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3 Fun Hobbies to Help You Relax in an Instant

Write to release your thoughts and relax

In the modern world, we seem to live in a constant state of high-stress. Therefore, I think it’s important we learn how to relax more! One of the best ways to do this is by taking up a hobby. Bearing that in mind, here are three hobbies that can help you relax in an instant:


It will surprise you how relaxing writing can be when you do it on your own terms. Ironically, a lot of your stress could be caused by work or education, both of which make you write a lot. But, when you need to relax, sometimes all it takes is a pen and paper. Write whatever you want, it could be a story, or maybe just a personal diary. Either way, I feel that writing helps you release some pent-up emotion, while also helping you drift away from the world and find some inner peace. If you want to take things even further, you could start a blog and publish your writing as well!

Musical instruments like ukeleles can make for a great hobby
Playing an instrument will help you relax. Pexels photo.

Playing An Instrument

Playing an instrument can be a great hobby to have, but it does depend on the instrument you choose. Things like the violin, guitar, or piano can be nice and relaxing to play when you get the hang of them, but they’re tough to learn! So, try learning something that’s less complex instead!

My suggestion is a ukulele as it’s a small instrument you can take almost anywhere, and it’s not too difficult to learn. As it shows on musician authority, you can learn songs that only require four chords, which isn’t a lot for you to learn.

To start this hobby, you will naturally need to purchase the instrument. Budget ukuleles are easy to find, and can be one of the best investments you will make. They are a great accessory to help you destress.

Plus, the sound it creates is very relaxing; it makes you think of palm trees and beaches in Hawaii or some other tropical island. All in all, a great hobby if you need to relax in an instant.


A book can transport you
Reading is a great way of escaping your stressful world. Photo from Pixabay (CC0).

Reading A Book

Much like with writing, reading is a very relaxing thing to do on your own terms. No one likes being forced to read things they have no interest in. But, when you settle down with a book you enjoy, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. The greatest books will transport you to another place, and you can fully escape reality for an hour or so. For me, it’s one of the best things to do just before bed; it calms the mind and helps induce tiredness. If you want to start reading more but aren’t sure where to start, then has a list of the best books out right now. I’m sure you’ll find something on there of interest.

The beauty of these hobbies is that pretty much anyone can do them. They’re not massively expensive, you don’t need a lot of stuff, and you can do them from the comfort of home. It’s good to have a hobby or two for when you want to instantly relax. Essentially, all these hobbies help occupy your mind and make you forget about anything that’s preventing you from achieving peak relaxation.


32 thoughts on “3 Fun Hobbies to Help You Relax in an Instant”

  1. Marje @ Kyrosmagica

    I do two out of the three but find little time for playing the piano. Perhaps this is a sign that I should!

  2. I also write to relax from a frantic/stressed-out state, and it works like magic! Thanks for drawing the spotlight to this; I do think we need to pay more attention to self-care in the midst of this busy world. :)

  3. I do all of these three hobbies, albeit some more than others. I am writing a novel, though it is tough going at this point, especially fitting it around my work/commute lifestyle. I read a book every night before bedtime, and read magazines too. I also play the keyboard… and that is what I would suggest people could try as an instrument, keyboards come in all shapes and sizes and even fairly basic ones have built in rhythms and accompaniments that can help you create music that sounds rather more complicated than the effort required to make it; piano and keyboard teachers are also widely available.

  4. I agree with all of those. I find writing my blog, when I get the chance, uplifting and therapeutic. I’m learning the Guitar, you are right, it isn’t easy but I’m loving it. This morning I have an hour to myself and I’m reading my favourite blogs whilst enjoying a coffee. Very relaxing indeed 😊 x

  5. Great list :)
    I noticed recently that I’ll have a surge in reading activity when I’m particularly stressed or sad… so I agree that it definitely helps get your mind off things while also exercising that mind :)

  6. Great tips Christy. We all can use some stress relief in today’s busy world!I have done all at one point in my life. I love the therapeutic power of writing for myself and incorporate that into my coaching/psychotherapy sessions with my clients.

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