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3 Easy Tips for Better Facial Skin

Young woman looks critically into mirror at her facial skin, seeking tips for dry skin.

In addition to staying hydrated and eating the right foods, there are many more ways to improve your facial skin. In the summer months, most people emphasize the importance of wearing sunscreen to stay protected. However, there are a few key treatments you can try in order to maintain stunningly beautiful and better facial skin. Read on for simple and effective tips for dry skin or oily.

1. Better Facial Skin: Use Spot Treatments

If pimples tend to pop up regularly, you might experience a little hyperpigmentation and scarring. In order to combat this, it’s wise to focus on spot treatments. Use an acne spot treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide in it. Wear gloves to avoid the spreading of bacteria. Wait until a pimple is large enough to gently pop it too.

Once the puss and liquid come out, apply the benzoyl peroxide treatment to an open pimple. The medicine will penetrate and heal the area. It’s wise to do this treatment before bed. The following day, consider using lemon juice or another natural lightener to avoid hyperpigmentation and permanent scarring of the facial skin.

Alternatively, a magnesium sulfate paste might be right for you to target spots. As the best spot treatment for many people, a magnesium sulfate paste is a natural solution that works by drying out the skin.

Another tip is to use serums and moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid for skin-boosting effects. Click Here to uncover important facts you should know about hyaluronic acid!

2. Consult the Pros

Sometimes, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. You can try everything in your power to clear up problematic facial skin and still suffer from it. In this circumstance, it’s a wise idea to visit a practice that specializes in advanced dermatology colorado. When a professional does a few treatments and a thorough consultation, they’re able to see issues you never anticipated. They can offer great tips for dry skin too that may be itchy and rough.

Ask them as many questions as you need in order to gain clarity regarding your facial skin’s issues and how to resolve them. In this circumstance, it’s nice to sit back and allow the professionals to handle it all for you.

3. Try Masks: Tips for Dry Skin and Oily

If you have oily facial skin, clay masks and charcoal masks are amazing for drawing out impurities. Oily tends to get a lot of build-up quickly, so it’s wise to apply these masks at least two to three times every week.

Tips for dry skin include using a moisture-based mask. Consider applying sheet masks to your face every night before bed. The essences and essential oils will seep in and moisturize your skin overnight.

36 thoughts on “3 Easy Tips for Better Facial Skin”

    1. I have face masks and find that even putting them on while I’m working at the computer can be a way to fit them in ;)

  1. Great advice :)
    I really like the one about spot treatment.
    I already realized, as someone with super oily skin, that sheet masks… sigh… they’re just a no-go for me… I don’t really like the feel of them anyway but I have so many xD haha well… I’m sure they’re still good to use once in a while. I def prefer clay/mud masks.

    1. Well at least you gave the sheet masks a try ;) Hey, they might make nice freebies for your friends or if they stay over one night you could treat them to a mini facial :)

  2. I’ve been working on my skin since I began afraid of getting old at age 20 LOL. Don’t get me started on the myriad of beauty lotions and potions I have going on in my bathroom cabinet, but there are 2 staples I’ve used for a few decades and that’s Witchhazel for toning and cleaning of the skin after washing. It shrinks pours, cleans left behind debris and doesn’t dry out the skin because it’s natural and no alcohol. Also, I clean my makeup off with natural coconut oil. It takes everything off, leaves soft skin and has lots of healthy benefits. :) If you’ve seen my FB age, you’ll know I look pretty good for a chick at 103! LOL :) <3

    1. You’re adorable :) I like natural remedies and remember you telling me the coconut oil trick before. Your “potions” as you call them are keeping your skin looking amazing xo

  3. I use a clay mask with cucumber once a week, and a cucmber-based face wash morning and night. I usually use a brand called Simple for moisturising my face after I wash my face, it has nothing harsh or artificial in it. Remember to use only a delicate moisturiser on your eyes, again I use Simple, and it is best to use your ring finger to apply this, moving away from the nose, as it applies the least pressure to this delicate area.

    I only occasionally get spots now, and again Simple comes to the rescue with it’s Rapid Action Spot Zapper, just apply on the spot as soon as you see the spot and it should fade away in days! The most important thing to remember is to NEVER pop or burst spots, as it could scar your face.

    1. It sounds like you’ve found what products work best for your skin – and that’s great! It takes some women decades before they get the best products for them. I’ve used a cucumber mask before and it was wonderfully refreshing.

    1. Woot, that’s great to hear – Not like the face in your profile pic here in the comment section lol

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