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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 4

Inspiring reads from bloggers

Yahoo, it’s Friday, and you know what that means… It’s almost the weekend! I hope you all have a great time. Friday is also the day I roll out the weekly inspiration roundup from across the blog world. Let’s see which posts are in today’s uplifting menu:

Loretta Blogs about Putting Yourself First

At the blog Countdown to 60, Loretta Sayers shares an intimate moment with readers as she begins her post about putting yourself first. As she explains, “It is so easy to say, ‘I’m going to put myself first!’ but another to actually do it.

She talks about the many commitments she has and how to prioritize what is on her to-do list. Behaviors aren’t easy to change, are they?

A Letter from Mick Canning

It is a short blog post from Mick Canning, but that does not make it any less powerful. In A Short Letter, blogger Mick provides statements that invoke respect, counteract bullying, and scream for equal rights across race, gender, religion and other features. It is a must-read post, in my opinion, for its subject matter and also its ability to show bloggers that sometimes less is more.

Changing the World: Damyanti Biswas’ Post

Damyanti Biswas asks us, As an Individual, What have You done to Turn the World into a Better Place? In this post at daily (w)rite, she shares the story of two women who came together to invent a machine that recycles plastic into bio-fuel.

Medha and Shirish N. Phadtare began with boiling plastic in a pressure cooker, and over time this grew into a self-fueling machine and process. Wow, talk about inspirational women! Let’s do our part to be a positive change in the world too, whether it be in an environmental capacity or otherwise.

A Ladies Heart on Human Trafficking Survivors

Human trafficking sadly is still an issue. Yes, it’s 2017, and I’m still writing that. Human trafficking survivors need assistance, and you can help them by checking out this informative post recommended by A Ladies Heart.

The campaign supports A21, an organization determined to abolish slavery who rescues women, girls, and boys from human trafficking. Please check out the blog post to learn more about how you can help the cause via this organization.

Find out more about child trafficking here.

Rhythm In Life Provides A Poetic Tribute

Ah yes, many of you know that poetry is close to my heart. I write and read it regularly. There are great poetry blogs out there! In the poem Mystery woman on the Rhythm In Life blog, there are stunning words about a certain woman…

I won’t spoil who the “woman” being written about in the lines is as her name is unveiled within the poem. I will say the female subject in the poem is one of my idols! It is a lovely ode to a woman who the poet describes as “wise, giving and forgiving.”

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    1. Yahooooo! I love finding new blogs and also visiting favorite ones… like yours! I am receiving your love and sending a boomerang hug ♥

  1. I don’t know any of these blogs. i zipped over to a short letter, and yes, wonderful!
    Will take a look at the rest over the long weekend! Have a great one, Christy! xo

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