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Buying gifts for men made easy

Buying gifts for him: Gift tips time

Men can often be tricky to buy gifts for. They may refuse to drop hints or they have a habit of suggesting things and then buying them for themselves. If you’ve been getting frustrated thinking of a worthy present, consider some of the ideas below, including giving experiences for men. Find great gift ideas for hard to buy for men here.

Avoid socks and ties

It’s the traditional gift idea for dad on Christmas Day when you can’t think of anything else. Unless they’ve hinted that they could really do with a new pair of socks or a tie, these are generally dull things that aren’t high on the gift tips list.

A tie, in particular, will most likely remind him of work (most work-related presents should be a no-no at Christmas). Instead, get creative with other clothing accessories.

Consider a cool pair of designer shades, a funky hat, a nice pair of shoes, a wristwatch, or a jacket. You can even get personalized items, such as monogrammed cufflinks or a hat with their name on it.

Buying gifts for men: What about gadgets?

Most guys love gadgets. It’s worth slyly interrogating them beforehand to check what gadgets they’ve got and whether they’re a gadget snob (some people can be funny about brand and audio/visual quality).

Or, give him a custom phone case instead. Another idea is to include his hobby in the personal present; for instance, a bottle opener with a guitar theme might be ideal.

Try to think of items they need. They may have an old vinyl collection but not a vinyl player, for example… Yet.

So, what are some other tips when buying gifts for men?

Experiences for men

When it comes to gifts for the man who has everything, why not buy them an experience rather than a physical item? This could be anything from a driving experience in a sports car to a hot air balloon ride.

Or, perhaps a leisurely cruise for two. This will give them lasting memories that may be far more valuable than an object.

Buying gifts for men: Feed their interests

When it comes to foody and boozy gift tips, try to think of something related to their interests and hobbies for more of a personal gift. Consider chocolates with a personalized message or sweets themed around their hobby such as a chocolate spanner for a petrolhead.

The main thing here is that you want to give them something that’s useful rather than spending time shopping for something that never gets used. For example, a beef jerky bouquet from is a fun idea that’ll satisfy his appetite!

When it comes to beer, you may be able to find an ale online that relates to a private joke or hobby of theirs – there are so many craft ales out there that you’re bound to find something.

I hope these gift ideas for hard to buy for men make the next special occasion much easier and more fun for you!

30 thoughts on “Buying gifts for men made easy”

  1. I’ll give “Buy them an experience” all the thumbs up in the world. A few months back my wife and I gave our parents a travel trip as gift and they enjoyed it a lot.

    This holiday, I’m thinking of a spa package where they can get hair cut, massage and stuff, it’s also a good way for them to bond.

  2. you forgot to mention avoid watches, wallets, cuff links, cologne… oh boy, they are so hard to shop for… I love the experience and feeding their hobbies though, great ideas…!

  3. I think gifting a massage or spa experience is often overlooked
    it is something a man will rarely treat himself to, but will always
    appreciate. I will never say no to a good deep tissue massage.

    1. Right!! These are often seen as female-oriented gifts but men deserve them every bit as much as women. Thanks for the thoughtful comment :)

  4. Excellent gift ideas for men, Christy. I always try to do something out of the ordinary when buying gifts. I like the experience idea, and when in doubt, I buy them a book. :) xxx

  5. Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets…or a book :-)
    But to be honest, the best thing would be a smile for us after you open our gift to you (at least for me, as I fear, knowing I buy not-so-great gifts…).

  6. I love these ideas! See…husby’s mid-century birthday is coming up in a few months and I really want to do something special. We didn’t do much for his 40th, so a special day (for an introvert) is what I’d love to do and plan. Hmm…I especially love the gadgets and the experiences ideas. :) Thank you, sweet friend, for all the beauty you put out into the world!

  7. I think we should give gifts as per their wishes and important needs . To make it worth . The person may be happy when she/he gets the gift they wanted from a long time 😉.
    And miss.oxford knows mystic is little bit funny so I will gift ya a little Oxford dictionary #just kidding 😂😂

  8. Nice tips. But gadget type gift i like more than other. I believe this the best. People like it especially young generation. Helping in their hobby is good idea and those people who have hobby may like this type of gift most than other.

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