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How to Increase Female Participation in Sport

Help women break into sports. Classes like this one are solutions for how to increase female participation in sport.

Do you wonder how to help women break into sports? The stats are in on women and sports, and they don’t make for great reading. In high school, there are less than 3 million female participants in sports. In college, the figure is significantly lower at 200,000. And, ladies outside of the classroom don’t fare much better with around 75% of women not participating for fear of embarrassment. Although the figures don’t make for fantastic reading, females have a trick up their sleeves: other women. A peer can be an excellent source of motivation, so here is how to increase female participation in sport.

Be Available

For many women, taking the plunge isn’t easy. We are all scared of the unknown and that fear makes playing it safe more attractive. As a friend who understands the transition, you have the experience to help. Of course, it’s a personal journey but you can be there by her side. You will help women break into sports, starting with your one friend.

When someone says “I’d love to try X,” you can lend a hand. Tell them you’d be happy to go with them to the gym, basketball court or elsewhere to give it a go. Doing it together will increase the likelihood of including women who aren’t as confident. After all, it’s always great to have a friend for mental health.

Choose a Female-Friendly Environment

Part of the reasons some girls are scared to join a class is boys. Men seem to dominate and it can be intimidating for first-timers. Plus, it’s easy to compare against people who aren’t on your radar performance-wise and lose confidence. No man should ever get in the way, but if it is a problem then you can pick a female-friendly environment.

Although all sports are inclusive, some can more attractive to women than men. For example, a yoga session is generally packed with like-minded people with similar goals. This is just one suggestion for how to increase female participation in sport.

Using Knowledge to Help Women Break into Sports

Like a London taxi driver, it’s important to impart wisdom when someone asks you for advice. Maybe you suggest that a girlfriend to take up up Pilates as you’ve tried it and found it was fun. Going to classes and trying new things is an excellent way to build up a knowledge base, as is is going back to school. An online masters in social work will teach you the subtleties of informing women about participation in sports. From health and wellness to injuries and family services, there is always much to learn.

Final Words on How to Increase Female Participation in Sport

Moms can’t drop everything and hit the treadmill for an hour. Without a sitter, there is no way they can get to the gym or spin class. Yes, it’s their responsibility but you can make it easier. As a good friend, why not offer to babysit for a few hours. Or, find a sport where moms and children can workout and play together, such as swimming or doing resistance band workouts together.

Do you have more ideas on how to increase female participation in sport? What are other ways to help women break into sports?

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