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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 30

Inspiration from bloggers

The weekend is here, and it’s time to sleep, party, and read blog posts! Not necessarily in that order ;) I wish you all an amazing weekend… and happy writing! Will I see you in the hot tub later? Here are the latest picks for the weekly roundup of inspirational blog posts:

Don’t Give Up

Today is the chance to start again, explains Cristina. Her blog post Every Day Is An Opportunity To A Fresh Start is a great read for anyone considering throwing in the towel on a goal. While giving up seems easier at the moment, you’re really selling yourself short. Besides, it takes effort to reach the good stuff, you know?

Paint Strokes for Your Day

Sylvester continues to be one of my favorite writers here at WordPress (and anywhere else, for that matter). His inspiring blog posts include Paint Your Day, which is a reminder of how our attitude shapes our day. While we could wake up with a heavy heart thinking we don’t want to go to work, why not instead look at the positives to come in the day? It’s a positive attitude that will paint your day brighter!

Surviving Post Natal Depression

This blog post inspires because of its honest, heartbreaking look into a very difficult subject. In How I/We Survived Severe Post Natal Depression, aussiemum88339969 tells us about her episodes, visits to doctors, medications, and other parts of the journey between her and her family. It is a tough look into this form of depression. Such courage it takes to share something like this with the blogging community.

What is Feminism?

Yasmin crafts a great write about what feminism is and is not in The Truth & The Misconceptions. Feminists are not monsters – feminism is not man-bashing. Instead, it is about equality, taking a stand, and recognizing the relations between genders. This is an intelligently presented and inspiring blog read.

Worries about Modern Childhoods

Kids today have a lot to deal with, so is it any wonder that so many of them have a lot of anxiety? Their mental health needs to be addressed so that they get the happy childhoods they deserve. But how to accomplish this task? Solutions are offered by Old house in the Shires in Is Modern Living Creating a Crisis for our Children? The comprehensive list includes giving the gift of time to kids and getting them outdoors as much as possible.

The Motherhood Journey

I recently found the blog Black Mom Chronicles and was blown away by the first post I read there. Titled Why am I here?, this write-up is an honest invitation for readers to follow her as her baby grows and she takes it day by day with the ups and downs of motherhood. I’ll be following her journey and hope you will too!

Losing a Parent

I do not look forward to the day I must say goodbye to my parents. For some of you, this day has already come. And it has come too early, too fast, for many people, including Lor at Cracking Adulthood. In My Dad Passed Away, Lor explains not only her story of losing her dad but also how to be there to support those who have recently lost a parent. The suggestions include being a support and the power of simply sitting with the grieving individual.

Way to Go, Andrea!

I’ve been reading Dr. Andrea Dinardo’s inspiring blog posts at Thriving Under Pressure for a while now and was ecstatic to learn she would be speaking at a TEDx Event in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She consistently writes in ways that motivate me and encourages her students to empower themselves. Congratulations on the well-deserved honor of speaking at this event, Andrea!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 30”

  1. Thank you so much Christy for mentioning my blog in this post! Really appreciate your effort to inspire and motivate others. Happy Monday! Wish you a wonderful and productive week:)

  2. I just visited the first two blogs and they are amazing Christy. This is such a gem of a post. I have to go for work now, but I intend to read the rest during breaks. I loved the one on Paint your day and it has already lifted my spirits. Thank you so much for this compilation. 😀

  3. Thanks Christy for highlighting my TEDx Talk in your weekly roundup. (The full TEDx video will be posted by March 1) And for taking the time to read my psychology posts. You walk the talk of women empowering women. And for that I will always be grateful. 💃💥

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