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Dear Anxiety: You’re Not Ruining My Day Again

Anxiety coping strategies include CBD oil and CBT.

We all worry about different things in life, but that is a natural, often useful reaction to things we cannot control. You may worry about personal finances, work, family members, and the future for different reasons. Everyday worries come and go, and dealing with them can sometimes be difficult. There are times, however, when your worries become overwhelming and limit you. There are also instances when the worries are irrational or uncontrollable. In these instances, your simple worries turn into anxiety issues that are difficult to control. And that’s when understanding anxiety coping strategies, such as CBT and CBD oil, becomes helpful.

When those uncontrollable worries happen frequently, they start to affect other parts of your life too. This is something known as anxiety disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It is a health problem that needs to be taken seriously. Here are anxiety coping strategies to get you through it.

Recognizing the Signs of Anxiety

From the previous description, it is easy to see how anxiety tends to be uncontrollable and often irrational; it may stem from things that needn’t worry you at all. Depending on the level of anxiety, it can also be debilitating. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for anxiety issues to limit your ability to do other things in life.

Before we go further and start talking about solutions, however, we need to discuss some of the common signs of anxiety issues and how to best spot them. One of the most obvious signs is losing the ability to sleep well at night. That lack of sleep usually leads to feeling tired and restless all the time.

Other signs of an anxiety disorder are not so easy to spot. You may experience problems maintaining focus on what you’re doing at the given moment. It is also not uncommon for people with anxiety to find their mind drifting away uncontrollably, even in the middle of an important activity. If you spot these signs, take a step back and figure out if you are anxious about something.

In many cases, these symptoms follow with the need to plan for everything out of fear and anxiety. You start making lists that you don’t really need and planning – even micro-managing – when you should be doing something else. These activities give you the illusion of control, but they don’t touch the anxiety itself.

Anxiety Coping Strategies: Getting Started

Dealing with anxiety is never a one-time thing. Anxiety is not a health issue is solvable quickly. Also, treating it requires continuous attention and effort. Don’t worry though; anxiety is controllable, and underlying worries can fade over time.

The first thing to do, before you move on to other steps, is to learn more about anxiety itself. For example, you want to learn how to control your fight-or-flight response. To do so usually involves realizing how to spot the signs or symptoms early and then actively telling your mind and body to react differently.

Another thing you need to learn about anxiety is its irrationality always stems from something. The further you dig, the closer you will be to finding the actual cause of your worries. In turn, the easier it will be to deal with the issues by addressing those worries.

Lastly, be informed about ways to quickly calm yourself down when anxiety strikes. Fortunately, there are many tried and tested methods of managing panic attacks and other anxiety issues, including some breathing techniques, mind games, and basic exercises that you can do anywhere.

Coping with Anxiety: Finding Treatments

There are many treatments designed to help you deal with anxiety issues better. Now that you know how to approach the problem with continuous mental effort, it’s time to look at some solutions to consider for your anxiety issues.

One option, for example, is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. CBT is a proven way of learning how to deal with anxiety attacks and manage the anxiety as a whole. For example, you will learn how to relax in even the most difficult situations as part of CBT.

Cognitive behavioral therapy also teaches you how to better control your thoughts and feelings. The effectiveness of this approach may surprise you; it’s one of the top anxiety coping strategies for dealing with negative thoughts and behaviors that amplify anxiety.

During CBT sessions, you will learn how to be more active in identifying potential causes of anxiety and dealing with them as soon as you spot them. Doing so will help limit the number of panic attacks you have to go through. The more you implement better control, the better you will be at it.

Alternative Treatments, Including CBD Oil

Aside from CBT and mainstream treatments for anxiety, there are also new anxiety coping strategies you can try. One example of alternative treatments is cannabidiol (CBD) oil to deal with anxiety. It is legal and easily accessible. Researchers continue to find potential in cannabidiol for alleviating anxiety disorders.

CBD oil is available in different forms and products. You can, for instance, buy CBD oil capsules to make consumption easier. You can also get other products, such as supplements, that contain CBD. Another favorite of people who use cannabidiol to treat anxiety are easy-to-eat CBD gummies.

CBD doesn’t just reduce the effects of anxiety when you suffer from panic attacks and similar symptoms. The use of CBD oil also helps to put the mind in a calmer state, even when you are under heavy pressure or in a stressful situation. Contrary to what some people think, CBD oil is not a psychoactive; in other words, it doesn’t make you feel high.

This alternative treatment can be used with other methods we discussed earlier. With the help of CBD oil, you can practice controlling your thoughts and feelings more effectively. The result can be a greater sense of personal control over your anxiety, gradually.

Looking Forward

Anxiety is a major mental health issue, which is why you need to take it seriously. Fortunately, there are many options to cope with anxiety effectively. With the anxiety coping strategies above, you can start to work on any anxiety issues.

25 thoughts on “Dear Anxiety: You’re Not Ruining My Day Again”

  1. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I enjoyed reading this piece. Anxiety can feel uncontrollable, and it often us. But there are certainly ways to manage it. I’ve read up on CBT and it can be useful in managing anxiety as it helps you think from different perspectives and question what you are feeling and why. Never heard of CBD oil before, but it sounds calming. Usually I like to take things slow and that helps me from keeping anxiety and my emotions in check. Another great write, Christy. Lovely to see your blog going strong

  2. Fantastic article Christy! I find as I get older I get more anxiety. I’m trying hard to meditate and thanks for reminding me about CBD Oil. My brother is a distributor for the government in medical marijuana and CBD. He gave me a little bottle awhile back and I forgot to use it! Lol, I’ll let you know my thoughts. <3

    1. Aiii I’ve had anxiety attacks and no they’re not fun. Thankfully I haven’t had one for several months now. I hope you’re handling any difficult moments okay through the holidays, Resa xo

  3. As someone with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I appreciate this post so much! Over the last three years, I’ve worked hard to develop dependable coping strategies. Talking it out with my amazing husband is one. Writing has always been a form of therapy for me, since I was a child. Reading, too. I also enjoy spending time with my six American Girl dolls – That’s a newer strategy that I love. It’s incredibly soothing.

    1. It sounds like you have several good coping strategies and that’s good to hear. I was diagnosed with GAD several years ago so I am familiar with some of the uncomfortable feelings you’ve probably had. I hope you have some quiet moments with your dolls this coming week xx

    2. Thank you so much! Having these strategies changed my world completely. I know I’m not alone, either, and having that support is huge! Thank you. I haven’t spent a lot of time with my dolls yet, but soon!

  4. I had some CBD Caramels which were tasty. This candy is expensive. The CBD Lollipops are $12.00 each! Way too much money. In the United States they are suggested for People with insomnia. I’ve had insomnia for years and the CBD Caramels didn’t make a dent in that issue.

    As long as the weather is good I try to get in some exercise Daily but of course once the exercise high wears off the anxiety and depression returns.

    1. Exercise is good for mental distraction so I totally get what you mean about wanting to do it daily. I hope you’re able to get at least a few hours of sleep tonight.

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