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Weekly Inspiration Roundup (Vol. 5)

Inspiring reads from bloggers

How is it already the fifth installment of this series? Time flies, right?! Here are some great blog posts I’ve read this week and wanted to share with you all. Wishing you a marvelous weekend ahead.

Lisa Orchard Blogs about Forest Bathing

Have you ever heard of forest bathing? I hadn’t until I read Lisa Orchard’s post about it. If you’re a nature lover or think you might want to be, check out this post to learn all kinds of benefits you can reap from spending quality time outdoors. After we take time in a luxurious bubble bath, let’s go forest bathing!

Fear Be Gone, with Vessels of Vision

If fear might be what’s holding you back from personal growth, then you may want to read this post from Vessels of Vision titled Fear Is Not Our Enemy… It includes words about opening doors and a beautiful quote card. This is a short but to-the-point post.

Courtney’s Corner Chats about Self-love

If you feel stressed to the max then perhaps you need to increase your self-love quotient. This is what Courtney’s Corner suggests this week with her post. Included here are ways to apply self-love and appreciation to your life, starting today. I like the line “Be yourself, unapologetically yourself.”

Family, Achievement, and Just Pressy!

A is for achievement. At Just Pressy!, a new post tells us that one young blogger is determined to achieve great things in life and make her family proud. She is inspired by her family and wants to achieve more to honor them. This is a lovely, genuine blog post.

Mental Health Issues: Will it Get Better? Real Talk with Demelza

Over at the blog A safe place to vent, you’ll find a blog post that doesn’t mince words when it comes to what it means to have mental health challenges. Demelza says she has hope for the future. While there are very hard times and she acknowledges the path ahead will not be easy, there IS hope. Hold onto it!

DIY Recipes for Natural Cleaners, from Perfect Panic

Whether we like it or not, house cleaning is a part of life. Rather than reaching for ready-made cleaners from the store that contain harsh chemicals (not great for the environment), Perfect Panic presents two easy DIY recipes for natural cleaners. One is an all-purpose cleaner, and the other is a bathroom scrub.

The Godly Chic Diaries Motivates Readers

This is a post I’m smiling about still. It comes from The Godly Chic Diaries, a blog I am blessed to have recently found. I love that the blogger talks about faith, prioritizing personal well-being, and staying on course. The only limit is… the limit you place on yourself – so let go of this restrictive way of thinking!

20 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration Roundup (Vol. 5)”

  1. Thank you, I am happy my post touched you and thanks for sharing it so that it may touch others. I love that you embrace so many different bloggers and posts, that is amazing. Keep up the amazing blog and your one of a kind spirit.

  2. Thank you for including me in here Christy, for opening such amazing opportunity for me and for pouring lots of inspiration towards us bloggers especially to me who is just a beginner in the industry! Greater things ahead! :) <3

    1. You’re right! The recipes for cleaning products are sound. I knew vinegar (uch the smell) would be an ingredient, but I am keen to adding scents, especially lavender. That just might do it.

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