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What Do You Want To Change About You?

Inspiration for change in the New Year

It’s the time of the year to reflect on 2017. A time when we think about all the things we wished we did differently, and a time when we think about the things we want to change in 2018. New year’s resolutions aren’t always the easiest to stick to, let’s be honest. But we start the year so determined to stick to them, why does it so often go wrong? Well, the truth of the matter is this: we have no patience to do so.

Take exercise for example. The gym at the start of the year is full of people with the right intentions, with the resolution to get fitter, get leaner, or just get healthier. By the end of January, the gym is back to being full of the regulars. So, when finding something you want to change about yourself, make sure you’re actually going to change it. If you’re struggling for some inspiration, there’s some here for you.

Your Job

A job is something you just need to have if you want to get by in life. There’s literally no escaping the daily grind of the 9-5, or whatever hours it is that you may do. But it is this work that grinds people down to the point of hating to wake up every morning. So why do we stay in jobs we hate?

The fact of the matter is we stay because of money and security. Money is everything to us, we can’t get by without it. And sometimes we feel as though we’re safe and secure in the job we have. If we leave, we may not find another job etc. But this isn’t the case.

There’s plenty of other jobs out there for you if you hate your own. There’s no point wasting another year somewhere where you’re just not happy. Retrain, go back to school, do whatever it is you need to do to get your dream job. Or at least one you’re half happy in. Life is definitely too short to be stuck somewhere you hate.

Your Health

Health is a big thing that people really aspire to change about themselves, especially at this time of year. Our health should always be at the forefront of your minds, but unfortunately this isn’t usually the case.

But some people are stepping up to the mark and doing something about it. The first thing you can do is sort out any personal health issues. One of the most common, which many adults ignore for fear of being seen as old, is hearing problems. But the longer you leave them, the worse they’re going to get. All you need to do is find an audiologist and get your issue seen to.

It might just be the case that you have a minor issue that is easily solvable. It might be the case you need a hearing aid. Whatever it is, just make sure you get it sorted out. Another thing to try and change with your health is your diet. It’s one that a lot of people try and change at this time of year.

Modifying your diet really isn’t that hard. You don’t necessarily have to drop calories. You just need to change what you’re putting in your body. Swap the processed, salty, sugary foods for healthy fruit and veg and lean meats!

Your Lifestyle

Lots of people lead different lifestyles. But some of them just aren’t healthy.

When you work so much, however, it can seem hard to get the right lifestyle balance. So, try and make sure you’re doing enough work, rest, and play.

A lot of people lead unhealthy lives due to overworking themselves and not leaving enough time for personal activities, such as seeing friends or family. This could be due to money or work-related pressures.

Others spend too much time with friends, drinking and spending money, and not enough time on their own, saving. Savings are so important as we get older but it’s easy to forget that. Have a look at your own lifestyle and see what it is you might be able to change.

There are just a few things you might want to change about yourself. There are plenty more options if you take the time to see what might need changing, and perhaps not be in denial about them!

25 thoughts on “What Do You Want To Change About You?”

  1. Hi Christy…
    As I have aged and lived life the one thing I have found has been a constant. After noticing something you do not like about another person, well you need to look deep within and in all likelihood it is something you dislike about yourself… maybe it is time to reevaluate ourselves.


  2. Where to begin? I’m focusing on getting back into shape this year, but my eating and exercise habits have always been pretty decent (annoying cancer timeout aside.) What I most want to work on in the coming year is meditation and doing a better job of living in the present.

  3. Great points, Christy. The best part about making a change for the better is it doesn’t have to be huge or all at once . You can take a small step, such as having one less drink or candy bar, and go from there.

  4. While there’s life, there’s hope, goes an old Latin saying from Cicero, so we can always do something better, regardless if it’s a New Year, or not.
    Great advice as always Christy. :-)

  5. Wonderful advice and suggestions for our way forward into the New Year Christy. I long gave up doing New Year Resolutions, but I do have a couple of Intentions that I intend to keep :-) :-)

  6. Good suggestions on the whole Christy probably targeted to your American followers but sadly the jobs front is not so simple here, with very few well paid jobs available and the cost of education to upskill is exorbitant! There’s no guarantee of employment at the end of it either. I have colleagues with Masters and we are still employed on temporary contracts and this is my 10th year of service with a State funded education service! But I focus on the positives…like satisfaction seeing my students learn to read…or unpaid holiday time where social welfare helps and allows me blogging time!!!

  7. Yeah, I’m on a big old diet this year to shift a few pounds. 33 now. Got to start looking after oneself. Bread is out. Lots more veg. Plus only 12 beers a day, instead of 15. Small steps!

  8. Great. Mostly our human nature do No like the change much. we like to stay on one house all life. New things are not welcomed for us … and for many other reason , we take less risk try new things .
    ThAnk you .
    Come and check my new post . see you all

  9. I agree with you.. but another thing we need to be mindful of is our gratitude.. appreciating what we have instead of what we don’t! Happy New Year :)

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