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After a slip and fall injury, this is your action plan

Slip and fall injury

Life is unpredictable, and accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Regardless, going to the supermarket or movies ought to be relatively risk-free as the owners and managers are liable for ensuring that you do not receive harm because of them or the building. Despite this responsibility for due care, a slip and fall injury is one of the most common compensation claims.

Although you can’t predict if, when, and where you will fall and injure yourself, you can make sure that you know what action to take if it happens to you. Below is some advice, if the worst happens one day.

Slip and fall injury? Get some help

Anything can cause you to slip, trip, and fall, from water on the floor to a wobbly handrail. This wide variety of causes means that the resulting injuries can vary dramatically.

If you need immediate help, call an ambulance or ask someone to call one for you. Then try not to move very much, if at all, until they arrive at the scene.

Even if you don’t think your injuries are severe, still get a health checkup as soon as possible. There could be damage that you can’t yet see or feel that can cause you to harm later on.

Also, if you don’t get a medical examination, you might not get as much compensation down the road. That’s because in the eyes of the law you’ll be partially at fault.

Collect evidence

If you want to make a compensation claim, you’ll need evidence that you have a slip and fall injury. This evidence includes that you have lost out on money because of the fracture, sprain, or another type of trauma.

If you can do so, take pictures of the area where you fell, or ask someone else to do so for you. Write down details of the fall too so that a judge can determine if your slip and fall injury in public is the result of negligence.

Also, ask your doctor to write you a letter that explains your injuries. Furthermore, request that your boss write another letter to state how much money you lost in pay.

Find a lawyer for your slip and fall injury

Now is the time to take all of your evidence to a personal injury attorney. This professional will review all of the proof, and tell you whether or not you have a winnable case.

They can also let you know about any documents that you might have missed, such as CCTV footage or witnesses. Try to collect these items with the help of a quality lawyer to make the strongest case possible.

Contact a lawyer as soon as you can after the incident date. The reason is that you might only have a set amount of time within which to make a claim, depending on its details.

Once you’ve had at least one meeting together, your lawyer will arrange a court date on your behalf. In court, they will present the evidence to the judge as best as they can to get you just compensation.

The legal expert will explain in court how much money you are losing as a result of the accident and why, and will also describe the pain and suffering that you have been through or continue to face.

After hearing the case in its entirety, the judge will choose a settlement they believe is appropriate for your case.

Final words

In summary, a slip and fall injury in public is a scary and traumatic experience, but knowing what to do can make the ordeal a lot easier to cope with.

8 thoughts on “After a slip and fall injury, this is your action plan”

  1. Excellent advice Christy. My girlfriend fell while walking back to the ship on our cruise together last year. She went to the ship’s doctor as she couldn’t move her arm. They took Xrays and said it was a sprain. We came home a few days later and she’s had 3 surgeries already and a nightmare full of legal proceedings from here in Toronto with lawyers in Miami. What a nightmare, but she had all the evidence and me as a witness. :) x

  2. My mother was knocked down last June exiting her local mall through the automatic doors. I was not there but I contacted a lawyer. One you don’t pay unless they win your case. I have done everything that the lawyer has advised. No progress to date.

  3. This reminds me of the time I got off a bus and tripped forward on a curb I hadn’t noticed. As I was falling forward two men each grabbed one of my arms and caught me before I could hit the ground. Someone in the crowd waiting to board the bus said , “Well, that didn’t take long.” And we all went our different ways. The wonderful kindness of strangers.

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