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Exercise is the real winter wonderland

Winter wonderland exercise

Let’s talk about the winter wonderland! It’s exercise.

This is how exercise goes for most people: they swear they’ll start going to the gym in January as part of their New Year’s resolution, go three times, give up on it, start again six weeks before summer, keep it up during the warmer months and then quit as soon as one leaf turns gold. They then hibernate from fall onward and repeat the cycle.

Winter wonderland: The good news is…

Well, here’s some news for you: Winter is probably the most important time to delve into a little exercise.

Yes, that’s right. As much as your mind wants to kick back, relax and watch another episode of Stranger Things while your body enjoys an overpriced spiced pumpkin latte, exercising in the winter is more important than exercising at any other time of the year.

Of course, don’t just take my word for it (Donald Trump’s Twitter feed ruined that level of trust for everyone), which is why I have pulled together a few reasons why it is important.

Improve your immunity

‘Tis the season of catching colds, the flu, viruses and just about anything else you can imagine, which is why you need to keep your immune system in peak condition by exercising. Don’t worry, you don’t need to partake in anything too strenuous; a ten-minute workout in your living room can make a staggering difference to how you feel. To have the most irresistible effect, make sure you eat healthily too.

Eradicate the excess

If summer is all about enjoying salads and eating your greens then winter is all about munching on comfort foods. It’s part of trying to get cozy as the temperature outside plummets.

The problem is, most comfort foods are high in calories. Combine that with our couch potato attitude and it is easy to see why and how we pack on a few extra pounds at this time of the year.

The best way to avoid this winter weight gain is to watch what you eat and maintain a healthy diet. Of course, there are lots of temptations during winter, including Christmas and NYE, so your best hope is to maintain regular exercise. Take your dog with you, making sure to keep them warm in cute doggie coats.

In this winter wonderland: Loosen up a little

Stepping out of bed in the mornings is a torture like no other when winter settles in. In fact, the tiles on your bedroom floor are now officially the coldest place on Earth.

The reason I mention this is the cold weather makes your body tense up and seize, putting excess strain on your joints, ligaments and muscles. Exercise will prevent this.

Once again, you don’t need to train for a Tough Mudder; something as simple as performing hip flexors will more than suffice. Just a quick stretch three times a day will help your body stay flexible and mobile throughout the winter months, and that is incredibly important to your overall health.

Mood booster

The winter blues are a well-known thing and what it attacks most is your motivation and positivity. Of course, it’s easy to see why. The days are grey, the nights are long and the evenings are seemingly eradicated from the Earth.

The problem is, we can’t change the weather. But that doesn’t mean you can’t alter your mood, and the most effective way of doing this is by exercising.

Why? Because when you exercise, your body releases a plethora of endorphins that make you feel great. After all, happiness is a state of mind. It’s the winter wonderland.

No more excuses

Part of the reason our exercise routine goes through so many ups and downs is that we make excuses and, in the winter, excuses pop up all over the place. You have plans with friends, the weather isn’t great, the days are too short, you’ve got a cold or the flu or the plague.

Excuses are everywhere. The problem is, when you have made an excuse once, it becomes easier to continue and turns into a bad habit. That is why you should exercise in winter. If you can stay focused and determined when the temptation to pack it all in is so rife, then you will be more likely to keep it up throughout the year.

Find words on the winter wonderland

We’re not saying you have to give up all those little winter comforts that make this season such a delight. Oh no. You can still curl up in front of a crackling log fire with a mug of hot chocolate and binge watch your favorite Netflix series. You just need to create a little bit of time to stay active and not totally neglect your body. That’s all.

37 thoughts on “Exercise is the real winter wonderland”

  1. I wholeheartedly appreciate what you’re saying. I need to kick my own butt into another gear this week. It’s been cold. It’s been snowing. It’s been warm dinners and calorie counting but I’ve had one too many indulgences. I’ve got to be smarter and you’ve reminded me why. Appreciate your words 👍

  2. Great tips. I too often see a pattern in which people blow their New Year’s resolution on January 10th, and then wait until the following year to start up again. All we have is today!

  3. Great advice Christy. And for some reason I feel more inclined to exercise in winter than summer. And I had to chuckle at your comment about ‘the orange one’ LOL “Believe me”. :) :) :) <3

  4. Okay! I’m starting today! I just picked 10 apples (learned this in belly dancing class years ago) 10 a day, twice a day until next week. Next week 15 at a time Should be up to 50 a time twice a day in January!

  5. But … my comforter loves me! It’s so warm and cozy… but having said that, I love the warmth I get after a good workout during winters! It’s welcoming.

    Wonderful article

    1. I’ve seen that series before at the bookstore. I’m trying a genre I’ve never read before, christian fiction. Its book 1 of 3, Angels Walking, by Karen Kingsbury. I’m almost finished. I loved the story concept. I’ll be posting a review soon!

    2. Oh yes I’ve read Christian books – it’s fun to step out into another reading genre :) Great to hear that there’s an upcoming review to look forward to xo

  6. Great advice! I try to jog or ride a stationary bike all year, but I am lucky as the weather is always fairly mild. Winter is more important than ever as I need to burn off those holiday calories! And exercise does chase away those winter blahs.

  7. I think you were channeling me when you wrote this Christy. I’ve found myself using each of these excuses. I much prefer to exercise outdoors, but rainy, snowy days are just no! Thanks for the reminder that we all do need to keep it up, especially for someone like me who loves to do a lot of the holiday cooking.

    1. Hi Amy, I hope you have some milder autumn days so you can walk out in those beautiful leaves! And as for the holiday cooking, can you send some my way? ;)

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