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4 Eco-Friendly House Ideas You Can Use

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If you think your home could use a bit of a makeover, you might want to make it an eco-friendly one. Whether you plan to give a few rooms a quick coat of paint to brighten up your living spaces, remodel your entire kitchen, or knock a few walls down, there are ways to ensure that you protect the environment by limiting the impact of your actions. Green remodeling is where it’s at. Here are great eco-friendly house ideas to start to put to use, including installing energy efficient appliances.


Even if you simply plan on whipping up some new wallpaper to make a feature wall, or if you want a new hue on your chimney, you can do so in a greener way. When sourcing emulsion or gloss paint, look for companies that provide paint in recycled tins. The steel used in the paint cans will often be reusable from previous cans, and all labels are made from fully recycled fibers.

If flock wallpaper or a geometrically patterned mural is more your style, there are specialists that will only supply wallpaper made from PEFC sustainable rainforests. This way, you can be certain that your gorgeous designer wallpaper don’t contribute to the deforestation of orangutan habitats in Borneo.

Here are 3 more eco-friendly home ideas.

Green Remodeling

If you plan a more dramatic makeover for your home, you will likely need to clear some waste. It can be difficult to do this without succumbing to the ease of landfill. Ensure that you seek out an environmentally-conscious skip hire provider, who understands the need for ethical waste management. This way, all of your junk, rubbish, and materials that are recyclable and reusable will be taken to the most suitable place. You can also give your smaller unwanted, yet still usable items, to charity. If you need to save a few pennies, you can even list your items on eBay to sell them.

Eco-friendly House Ideas: Shop Local

Do you plan to install some new kitchen cabinetry or purchase new bedroom furniture? If so, source your items locally for your green remodeling projects. Head to your local showroom, wander around the display models, and select a local fitter to install it. By doing so, you cut down air miles and fuel miles when your new kitchen delivers to you. Although you might fancy that granite quartz worktop manufactured in South Africa, there will be alternatives closer to home.

Energy Efficient Appliances

When installing new appliances, ensure that you seek out the most energy efficient examples as possible. Those graded A+ and higher are more:

  • Economical
  • Quiet
  • Cost less to run

These energy efficient appliances can save huge amounts of energy over the course of a year. Washing machines and dishwashers will also utilize less water. If you are looking into a new fireplace feature, wood burning stoves can be cozy and create a stunning focal point for any room. Ensure that you source one that is energy efficient and burns fuel economically.

Green remodeling looks great and also is a way to do right by the environment. Use the eco-friendly house ideas above to inspire you.

15 thoughts on “4 Eco-Friendly House Ideas You Can Use”

  1. Its a shame I can’t remodel my place as it’s rented but..
    I have 95% led lights & an Ethanol fire that takes the chill off & looks good too.

    I’m pestering my landlady to get the roof reinsulated but she only has until Xmas or I’ll hand in my tenancy notice to quit

  2. Made for good reading Christy! We wanted to do some improvements but were conscious of waste and being sucked in by social pressures and commercialism…so instead we upcycled our bedroom furniture and it’s now fresh and inviting…and I’m happy my carbon footprint is smaller!

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