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Issues with feminism: The surprising reality

issues with feminism

Hi, this is Christine. Modern feminism is widely misunderstood as a group of man-haters who hide behind the veil of empowering women. In reality, though, modern feminists’ main goal, just like their foremothers, is to ensure women have active involvement in society without discrimination. That misunderstanding is one of the issues with feminism today. Here are other surprising challenges.

Domestic abuse

The ugly cycle of abuse against women still happens. The amount of male physical force toward women and misogyny is disturbing.

According to the UK-based Femicide Census, 46% of women were murdered by either their partner or an ex. Domestic violence has become a constant threat to women.

Issues with feminism today and education

Are girls less worthy of education than others? Unfortunately, some people still believe that.

Also, poverty is a challenge to female education. Yes, education can be expensive.

Thankfully, several organizations work tirelessly to make education for females more accessible and safer. One that stands out is the Malala Fund.

Learn more about Malala here.

Gender discrimination and sexism

Beyonce’s song about feminism today says women run the world, but gender discrimination still exists. Want proof that it’s one of the modern issues with feminism?

Just look at the U.S. Open final in September 2018. Gender discrimination has long been a problem for women.

Women still face discrimination. It could even happen at a holiday party! Someone judges them on what they’re wearing, for example. Perhaps they are called slutty behind their backs. Or, criticized for showing too much skin.

Issues with feminism also include period shaming

Periods are a natural part of life for healthy females. Yet, it is often a taboo topic or something to keep secret.

For feminism today to improve, we must look and remove the unnecessary shame about menstruation. If you don’t believe it’s still happening, then check out a recent UK survey.

That survey says that at least one in three women has experienced period shaming. That number is higher than you might have expected.

It happens through bullying, for instance. Or, “time of the month” jokes. Even isolation by people. Sadly, period shaming belongs on this list of surprising issues with feminism.

Teen pregnancy

Also, there’s teen pregnancy. In the past, society shunned or hid young pregnant women.

Many young girls felt they had to give up their babies. Nowadays, this situation happens less. Yet, teen pregnancy is still a problem.

For example, look at the following statistic: Proper sex education and access to birth control have helped drop the teen pregnancy rate by 9% to 24.2%.

But the problem is not over; it remains a very important topic of focus.

A few last words about issues with feminism

Here’s a question. Do you support modern feminism? Do you respect women? If so, you know society treats feminism with hate sometimes. But in no way should this mentality stop your support for females worldwide.

Women are an equal part of society. Females deserve access to protection and opportunities, just like other genders.

About today’s writer

Christine Rudolph is a freelance blogger. She loves to write on women fashion, health, and lifestyle-related topics. Find more updates from her on Twitter at @RudolphBlogger.

What are some other issues with feminism today? 


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27 thoughts on “Issues with feminism: The surprising reality”

  1. Your arguments are extremely vague and you provide very little in any actual sources or data. You make an incoherent case for feminism whilst ignoring many of the problems faced by men and boys. Not that you seem to care despite dismissing the notion that feminism is about man-hating.

    You said, “In reality, though, modern feminists’ main goal, just like their foremothers, is to ensure women have active involvement in society without discrimination.”

    Please list the rights that men have that women don’t. Men are greater victims of discrimination than women but that’s seen as perfectly OK. No wonder misogyny is increasing. The amount of hate and contempt that is shown to men throughout the education system, government and media would cause mass protests and hysteria if directed at women. But you don’t seem to care.

    As the old joke goes, “World about to end. Women most affected.”

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion! I love when men stop by to comment – So many assume this site is only for women but we all benefit from sharing views and learning. Have a great day :)

    2. Thank you. There’s so much misinformation out there and it can be easy to be deceived. Too many people tend to only read things that agree with them and thus re-enforce their own echo chamber which isn’t good for anyone or society as a whole. Since it cuts you off from opposing opinions and just leads to bigotry and hate. Which is bad for everybody.

      I enjoy your site (even if I don’t always agree) so keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more!

      Best of luck for the future in all your endeavours!

    3. I totally understand! I’m surprised by how many people I talk to these days believe everything they read online. And so many are passive in going with what everyone else says. Keep expressing your opinions and educating others – You express your points well and help create more interesting conversations!

  2. Great post. I think period shaming is something we don’t talk about enough. There are still plenty of countries in which woman can’t even do basic activities like go to school, or to temple/church when they’re on their period.

  3. I particularly loved this article and I do really think feminism is highly misinterpreted nowadays and “ in primis” by women,to a point that at times they only cause damage to us.
    I never regarded myself as a feminist as it is intended in the majority of the firms I see out there but I always regarded to myself as a free woman wit the right to chose and that is what I’m fighting for and what I am trying to teach my daughter to be.

  4. Thank you for sharing, Christy. Thank you for writing this, Christine!

    I truly believe the tide is changing. There are more women in Congress now. Other women are using their voices to advocate for change. One of my blogging friends just published a powerful piece on periods that I truly loved and appreciated. It was empowering to me. It’s inspired me to be even more transparent on my own blog about issues that I care about.

    Working together, our voices will unite!!

  5. Thank you Christy, great information. I also think the media represents women negatively and inferior to men unfortunately. Although as women we fight for feminism and equality for the sexes, the media still continues to exploit women through television and newspapers. There is too much emphasis on the female persona as the “weaker” sex which I find very offensive. How do we ever stop the media exploiting women when “sex sells” and encourage the real strength that the female character actually brings to our world?

  6. Thank you for sharing the article about Feminism and the negative connotations associated with this term in the public domain. I’m heartened that many of the issues that women face have come to the limelight such as sexual abuse and the need to educate women around the world. Sexual discrimination crosses all races and ages around the world and is perpetuated by ingrained prejudice against women in cultural and religious beliefs. Only recently, Ireland overwhelmingly voted to liberalize some of Western Europe’s most restrictive abortion laws as a result of some women needlessly dying because they could not be appropriately treated for life-threatening conditions during their pregnancy. Nonetheless, reproductive rights continue to be under attack in the USA as states pass restrictive abortion laws to test Roe vs. Wade and some work to withdraw federal funding for Planned Parenthood for any type of medical services offered to poorer women.

    1. I agree 100%. We have come so far, yet there still seems a battle. Maybe talking about it, will keep women all focused to strive for what we all deserve… respect, equality and empowerment.

  7. We can only hope that in time more changes in the right direction. We’ve come so far, but there’s still so much left to do. I think there’s sadly prejudice/judgement of feminists based on certain images (often pushed in the media) with negative connotations. Also, sometimes celebrity endorsements work for the feminist campaign, sometimes they work against it. We have to keep supporting, keep fighting for change, regardless. Great post xx

  8. I strongly agree with a lot of points included in this article! 💯
    A lot of people talk about feminism, but yet they differentiate a lot between races and it really needs to stop. We’ve come a long way with a lot of progressive changes, but still there’s a lot of things that needs to be taken into consideration.
    Articles like these give an extra boost to all the women out there, yeah! Including me.
    Thankyou for sharing this with us. 🙂

  9. Sadly at least 50 percent or more of white Women vote for Trump and and other right wing racist. Candidates.
    Then there is the issue of Living While Black where white Women call the cops on Black People including children for selling water, mowing lawns, etc.
    One of the worst cases happened in Brooklyn where I Live. This white lady called the police on a 9 Year old Black boy. Accusations of attempted rape. In fact the Store was crowded and the little boy boy was trying to keep up with his Mother. She got bumped by his backpack. That little boy was terrified. Everything is on video. This could have become another Emmett Till incident and we all know what happened to him.

  10. Agree with a lot of this. I also think that one of the main problems is just how difficult, seemingly inconceivable, it is for men to understand the world that women face. My partner simply cannot understand why I don’t want to go travelling by myself in certain places and when I’ve explained he’s brushed me off like that doesn’t happen! More and more women need to share their stories both so other women know that they aren’t alone and so that more men can have a consistent understanding of the challenges that we face! :)

  11. In the United States the split is due to race. Many Black Women don’t feel that white women don’t support causes for Women of color. When something happens to a Black woman like police brutality white feminists are silent as in the case of Sandra Bland who was murdered while in police custody. If you read articles on Medium there is a great divide between the races. Many speak Feminism with their mouths but treat Black and Hispanic Women like maids or servants. I’ve experienced this personally. Many young Black Women are turning their backs on Euro-centric feminists and their doctrines.

    Personally I’ve never really felt comfortable with Feminism because it’s two faced.

    1. True. But then the white female bigotry goes back to the days of the Suffragettes. Those white females didn’t have Black Women or Black people in mind when they marched to get the vote. I must check but I believe Division of the races was one of the reasons behind Sojourner Truth, Ain’t I a Woman speech. Actually Sojourner Truth makes it very clear that the chivalry that white women received on a regular basis was never extended to Black Women.

      Also the white female who accused Emmett Till of whistling at her has lived a full life, in fact I think that She is still alive. While Emmett Till life was tragically cut short at age 14. So many Black children have been murdered by the KKK Nazi white males like the little Black girl shot while riding in the car with her family. Nothing but a wall of Silence from white females. Why? Because they don’t want to risk losing their white privilege so they look the other way whenever an innocent Black person is killed.

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