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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 32

Bloggers share inspiring words in this roundup

It’s all about the weekend, folks! But seriously… time for some serious fun? An oxymoron perhaps but still a good thing ;) It’s great to have you all stopping by to read the latest roundup of inspirational blog posts from around the world. You really are writing such great posts! Here are the latest picks in this 32nd roundup:

Stay in the Present

Living in the present is a great way to be as it really heightens your senses and you can make the most of each second. If you don’t believe me, then be sure to stop by the new blog post from Dancisefitness. When you’re exercising, and you stay in the current moment, I hope you’ll find the music takes you over and you have a ton of fun. Fitness doesn’t have to be dull!

Taking Care of Yourself

As Nisha at InsipiresN points out, “caring for oneself  may sound indulgent, but is as important as taking care of others or important matters.” Truth. It’s not selfish as when you care for yourself, then you’ll have more energy to help others. In this inspiring blog post, you’ll find wonderful quotes about self-care.

Living with Social Anxiety

I’ve been following the Settle in El Paso blog for some time now and the recent write-up on social anxiety disorder is so well done that I just had to share it here. The blogging team put together helpful tips based on personal experiences, and it can not only help sufferers but also those people around them who want to support the anxious person.

A More Inclusive World?

A February post on inclusive growth at The Shining Gem asks the question of whether it is possible in today’s world or not. Blogger Gem points out that economic and social gaps are bigger than ever despite how India in particular in trying to address inclusiveness with initiatives relating to both the economy and society in general. There are many issues, and this post outlines some of them so we can try to learn and better the world moving forward.

Benefits of Running

Those who are close to me know that I’ve recently taken up running (within the last few months). If you’re new to the sport like me or are thinking about starting out then I’d recommend reading Top 5 Running Benefits. This inspiring blog post from troublesome96 at Gymaholiconly had me thinking about all that I’m getting out of the movements, including stress relief.

Feminism in Croatia

Ina Vukic at the blog Croatia, The War, And The Future has many detailed posts about Croatia. A new one features a look at Marxist-Feminism in the Istanbul Convention. There are many interesting discussions within this article, including talk of “false reporting,” what is Marxist-Feminism, and the use of the word “gender.”

Beauty is Internal

All that Glitters is not Gold!! is the title of an inspirational post by Tanvir Kaur at the myexpressionsofthoughtsblog. As Tanvir explains, a person can easily get caught up in outer appearances or the “bling” in life. But, what is within a person is what truly matters and that is their character. Instead of striving for the sparkling gold let’s instead focus on improving our inner being and loving one another for what is inside.

Spotlight on Mary Ann Shadd Cary

For Black History Month in Canada, John Fioravanti is highlighting many great leaders and innovators. When she shined the light on Mary Ann Shadd Cary, I knew the inspiration her life brought would be a great fit with this week’s blogging roundup. She was Canada’s first Black female newspaper publisher, as well as one of the first Black women to earn a law degree. John has since deleted his WordPress blog but we wish him all the best always!

A Health-Filled Calendar

What if you opened up a calendar that featured a health tip every single day? Well then you’d have the February calendar created by author Carrie Rubin. You’ll find this awesome freebie in her inspiring blog post titled Improve Your #Wellbeing with Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle. It’s nice how Carrie focuses on small steps as we all have to start somewhere and it’s never too late to focus on personal health.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 32”

  1. Wonderful and inspiring list! Love the first one with living in the present. We spend so much time thinking of the past and future that we totally ignore the only real and sure moment that we have…NOW!

  2. 32…. that’s 5 in numerology. A dynamic and almost equal mix of masculine and feminine qualities, 5 is slightly more feminine — tomboyish, perhaps. The career could come after 30. A great post that adds up to a wonderful bunch of bloggers that you have found, and admire. I’ll be checking some out! TY, Christy! :D x 3

  3. Great inspiration round-up Christy, wonderful to read about the post on social anxiety disorder, being in the present and the health benefits posts! Thank you so much for the mention on the self care as well, much appreciated!

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