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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Vol. 16

Inspiring reads from bloggers

We are inching toward 20 of these blog inspiration roundups! Wow! I’m cheering each of you on with your great write-ups and please know I enjoy reading them. Here are the latest ones to make the weekly post:

See What You’re Capable Of

Jina S. Bazzar of Authors Inspirations lets us into her world with her post titled Today is my blind anniversary. She takes us through the decline of her vision and how this has impacted her in many ways, including as a mom. Her words are not ones of self-pity but instead reveal her resilience, strength, and optimism.

Men are Assault Victims Too

In her post No, blogger Tajwar Fatma of Life As We Have Never Known It reminds us of the importance of raising our voices against sexual assaults and harassment. She encourages women and men to speak up as silence only lets assaulters get away with the acts. I am glad Tajwar pointed out that men are victims of assault too; it’s not only women.

Knowing Oneself

Do you really know yourself? Invincible Butterfly asks questions in this inspiring blog post that can lead you down a path of introspection toward a better sense of self. She writes, “Once you know yourself more, take care of yourself. Mind, body and soul.” Yes! If we don’t take care of ourselves then who will?

Reducing Breast Cancer Risks

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Over at the Faraja blog is a highly informative post on how to reduce your breast cancer risk. The included tips are not written in overly-technical language but are instead easy to read. Being proactive could truly save your life!

Time Spent or Time Invested?

I found this blog post from Faith Love Soul to be so thought-provoking that it stayed with me for a day after I read it. Time is valuable; we know this in theory. But this blogger provides a new way of looking at whether you’re spending it in the most valuable way possible for you. As she explains, “there is a difference between spending your time and investing your time.” Which one are you doing more of?

Device-Free Moments

Perhaps you would do well to unplug from social media and the Internet in general for a while and instead spend time with people, rather than with devices. Audrey tells a meaningful story in her recent blog post at Living for Experiences that may make you take a little more time for in-person connections rather than Facebook ones.

Happy Diwali!

October 19th marked the start of Diwali, and I hope all who celebrated the 5-day festival had a glorious celebration! I read many posts about the event and wanted to share one of them from My Expression of Thoughts Blog in commemoration of it. The post explains well why India celebrates the beautiful festivals of Dussehra and Diwali. I enjoy learning about different cultures through my connections with other bloggers.

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    1. Oh! I’ll go take a look at your post on breast cancer awareness, Resa. Glad you included it here. And yay for Kim Cattrall being a spokesperson xx

  1. Thank you so much Christy for this. With all the notifications that come, it’s so easy to miss reading good posts. But, thanks to this round-up, missing is no more an excuse. Checked out 2 of the posts. Will check the rest as well.

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