Activities For The Whole Family On Christmas Day

Celebrating the holiday spirit at home
Here are fun Xmas activities for parents, grandparents, and kids to share! Pixabay photo (CC0).

Christmas Day always starts with so much promise and excitement, however, after all of the presents have been ripped open, the turkey has been carved, and your entire family have fallen into a food-induced coma-like state, it seems like it’s all over much too quickly. With months of build-up to this one day, it’s nice to make it as long and as full of joy as possible. Here are some activities for you and your family to keep the Christmas spirit going even after all the crackers have been pulled.

Board Games

This seems like an obvious one, but this list would not be complete without it. There is nothing like everyone gathering around and playing a good old game of Monopoly or Clue on Christmas Day. Everyone always perks up when there is a bit of healthy competition going on – and whose family doesn’t argue when it comes to being the banker, or the dog piece for Monopoly? It’s even somewhat a tradition in some family homes for someone to get annoyed and flip the board – it’s all very dramatic but makes for a great story to retell the following year!

Lego Competition

This is a fun one that is suitable for any age. Nearly every family will have Lego or something similar in their home. If you don’t, maybe it’s an idea for a last minute Christmas present for your little ones? Set a timer, and see who in the allotted time can make the best Christmas tree decoration. It can be Santa or one of his Reindeer, or if you’re really up for the challenge, you could try Santa and his sleigh. The winner could get an extra helping of dessert and their decoration put into the best place on the tree. Or, you could see who can make the best Nativity scene for the mantle. The possibilities and creative options are endless are endless – you can click for more ideas here so you won’t run out on the day if this activity is a favorite one.

Charades or “Heads Up”

An oldie but a goodie is a classic game of charades. It always promises a lot of laughter and silliness on Christmas Day. This is also one that requires no equipment, so if you find yourself without Lego or a board game, you’re not stuck in front of the TV with the disappointing specials. You could get into teams and write down challenging films, songs, books and celebrity names on pieces of paper, and put them in a hat for each competing team to pick out of. Keep the rule of no talking very strict to increase the hilarity factor. Alternatively, if there is someone tech-savvy in your family, there is an app version of a similar game called Heads Up. It’s slightly different in the sense that the player holds their phone on their forehead with a specific word, and their team have to explain the nature of it until the person guesses correctly, but still just as fun!

Hopefully this write-up has given you a few ideas for staying entertained and in the spirit on Christmas Day. With how busy life can be, it is seldom that all the family is able to get together – so be sure to make the most of it and have a wonderful Christmas holiday.


  1. all good fun… I suggest “sing a word” too…each person says a random word and the others have to sing a line from a song with that word… so if I said rainbow you might sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz…if you can’t think of a song, you’re out :) …after Charades of course! Have fun x

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