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Weekly Inspiration Roundup Vol. 22

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Welcome to the show weekend! I’m so excited to be going to see a Christmas play and also to get in some spiritual time. How will you spend your weekend? As always, I bring you the weekly inspiration roundup. This edition covers a range of topics, from self-love to a message about going from bystander to upstander to stop violence against women. Read on for more of what the blogging community has written this week:

Inspiration Roundup: Love… Me

We may be open to telling others we love them but are we doing the same for ourselves? Let’s make self-love a priority, as per the Potlucky blog. This beautiful post contains quote cards that I think would be great to print and sit at the side of your desk or elsewhere in your home. This message is especially relevant during this busy holiday season.

Free the Emotions

Are you showing your emotions freely? This inspiring blog post from AmyRose, titled Freeing Emotional Me, is heartfelt and heartbreaking, all at the same time. I’ve known people who suppress emotions, and Amy is talking about herself, her struggles, here, and how she now understands how to love freely from her heart. It must have taken such courage to publish this one.

Peace of Mind – Is it Possible?

The world is on super-speed it seems, and this inspirational blog post from Charlotte at Mindfully Untitled is one to slow down and read. Ironically, it’s about how to achieve peace of mind in such hectic surroundings. As she explains, peace is always around us, we just have to recognize it. From meditation to creativity and solitude, there are many useful suggestions here for inviting peace into your life.

Get more inspiration from influential blogger Sally, who recently celebrated a 5-year anniversary

Stopping Violence Against Women

Sadly this type of post still needs to be published. It’s one about stopping violence against women and calling out those who are bystanders. The point is to be an upstander instead – in other words, taking a more active role to end the violence. The main theme: Interrupt and Intervene. The share is from The Catalysts for Change blog, with the original post written by Regina of The Pixel Project’s “16 For 16” Campaign.

This Inspiration Roundup includes Poetry

Take a moment, explains Alexis Rose in a new poem. I love the message of love for the self and that which surrounds us, including beautiful nature. Alexis and her Untangled blog is one I’ve been following for a while now, and she never fails to leave me thinking deeply about mental health issues, motivation, and the power we have to make this world a better place.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup Vol. 22”

  1. Thank you for including my yoga post, i feel so blessed to be featured :-) Best wishes and wellbeing for Christmas to you and your followers xx

  2. Another wonderful roundup, sweet friend! Each one you’ve highlighted is relevant and great to read. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and that you enjoyed the play and your spiritual time. I hope you also have had a chance to give yourself some self-love, too. :) Sending you big hugs! xoxo

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