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Set Up a Sanctuary at Home on World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day, create a sanctuary at home.

World Mental Health Day is recognized annually on October 10th by people all around the globe. This day provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness on mental health issues and is a great reminder to prioritize self-care. One way to do exactly that is to create a sanctuary at home.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) found that about 75 percent of all mental health disorders appear by age 24. This data alone shows the importance of encouraging your friends, family, and colleagues to discuss their mental or emotional state. It also illustrates the importance of taking control of your mental well-being by making time to rest and recharge.

It’s Time to Set Up a Sanctuary at Home

There is no one-size-fits-all method for creating a special nook within your home to support good mental health. In fact, how you design this space will depend solely on what you need to feel at ease and present within it. Check out our tips below for World Mental Health Day and the rest of the year:

Choose a Peaceful Space

Figure out where you feel most at peace in your home and set up shop there. This location is your choice. The layout and size of your home will vary so the location you choose for relaxing might differ from a friend, but the most important thing is that you feel safe and connected in your surroundings.

Opt for a location that gives you some privacy; that way you can disconnect and reflect after a long day. Even if you share a space with a roommate or significant other, it’s essential to have a designated spot to go to at home that feels like your own.

Why is it important to create a sanctuary at home that’s just for you? Spending time alone promotes good mental health, so if you decide not to prioritize creating a nook solely for you, your stress levels can increase since you lack a space to go to recharge. No one should have to feel like they are competing for living space or feel more comfortable leaving the house to find alone time. So choose a corner in your home and make it yours.

Design a Mindful Environment

This type of environment will be unique to you. It’s where you feel the most relaxed. A mindful space can vary by:

  • The type of home
  • Whether you own or rent the house
  • Whether your loved ones are near or far
  • And more

The same is true for where you feel most at ease in your home, on World Mental Health Day and any other day of the year. Once you decide where this relaxing spot is, the next step is to decorate and furnish the area to create a sanctuary at home.

Use a more mindful design. This means that the room, or a section of the room, supports your personal tastes and emotional needs. It’s a scientifically proven fact that color largely impacts your mood and how you feel in a space. Color preferences vary from person to person. So pay close attention to what colors make you feel calm or add stress.

Apply those calming colors to the living room furniture pieces you select for your tranquil space. Wood end tables and coffee tables support a cozy environment and pair well with neutral colored recliners and sofas. Picking out furniture just for “show” does nothing to improve your mental health and well-being, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself to quality furniture items that are actually comfortable to relax in. Save yourself the trouble of worrying about staining your new furniture with your favorite tea or red wine, and invest in materials that are easy-to-clean and improve with age, like these classic leather sofa options.

By doing so, you allow yourself more time to find peace in your relaxing nook. Create a sanctuary at home, and you just might forget about all of the chaos outside of it. At least for a little while!

On World Mental Health Day and Beyond

Keep in mind not only on World Mental Health Day but every day that it’s crucial to prioritize self-care. Why? For positive mental health. And when life gets hard, make time to improve your emotional well-being and mood using relaxation techniques. Doing so can make you feel better, especially in the comfort of your own home.

6 thoughts on “Set Up a Sanctuary at Home on World Mental Health Day”

  1. This is a wonderful idea Christy, Thank you!
    A bay window overlooking the bright green fields or crashing waves of the sea would be perfect wouldn’t it?! Somewhere where no stress is allowed, and just time to relax – writing this makes me realise that my bath tub is my sanctuary… Bubbles, Self help book, a candle, twinkly lights and a glass of lemonade… bliss.

  2. Darn it,read this too late Christy 😞
    My bedroom is my sanctuary,I can lay on the bed,forget the world,no music,bookshelf next to my bed,closed curtains & if I fall asleep & wake feeling better then that’s a bonus.
    Redecorating? Maybe one day.

    Great post Christy

  3. My Art Gowns room is my sanctuary. I just love it. It’s got fabulous natural light, a neat view, my choice of music on any day, in any mood, to create the gowns to. There is no computer in it, and I leave the phone in another room on vibrate. Thanks Christy! I’m heading back there now. xx

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