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Congrats, Sally Cronin! Celebrating 5 Years of Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Congratulations Sally

There are some bloggers whose names bring a smile to my face. Sally Cronin is one of those names. I’ve known her several years now and I’m among her many fans at Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. It’s a huge blog that posts often, and she’s absolutely an inspiring woman to spotlight here. We recently featured her short story contribution to the anthology iQue entre la luz! Thus, her name may sound familiar because of that. Or it may sound like a familiar name because she’s very well known in the blogging world. And her blog recently turned 5 years old!

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How do You Celebrate a Legend?

But with numerous books and blog posts, what exactly is the best way to celebrate legendary Sally Cronin? I’ve been pondering it for days now. An interview? Or a description of her books? An overview of some of her top health blog posts or short stories? None of them seemed to do her justice.

Then I realized it. Rather than me going on and on about her kind spirit and great writing, it would probably mean more to hear from several of us who have a wonderful memory to share about an experience with her. So, how about I start the comments with a personal story? Then I hope you will share a happy moment you have with her too.

Sally Cronin Humbles Me

I remember when she shared a book review I had just received for my latest book. This is a review I shared in an excited post on my personal Facebook profile. Then Sally included that new review one of her famous author roundups. I was stunned. How does a woman who has such a huge social media following and well-known blog possibly have time to read my Facebook update? It was a huge and wonderful surprise!

And this memory illustrates to me what makes Sally Cronin and her Smorgasbord Blog Magazine so inspirational. Furthermore, she continues to take the time to build connections and highlight people, never thinking herself above us for the popularity she has. And she has a knack for pointing out authors’ accomplishments, which I love about her.

About Sally’s Latest Book

The queen of Magia and her court have fled their sun filled Spanish homeland and the palace beneath the magnolia tree.

Arriving on the backs of geese and swans, they seek sanctuary in the magic garden of The Storyteller who welcomes them to the Emerald Island, a place where rain is almost a daily feature. Grateful for their safe haven and the generosity of their host, the queen and her courtiers embrace their new surroundings with delight.

As the seasons change throughout the year, they come into contact with many of the human and animal inhabitants of the garden and the surrounding forest, all of whom have a story to tell. This is a magical fairy story infused with fantasy and romance, as well as opportunities for mischief in the company of goblins, witches and Lerpersians.

Tales from the Irish Garden is suitable for ages 10 to 100 years old. The illustrations are by artist Donata Zawakzka.

Now Over to You to Join in this Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Party

I’d love it if you share with us in the comments section below a positive experience you’ve had with Sally Cronin and Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. Let’s celebrate her 5 year blog anniversary with lots of smiles!

107 thoughts on “Congrats, Sally Cronin! Celebrating 5 Years of Smorgasbord Blog Magazine”

  1. Sally is such an inspiration especially to those of us who won’t see 21 again. Where does she get her energy? Her blog posts are amazing, she is supportive compassionate, kind, encouraging and never misses a new release, a story, incident – even if you don’r tell her about your latest book, somehow she finds it and mentions it on her blog. She is without doubt the very best blogger out there and i admire her so much. Hugs to you Sally xxx

  2. What a wonderful idea! I also was honored when Sally reblogged one of my posts this past year. I also enjoyed taking part in one of her fun blog parties, which gave me a chance to “meet” other bloggers and get to know more about their works. Readers can always find something of interest on Sally’s blog!

  3. I concur with all your positive statements, Christy, about what a kind, generous, and immensely creative person Sally is in the blogging and writing world. I honestly don’t know how she manages it. Goodness! I think she has a twin, or perhaps she’s one of a set of quadruplets! I’m grateful for the opportunities that she offers to indie authors, and her ongoing support that often seems to come straight out of the blue. I feel honored every time one of my posts or books shows up on her blog. This was a wonderful idea, and I wish both of you the greatest success. <3

  4. Sally’s amazing! I’ve been saying it for years. Not only is she a highly talented, creative and prolific writer but she also makes time to help other indie authors get their books and reviews seen. She’s made each of my book launches memorable. I truly appreciate her and all she does for the indie community. Cheers to Sally! 😀❤️

  5. This is a lovely tribute, Kristy, to a beautiful, talented and generous lady. She keeps on giving to her fellow authors. I stumbled across Sally and her blog about 4-5 years ago. She has become a special online friend who continues to support me at every turn. I try to do the same for her but can never do as much as she has done for me. Thank you, Kristy, for putting Sally in the spotlight.
    Much love & hugs to you bth. Congrats, Sally! Xo ❤️

  6. Soooory! I am once again very late with my wishes and Congratulations! Sally is really amazing. My personal medical trainer, with her fantastic knowledge. Her fun postings are unbeaten. Congratulations to Sally and her fantastic blog. Michael

  7. Happy 5th birthday, it is a fab blog, you’re a star. You support so many authors and we all appreciate what you do. Wishing you another fab 5 years at least going from success to success. Fabulous.

  8. I’ve lost track of the amount of times Sally has featured me on her blog. She is like a whirlwind of positivity shining a light on all the indie authors in the community. I can’t begin to imagine how she fits it all in her life. Fantastic to see her being featured on her 5th year anniversary on your blog Christy. :)

  9. wow, loads but a recent one shows just how far Sally goes for us. I had asked for a video of my favourite Punk band, X Ray Spex to be played. Sally researched the lead singer, who died far too young, without fullfilling her potential, and found a documentary featuring her. Wow, well done, Sally and thank you. <3

  10. Congratulations to your five superb years of blogging, Sally. I appreciate greatly of what you’re doing for me and for so many bloggers in this community. Thank you, Christy to honor Sally. This is a great post. :-)

  11. Cheers, Cheers & more Cheers for the support and encouragement she offers us all! Sally, you never cease to amaze us with your overflowing cup of kindness. May your blessings abound, dear friend! <3 Thanks so much for highlighting our wonderful friend, Christy! <3 xoxoxoxo

  12. I’d just like to add my thank you to Sally for helping me spread the word about my writing. Her encouragement and generosity to myself and other indie authors is absolutely wonderful. Here’s to the next five years! raises glass of fizz

  13. What a wonderful article about such a worthy subject. Sally is tireless in helping other writers and has such a fascinating blog – and an incredible series of books. Congratulations, Sally on this great achievement. xx

  14. Oh my… this brought an instant smile! Such a lovely, heartfelt tribute to Sally, Christy. Thanks so much for sharing the joy!
    Sally, you are one of the most kind-spirited, generous souls I’ve had the privilege to connect with. Every post you share feels like an invite into your home and heart accompanied with a hug. :) That’s a rare and precious gift to all of us. Big cheers to you from Canada and a huge THANK YOU for all that you do. You are an absolute gem!! XO

  15. I’m so happy to see Sally being acknowledged here on your blog Christy. Sally does so much for so many of us, it’s her turn for the spotlight! <3 Congrats Sal you da best!!! <3 xoxo

  16. So much to celebrate. Thanks for bringing Sally to the forefront here, Christy. Usually, she’s the one who brings US to the forefront. Sally has brought me to a gasp when I visit her blog and see my books highlighted and reviewed and shining in a powerful positive light. I don’t know if Sally realizes the joy she brings to Indie writers who are shyly alone at home with their stories, and BAM Wham there we are, being celebrated for our words. What a joyful glorious gift.

  17. Congratulation Sally on a job well done. I hope that you continue your blog for another five years.It has been a pleasure reading your blog and sure that many more authors and writers feel the same.

  18. Doesn’t seem possible that we were ever without Sally’s blog. It is my honor to find space there, to have Sally follow me and to consider her a friend. Congratulations to a talented writer, a caring person and a truly beautiful soul! <3

  19. Congrats to Sally Cronin and her 5 years of blogging.No doubt she is the queen of blogging and a great supporter of other blogs.

  20. Where do I begin? Sally is a blogging goddess. Always there to help and support authors 📚 and bloggers alike. Tireless in her pursuit of excellence. Kindness, hope, and #bloglove all in one magnificent package and did I mention a celebrated author too? 📚
    Only 5 years, it seems like a lifetime of joy, amazing for such a shirt time.
    Thank you, dear Sally and congratulations on your blogiversary!!! Cheers and to many, many, many more years!!! :) ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so much Donna and I am very touched by your comments.. I love blogging, the people, the learning curve, the funnies and the fact that I can write all day, every day.. posts, stories, books and be supported by such wonderful people..I look forward to sharing this space with you for many years to come. ♥♥♥

  21. What can I say that everyone else hasn’t about Sally? A lovely gesture Christi for a lady who always supports other writers and bloggers including me…Congratulations, Sally on 6 years of blogging and thank you for the kindness and support you have shown to me…Big Hugs xxx

  22. Like so many other writers, I was delighted to ‘meet’ Sally.She and I have interviewed each other and she has most generously promoted some of my poetry and books. I have queried her sleeping patterns before. How does she do it all? There should be a lot more Sally’s around, so all power to her and a healthy, happy future. Hugs xx

  23. Sally’s been fantastically generous to me, after we met somewhere in the ether a couple of years ago. She’s promoted my novel, shared my blog posts and honoured me by asking me to write a regular literary column for Smorgasbord. I’m currently trying not to let myself be overwhelmed by social media and probably don’t share her posts enough, but I do hope this post and comment are shared widely and well, because if anyone deserves congratulations for untiring, generous, original blogging, it’s Sally.

  24. I ‘met’ Sally online a year ago? Anyway, it seems as though I’ve known her forever. She has that unique gift of making friends with everyone she meets.
    Sally has kindly supported my work on her fantabulous blog and is tireless in her efforts within the blogging community. I consider myself lucky to have found her.
    Happy anniversary!

    1. Thank you Jacquie and it has been a wonderful experience getting to know you too… there is no way in the offline world that you can meet so many people who are on the same wavelength, share the same humour and are like minded about social issues.. But this online community also encourages us to step outside our normal parameters and discover so much more than we can imagine. hugs♥

  25. Thank you Christi for featuring Sally. She does so much promoting other authors and bloggers, I love it when individuals promote her. She’s well deserving of the praise. HUGS

  26. I met Sally on-line 4 years ago. I had just moved to Spain from Canada and she was a British woman living in Spain. I was feeling isolated from my network of friends, family and support group. Sally made feel right at home and introduced me to many other writers who have become my on-line friends. She is the best thing that happened to me since I made the big move. Her support, her entertaining posts and her larger than life personality are awesome! Congratulations on 5 years of blogging, Sally!!

    1. Thank you so much Darlene and I cannot believe it is four years. Just goes to show how time flies when you are having fun. And I love your participation with your travel posts, and parties… and it is always a pleasure to share your fantastic Amanda books.. here is to another five years… a least. hugs xx

  27. PS, Sally is amazing. I found her blog early in my blogging experience which was very lucky for me. Not only has Sally provided huge support to my blog and my books, she has also taught me so much about how to get the best out of your blogging experience and she also introduced me, albeit indirectly, to many of the bloggers I know.

  28. Sally’s been fantastically generous to me, from first noticing and showcasing my novel, through sharing and publicising my blog, to honouring me with a request to write her a regular literary column. And through her, I’ve met many other lovely bloggers too. I’m trying to avoid being overwhelmed by social media atm so probably don’t share as much as I should, so I hope this puff for Smorgasbord travels far and wide, as Sally deserves it to do. Congratulations Sally and thanks to whenwomeninspire for the chance to say it!

    1. Thanks Robbie and you have me intrigued about Sunday…and the feelings are mutual.. you have given me huge support and friendship over the last couple of years and I am only still blogging because of people like you and Christy. Like many things.. ‘it takes a village’… hugs x

    1. Sally, the outpouring of comments here is terrific! It speaks to your ability to touch so many people. We are all so grateful to know you. Many hugs!

  29. This is a wonderful – and fitting – tribute to Sally. She reblogged one of my posts earlier this year on Smorgasbord and I was so surprised and honoured. Happy Anniversary to Sally and many thanks to you, Christy.

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