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Weekly Inspirational Roundup (Volume 2)

Inspiring reads from bloggers

Welcome to the second installment of the weekly inspirational roundup! I received feedback from many of you that the first post of this Friday series was great for finding new blogs and bloggers to connect with, as well as finding inspirational reads. There are many great posts published every day, and it’s my pleasure to share a few of them with you every Friday. So, here’s volume 2.

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s EF Management Post

I often head over to Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s blog titled “ADD… and-so-much-MORE!” Why go there? I get my fill of psychology, health, research and the relations between them all. Her EF Management Tips and Tricks post is one to spotlight this week. EF stands for executive functioning, and there is a lot to learn about it.

In particular, Madelyn’s section on Feed Your Head spoke to me as it conjured up a therapy session in which my therapist told me to eat regularly (which I wasn’t doing) as a way to get my brain working optimally. I was in a mental fog for a long time. Please check out the post and Madelyn’s other posts. I am always learning so much over there!

Don’t Give Up, As Per Orlando Espinosa

Okay, then there’s a quote card from Orlando Espinosa. Featuring those adorable cartoon Minions, this post has a simple yet important message: don’t give up!

Read the text before the quote card to see why you’re better off hanging on when the going gets rough. Look at this post if you need a pick-me-up in your day.

Inspiring reads from bloggers
Reads that inspire, from around the blogging community. Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

A Post on Appreciation from Tanvir Kaur

Next up is a great post on the subject of appreciation from Tanvir Kaur at myexpressionofthoughtsblog. She talks about blessings and being grateful for what is around you. There are quotes, personal tips, and lots of optimism.

The overall message is not to overlook the small things – which the writer rightly says are really the huge things! This blog is quite uplifting. This line is great: “Celebrate every little moment of life.”

Rahm Designs, LLC’s College Project

If you’re a graphic design lover and a mental health advocate then you’re sure to think this next post is a gem. This post consists of a great digital design created by Rahm Designs, LLC. As per the creator, it was made for a college typography class.

Let me know if you “love” it too (you’ll get why I put the word love in quotes when you see it). More people need to appreciate the creativity of this one, I think, so I’m sharing its link with you all.

Learning about Farm Life with readilearn

Over at readilearn, you’ll receive weekly teaching resources that help early childhood educators promote kids’ learning. Founder Norah Colvin treats us to an integrated learning experience in her latest post, Learning about life on a farm. This post offers excellent suggestions for teachers looking to develop children’s literacy and mathematics skills in a contextual way rather than skills in isolation.

I remember learning about farm life as a kid and loving it. From the food animals eat to where they originated from, there is so much for children to learn when it comes to farm life. The post is detailed and provides many great teaching tips.

Alexis Rose Analyzes the Meaning of Wisdom

Author Alexis Rose begins her heartfelt blog post with this question: “I think to myself how would I describe wisdom if I were asked?” She explains how the word wisdom, for her, is the “ability to be present.” I found her explanation of how she cannot always be in the present moment to be very touching, to the point that I wanted to give her a hug.

We are all faced with challenges, and Alexis never hides behind her fears or problems she faces. I think that shows a lot of courage, which is why I want to spotlight her post here in this weekly inspirational roundup of blogs.

Budding Regardless Posts a 30-Day Self-Care Challenge

When I saw a blog post titled 30-Day Self-Care Challenge: Done and Dusted at Budding Regardless, I immediately had to read it. It did not let me down. Mbalenhle Khuzwayo describes her 30-day journey toward achieving more self-love as “refreshing.” She accepted the challenge to celebrate herself by doing a particular activity each day of the month.

From unfriending and unfollowing inactive accounts on social media to watching movies, creating an inspiration board, exercising more, having a bubble bath, and getting a manicure, Mbalenhle accomplished a lot during her month! Taking time to focus on ourselves is so important, and it helps us give more love in the long run to others, so I’m a fan of this post.

Okay, that’s the weekly roundup of inspirational posts via WordPress. I’m hoping you have a great weekend ahead. Even if you just check out one of the blog posts above, I hope you learn something new or have a smile. Talk again soon ♥


54 thoughts on “Weekly Inspirational Roundup (Volume 2)”

  1. Thank you very much for including me in your roundup, Christy. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get here. I’ve worked my way back through a backlog of emails and found your post. What an honour to be included. Best wishes, Norah.

    1. Hi Norah, I’m behind in responding so you’re not alone! You’re very welcome for the mention and I learn a lot every time I visit your blogs. Have a nice weekend ahead :)

    2. Thanks for your understanding, Christy. I had a lovely weekend. I visited my daughter in Canberra which is 1300 kms away. I hadn’t seen her since February so we had a lot of catching up to do. I hope you enjoyed the weekend tool

    3. Great to hear about your visit with your daughter, Norah! Oh that must be hard not seeing her regularly. I am quite close to my mom so I understand. The weekend is almost here again… My, the week is flying by!

    4. The weeks, the months, the years, they all fly by too fast.
      PS I am enjoying Versions of the Self. The poems are very moving. I feel the (mostly) pain as I am reading, and am pleased by the growth I see occurring.

  2. Thank you so so so much Christy, I greatly appreciate this. I’m glad I got to inspire 💕. God bless you for doing this, this is motivating and humbling. Thank you again 💐

  3. Nice round up! This is a fab feature. I know some, and try to visit others. Might as well come here on the weekend to find a new blog to visit, as your opinion means a lot! Have a great weekend, Christy! <3

  4. I’ll definitely check out some of these when I get back from my short blogging break! <3 I'm especially interested in the self-care and the hugs. I like the blog title, "Budding regardless." Teaching kids stuff is always good fun! When I used to tutor… and I'm basically a kid at heart. I'll head over there, too.

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