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Pillows in pregnancy: Top picks for more sleep and less back pain

pillows in pregnancy

Pregnant mothers usually experience back pain during different stages of their pregnancy. Thankfully, pillows in pregnancy can help reduce discomfort, which commonly includes back pain, and improve sleep quality. But as not all pillows are made the same, we’ll show you our faves.

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Why the discomfort? And how a special pillow can help

As the baby in the womb grows, a pregnant mother experiences quite many physical changes and some of them cause discomfort. Expectant mothers also experience different forms of pain during sleep time due to discomfort caused by the physical changes in their bodies.

During pregnancy, the weight of the belly can stretch the muscles of your torso and cause lower back pain. The kind of pain you can experience causes discomfort, and you may fail to enjoy peaceful sleep when you are pregnant.

Placing a pillow below the bump can help to elevate your bump in such a way that pressure on the torso significantly reduces. Here are reviews on popular pillows in pregnancy.

To address this usually common problem of lower back pain among pregnant women, they can choose appropriate pillows designed to offer them comfort, and support while sitting or sleeping. The following is a list of pillows in pregnancy and it outlines the key features of each. The reasons why each pad is appropriate in reducing back pain help you to make informed decisions when you decide to buy any pregnancy support.

Queene rose pregnancy pillow

Queene Rose Pregnancy pillow

Queen Rose pregnancy pillow is widely viewed as the best overall pillow that suits all pregnancy trimesters. Some people usually experience some form of pains during the first trimester of their pregnancy. On the other hand, other individuals experience the same during the third trimester when they are close to birthing.

However, all pregnant mothers can find comfort in the Queen Rose pregnant pillow since it is designed for both side and back sleepers. The pad is soft, and it remains firm even after using it for some time. The other thing is that this specific pillow is suitable for different tasks such as sleeping, watching television as well as reading books.

ComiLife knee pillow

ComiLife Knee Pillow

The ComiLife Knee Pregnancy Pillow is the best for supporting your knees while you relax on a sofa or any other place. The pillow can be put between the thighs, behind your shoulders to give you extra support of the body.

The foam in the cushion responds to weather by getting soft when it is warm, and it also gets harder when it is cool. You can also quickly clean the pillow, and the other benefit is that it does not take a lot of space. However, the comfi pillow can be too firm for other people.

Boppy pregnancy wedge

The Boppy pregnancy wedge is probably the best pillow that offers you maximum support of your back during pregnancy. Most women often suffer from back pain during pregnancy hence this pillow is specially designed for such people.

Its pad remains stable no matter the frequency you use it in your pregnancy. You can place the pillow between thighs, but it is perfect during the third trimester of your pregnancy.

Of the pillows in pregnancy, this one offers much-needed support to your back when the bulging womb exerts more pressure.  While some people may view it as firm, it provides more comfort and less back pain during your third trimester of pregnancy.

Leachco snoogle body pillow

Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow

Leachco snoogle body pillow is the best body pillow during pregnancy. The snoogle gives you comfort and support without extra heat in all parts of the body.

It supports your head and back, and you can also tuck it between your thighs for additional comfort. The pillow adopts the shape of a pregnant woman, and it gives them comfort from any side they prefer to sleep on.

The cover is removable and washable so no worries about cleanliness. With all of this going for it, no wonder many expectant moms love it.

Moreover, the pad can help you to elevate your body during sleep. Raising your body is advantageous in that it helps to alleviate problems of heartburn given that the acids may not smoothly flow from the stomach back to the esophagus.

Heartburn causes pregnant women discomfort. To alleviate this problem, try using a specially designed pillow like Leachco Snoogle while sleeping.

Pregnancy c-shaped pillow

The C-shaped pillow is comfortable and easy to curl up while you relax. It soothes all parts of your body that are likely to experience pain during pregnancy especially the back.

You can also tuck the pillow between your thighs for maximum comfort while you sleep. The pad offers firm support and deep slumber.

The C-shaped pillow helps to reduce pressure on your lower back, hips, and pelvis. If you often experience pain in the lower back, hips or pelvis, you can tuck the pillow between your knees so that your hips remain parallel so that the top hip does not exert more pressure on the bottom one.

The upper hip can be pulled out of alignment hence the C-Shaped pillow is ideal for reducing both pelvic and lower back pain. However, the major notable problem about the pad is that it can get flat with time through multiple uses.

4 more pillows in pregnancy:

Holo inflatable maternity pillow

The Halo Inflatable maternity pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers, and it gives you comfort while you relax. The particular pillow alleviates different pregnancy pains.

You can also sleep on either side, and the pillow gives you the comfort you desire. It is portable so you can carry it to any place. However, the pad excludes a pump when you buy it and is made of material that is not washable.

Cooling memory foam

Cooling memory foam

As the name cool memory foam suggests, this pillow is ideal for pregnant women who often experience heat flashes. It cools your body, and on top of that, it offers you a comfortable sleep.

The pillow adjusts to the shape of your pregnant body thereby giving you the maximum comfort you desire during sleep. The only problem with the pad is that it gets lumpy over time, but overall, it offers comfortable sleep and less back pain.

Back buddy support memory pillow

Back Buddy Support Memory Pillow

The back buddy is ideal for supporting your back, and you can use it in any environment. You can place the pillow behind your back when you are sitting on a chair or sofa, and it gives you maximum support in you back.

U-shaped pillow

The U-shaped pillow resembles two pillows that are in parallel to each other where one is at the back and the other one in front. The kind of cushion offers you maximum comfort when you are sleeping either on your back or side.

This pillow is made of firm material that comforts you when you are tagged in between its U-shape, and it responds to your body shape. The pillowcase is removable and easy to wash which is another advantage of purchasing it.

Final words on pillows in pregnancy

These pillows are specially made to comfort pregnant women. They are designed to comfort the soon-to-be moms who experience different forms of pain and discomfort.

Pregnancy pillows are adjustable, and they offer you the deep slumber that you deserve since you get maximum support. You do not necessarily need to focus on adjusting your pillow for comfort.

Why? It is designed for that particular purpose. Pregnancy pillows offer you maximum comfort while at the same time relieving pain. Visit our website for more info.

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