addictive substance that has lead many people into addiction. Alcohol is readily available in restaurants and stores, and for those who are unable to limit their intake, alcohol can cause serious problems.

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often value their connection to the intoxicants more than their connection to their own friends and family, and this is when serious problems can take place. Addicts who spiral out of control often lose their careers, their loved ones, and their place in society.

The price of addiction is obviously high, but letting go of a reliance on intoxicants can be extremely difficult. In the 1920s (up until 1933), alcohol addiction was seen as a huge social problem and so it was made illegal, in order to safeguard the health of the public.

Although prohibition did drive down the level of use in society, it also created a black market as many people still wanted to drink. The tension between drinking for pleasure socially and the problem of alcoholism is ongoing, as society tries to ascertain what level of alcohol use can be tolerated safely by society. This provides all the more need for Canadian addiction rehab.

Dealing with addiction

For those who are dealing with a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol, treatment in a reputable rehab center is often really the only answer. A quality rehab center will first do a client consultation when they enter the center.

This workup by an experienced healthcare professional in additiction rehab Toronto or elsewhere, will assess the client’s situation and create a recommendation for their care. Once this treatment plan has been established, the client will begin the detox process.

Detoxing from intoxicants means the client stops the use of any of the drugs they have been using regularly, including alcohol. When use of these substances stops, the body begins to go into withdrawal, with can bring on severe side effects.

These side effects can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, hallucinations and even seizures. These side effects are obviously very serious, and in some cases are potentially fatal. All of this is why the withdrawal process will be closely monitored by an experienced healthcare professional.

In some cases, a “cold turkey” withdrawal from a drug may bring on serious symptoms that may require the administration of medications to stabilize the client. It may also be necessary to withdraw the client from drugs slowly in Drug Rehab Toronto, to ensure they safety.

All of that explains why the detox process is so serious and why it should be done in a quality detox center. It is for the individual’s safety and for a better chance of long-term recovery.

About rehab centers

There are many treatment centers in Orange County CA, the Ohio area, Toronto, and around the world. Some offer more luxurious amenities that can bring on a feeling of greater comfort for clients.

A quality drug rehab center should also offer counseling services that help the client to greater understand their need to use drugs, and to understand what issues may be leading them to a loss of control as concerns their substance abuse issues.

For those who need to find Rehab in Ohio, the wise approach is to look online for a good center, and to compare the services offered. The important thing is that anyone who is dealing with a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol should get professional help immediately.

Addiction can lead to the loss of a family and a career and to a reputation. It can even lead to the loss of life. So, if you are suffering form an addiction problem in Ohio, Florida, or another state, get help now.

24 thoughts on “Understanding U.S. Drug and Alcohol Addiction”

  1. Thanks, Christy B, for an great article on a crushing problem here in the USA. I devote much of my own time to helping alcoholics and addicts that are through with detox to get into a recovery lifestyle. God bless you.

  2. Hi Christy,
    As a recovery addict myself totally understand the issue. I had no choice but to check in a Rehab Center or I knew I would die to the horrors of addiction. I choose the Salvation Army because it was Christ centered. It took me a while after going there twice and in and out of Narcotics Anonymous for several times but I finally got it. As a result, we have over 7 years clean!
    I’m a member of NA and what I’ve learned is drugs are a small symptom of what I suffer from.
    Addiction is the problem so I recommend a 12 step program to anyone who need help because who know an addict better than another addict?
    Touching article!

    1. Congratulations on your 7 years. I also am a recovered addict and I also attend NA and help others. I am so glad this problem is being highlighted in such a way. God bless you.

  3. Unfortunately nothing new in history regarding opiates. But when a dependence is created by prescription which then stops.. there seems to be plenty of alternative suppliers available to feed the addiction. A tough problem and one that is impacting as you say, whole families and in particular the children who are powerless. Thanks Christy.

  4. Very Admirable approach of bringing awareness in the global community. We have to rid the alcohol and drugs from our lives as it brings nothing but pain in not just our lives but others as well. Those who are involved in these cases are mostly those who try to dull their mental pain but should man up. I myself have posted about harmful affects of alcohols and have also discussed their structure and chemistry in my own blog.

  5. Thank you, Christy, for sharing this post on what is a critical health issue. A lovely family in our neighborhood lost a 26-year-old son to an opiate overdose this summer. It was heart-wrenching to see the grief that his parents went through and to know that this young man had so much to offer.

  6. But I don’t have a problem. Denial is so strong in so many people. Alcoholics deny it and even if it’s family they don’t see it as a problem but it causes so many problems. Pray all people get the help they need.

  7. This is definitely important. I think part of the problem is the yearning for social belonging and also an escape from reality.
    I try to avoid anything that I fear will get me addicted because I know it can happen to anyone. I drink lightly, don’t do any drugs, and even started drinking coffee quite late because I assumed once I started, it would become a daily staple in my life. It has. But thankfully I only drink one cup because I get too restless or antsy afterwards.
    I wish everyone will find the help they need :(
    It’s so sad the impact this has on the people directly affected and the people around them, too.

  8. This topic is near and dear to my heart, Christy, as my husband is a recovering alcoholic. After struggling with addiction for many years, he entered one of those facilities you mentioned. He had reached a point where he not only knew he needed to change, he was willing to face the tremendous amount of hard work and commitment that it would take to overcome his addiction. Soon, we will be celebrating his 4th anniversary of sobriety. I truly do not know where we would have been without the program that helped him, and so many others.
    Thanks for calling attention to what is, unfortunately, a serious issue in need of much support and prayers.

  9. It is a complex social problem that turns into a physical one. Addiction is a terrible disease, one that is easy to walk into, but hell to get out of, even with professional help. Awareness of the danger is an important step to getting people not to try these drugs in the first place. Your post helps educate and spread awareness, Christy.

    1. So true Eliza that while it’s easy to slip into, it’s a hellhole to climb out of and takes every ounce of energy… Thank you for the support ♥

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