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Announcing Our New Site When Business Inspires!

When Business Inspires

We’ve been busy. Okay, let’s be more specific. Busier than usual. We’re launching When Business Inspires, a new website dedicated to business tips for success!

As you know, I love crafting unique content for When Women Inspire and don’t worry this site is not going anywhere! I’ll continue to work with guest bloggers and web designer Tufail to provide ways to improve your health and lifestyle, as well as career and education-related posts. Having so many of you tune in daily to these posts is a reason to smile. And I do!

In fact, I love sharing information so much with you that today we officially unveil When Business Inspires as a sister site to When Women Inspire! At this new platform, you will find topics to help entrepreneurs and organizations in any sector. From finance to law and insurance, we’ve got you covered. Looking for blogging tips or ways to grow a home-based business? You’ll find that there too.

And that’s not all. Read about the latest technological advances, get news on social media, and find out once and for all what big data and cloud computing really mean. Make When Business Inspires your go-to resource too for reviews of gadgets, books, and films, as well as for lifestyle news and advice.

Come on over to When Business Inspires and hit the subscribe button! Help us grow our Facebook page too by clicking the Like button over there. Thank you for continuing to read and support!



40 thoughts on “Announcing Our New Site When Business Inspires!”

  1. I love it Christy! All the best to your continued success – Kudos on your new adventure! I know you’ll do spectacularly – you have the energy and talent to be great at whatever you set your mind to. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  2. I wish you the best with your new site Christy! You have that power to create great site , I am sure. I believe in you ! Big hug !

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