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5 Ways To Get Fit This Fall

Getting fit in fall by hiking

Following on from the 9 Tips You Need to Know for Getting Fit post, this article looks at 5 activities you might want to consider undertaking this fall. Let’s get fit!


There’s something amazingly cathartic and stress relieving about putting on your running shoes, plugging in your headphones, and taking a jog through the park or next to a river. It’s there you can see all the different hues of orange as the autumn leaves fall on the ground… and if you’re jogging early in the morning, you may get the added bonus of hearing the leaves crunch as you run due to the frost.


Golf may not seem the most physically challenging sport but it can be a workout between walking the course and honing in on the swing. It is mentally challenging too. Golf requires a great deal of focus. It puts you in an almost meditative state as you must quiet down all other internal distractions in order to be present in the moment and focus enough to make the shot.

There’s a lot you can do to improve your golfing technique, from looking at top clubs to buy to analyzing your swing to perfect it. Just a fraction of a degree can make all the difference. You can find out more here about analyzing your golf swing.


Also great about swimming is that it’s a very supportive exercise in terms of joint stability. It also benefits your cardiovascular fitness. The challenge, of course, when it comes to the colder months is that you’re going to need to swim indoors. This often doesn’t feel quite as nice as splashing around in an outdoor pool on a hot summer day. But it can still be luxurious, assuming you go to a nice pool.

The other great thing about swimming is it offers good joint stability. So if you have mobility issues, or are recovering from a sports injury, then swimming is one of the best things you can do to rehabilitate your body.


Again, cycling is a great way to embrace outdoor life, be that in a city or in the countryside. It uses most major muscle groups. Cycling is a very effective sport that can also help save money, should you choose to cycle to work, for instance… as well as the planet.

While cycling may feel more like a summer activity, as nobody enjoys cycling in the wind and rain, there are many things you can do to protect yourself from the elements. Get fit with this invigorating activity.


Hiking in the fall is the perfect activity for the season. Experience nature at its most colorful! And tap into that warm sensation of coming home to a hearty stew after a brisk walk outside. Cuddle up inside or run yourself a nice warm bath. Look out the window feeling grateful for your cozy day after being out in the elements.

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