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3 Tips for Moving in With Your Boyfriend

Moving in with your boyfriend

Today Gillian brings us useful tips for moving in with your boyfriend. The guest post that follows can help any woman looking to take that next step in the relationship or thinking about what moving in with someone entails.

Deciding to move in with your boyfriend can be truly exciting. Think of all the romance, the homemade dinners, the movie nights on the couch! But it’s not always a walk in the park. To avoid needless arguments, check out these tips for moving in with your boyfriend to prepare yourself for a smooth, stress-free move and happy cohabitation.

1. Take Inventory to Avoid Moving Double the Stuff

If you and your boyfriend already live on your own, you probably own a lot of the same home essentials, such as dishes, household appliances, and maybe even furniture. To avoid spending the energy to move double the stuff into a single apartment, go through each space and decide what is coming and what is not.

There are actually a couple of great perks to this activity. First, it cuts down on moving-day arguments, which is always a win. Second, it allows you both to get rid of some of your older or cheaper belongings, ending up with only the nicest items from both households. Third, you can sell the items you’re not moving into your new place and make some quick money for moving expenses. Can’t go wrong with that!

2. Tips for Moving in With Your Boyfriend: Tackle Storage Beforehand

According to a 2015 survey by Sparefoot, 48% of couples who live together admit they argue about clutter regularly. That’s a lot of unhappy couples out there! Avoid becoming another statistic by planning to tackle storage before you even sign a lease.

Think of small organizational solutions like kitchen drawer organizers, thin velvet hangers, and plenty of stick-on labels. Don’t stop there though; also consider larger solutions like renting a storage locker for bulky equipment and out-of-season items. Having a plan in place that you both agree on before you move will hopefully cut down on arguments later, and you’ll both be happier living together.

3. Keep an Open Mind about Your Boyfriend’s Style

Another huge issue for couples moving in together can be personalizing the interior for both people, not just catering to one. Maybe your boyfriend is a huge fan of bold, unusual colors but you’re more of a minimalist style-wise. Don’t write off his decor tastes as doing so can lead to him feeling resentful or not comfortable in the new home.

Instead, try to have an open mind. Give him a chance to incorporate his style into your property, even if it’s not your favorite look. You can even try bringing in an interior designer to put together a custom design that will incorporate both of your styles.

The important thing here is to give his style a chance and don’t shut it down from the start! And if you’re both admittedly lacking in your design know-how, check out this ultimate guide to interior design.

Keep in mind these tips for moving in with your boyfriend for smooth sailing and a happy home! Good luck with your move!

About Today’s Writer

Gillian enjoys writing about interior design and sharing tips on how to make your house a home. When she’s not working, you can find her outside climbing mountains or in front of a canvas with her watercolor set.

Do you have a positive experience moving in with your boyfriend or someone else? If so, what worked well for you?

18 thoughts on “3 Tips for Moving in With Your Boyfriend”

  1. My girlfriend allowed me to participate in the decorating which was interesting because I like modern and she does not. We ended up with eclectic which turned out rather fun! I even learned to put the toilet seat down :)
    Fun article, Christy!

    1. Haha, your comment about putting the toilet seat down made me laugh! I’m glad you and your partner found a decor style that fits you both – it was all about finding the middle ground, from the sounds of it :)

  2. As a boyfriend, I appreciate this post!

    Fortunately for my girlfriend, I only have a few things that I wear, use, and want to have at our future home.

    Minimalism is a good way to go for anybody, and I highly recommend it!

  3. Great advice, all of it! My experience moving in with my boyfriend was 100% positive. Of course, the lease was in my name. Later, after all issues were resolved, we bought a home together – 50/50. :D

    1. Another great article, dear Christy! (Hello Resa, nice to see you here :))
      My experience was similar to Resa. After 10 years, my husband & I bought a home together, and the past experience helped make the move much more enjoyable :D I hope others will benefit from this article.

      Best wishes,

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