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Taking the Stress Out Of Life’s Toughest Moments

Get back on the horse after job loss

It would be really nice to be able to say that life is always easy and you would never have to face any hardships. Of course, anyone who’s stepped outside their home once in their life could tell you that that simply isn’t the case. In reality, life can be incredibly difficult, and it often involves a lot of things that you really don’t want to have to deal with. Sadly, just because you don’t want to deal with something doesn’t mean that you can avoid it.

Sometimes you just have to face up to those tough moments in life. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them easier to deal with. In the end, it’s all about how you deal with the difficult moments that life throws at you more than anything else. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can avoid letting the toughest times in your life get you down.

Losing your job

There is a whole host of reasons why losing your job can be an incredibly upsetting experience. The first, and most obvious is financial. Losing your job means losing your income.

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’re probably not going to be in the position where you can lose your income and still be financially stable. Whether you live alone or with a partner, it can be very scary to go without money for even a little while. Because of that, it’s important not to wallow for too long.

You need to get back on the horse as quickly as possible so that you don’t have any kind of serious gap in your income for too long. Not only that but the emotional toll of losing your job can be very serious, especially if it was a job that you loved. However, once again the solution is to get back out there and find something new as quickly as possible before you have a chance to overthink things and get yourself into a bad frame of mind.

The end of a relationship

It’s very common that relationships end, it happens every day. That doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly upsetting when it happens to you. The most important thing is to avoid point scoring. Being petty and trying to “win” at a break-up is just going to cause people to get hurt more than they otherwise would.

When you’re dealing with things like divorce and children, make sure that you do things sensibly and without too much emotion. Contact a family law firm so that you have some clear guidance on what to do next and how to behave. It might feel good in the short term to be petty and angry, but it’s only going to make things worse in the long run.


Getting sick can be scary, especially if it’s something serious. The important thing to remember is that modern medicine can do some truly incredible things and almost everything has some kind of treatment available.

Otherwise, the most important thing is to simply keep living your life as much as possible. Giving yourself things that will distract you and finding the joy in life is the best way to handle any illness. Wallowing in self-pity is just going to make the whole situation much worse.

41 thoughts on “Taking the Stress Out Of Life’s Toughest Moments”

  1. Important pointers Christy which bear repeating because when we’re sick, depressed or broke it’s easy not to see our way out of the box. <3

    1. It’s tough.. and we become almost “too” focused on the negatives sometimes.. so it’s good sometimes to read an objective post.. but I will be totally subjective in my love for you~ <3

  2. I think Illness is something that I am petrified of. I mean, losing your job and a relationship is hard but that you can recover from. Some illnesses you can’t. I’m probably talking more about cancer. It’s deadly and I hate it! But it’s important to not be scared and make the most of your life. Get out and live your life!

  3. Wow I have been there many times. I can tell you it did so take a hold. About the time you think you are indispensable you get a resounding slap into reality that nope you are not so fortunate. In truth you are not so blessed and guess what the person that takes your place runs circles around your meagre talents… that is when the bandaid is ripped from the wound. Every time it has happened I have been humbled and that ouch feeling smacks you.
    One of the many reasons I like retirement. Several have suggested I run for council here and all can say is why. Could and would I really make a difference… contemplating and more contemplating… fishing at will or spending hour upon hours asking can and would you make a difference… how many fish would slip past me… I know maybe I am being selfish… My frustration come each year with the tax assessment… you mean what…????? I have to pay what and my answer is always… someone… I mean someone has to say “No”.

    1. Yes we will always be asked to do more but we have to learn to say no.. it’s not selfish but instead putting yourself first.. As for the band-aid being ripped off, well, I hope that it is accompanied by a few restful moments of Mars bar eating… ;)

  4. As you know, Christy, being freelancers, we are in and out of jobs a lot. Always, actually. Getting back on the horse is exactly what to do. Sometimes I think, as a freelancer, I never really get off the horse. Best to stay on the horse. Hugs and have a great week!

    1. We’re on the horse and it’s quite the ride! LOVED your latest post with Aquileana <3 And also loved is your support here xx Enjoy your week too! The pages of Nellie are calling me

    2. ((Thank you Chris for your words as to Resa´post))…
      This post is totally “on point”…. I think that as humna beings, we get used to ways of living … Habits, you know… Most times, what strikes us the most is losing something we were used to do… of Course, it is not restrictive, as many factors (more tangible factors) might intervene. But routines are often important to us… I´d like to add that stress might also come in “little things”… Even if you hadn´t lost a job, for instance… Each commitment entails responsabilities, and these could become a burden too!.
      Sending much love & wishing you a great week. :star:

    3. Hi Aqui, it’s the loss you speak of that can send a person into a downward spiral. It’s the change in the day – change in general is a major stressor for many people. Routines are good but it’s also important to stretch our boundaries and mix it up so that life stays exciting ;) Speaking of which, I wish you an exciting week! Thank you for the insightful comment and read, as well as the shares on blue birdie land. Love you~

  5. Great post and so true for each situation. I also think it’s important to try and stay in the moment and not get caught up with the future “what if’s” in these situations.

  6. The three examples you mention are truly tough. I would suspect that a huge number of people can relate to all 3. Trying to retain, regain focus if you have encountered any or all of the 3 is part of the toughness. Keeping oneself occupied, gives me some focus. Just spent the day painting the fence. Gave myself a goal of at least getting one side + gate done by tonight. Goal achieved! Oh and I feel so good for having been out in the fresh air and sunshine for the past 8 hours :)

    1. Your fence idea took me back to reading Tom Sawyer. But I totally get what you mean – making a goal and keeping it, no matter what it is, is a great way to increase self-confidence and get ourselves back on track. I hope your great day is followed by a restful sleep :)

    2. In my own words ‘I’m puggled’ (tired), therefore I certainly hope I get a good nights sleep. I also need to do the second side of the fence + shed tomorrow (UK weather permitting of course) :)

    3. Thanks. Tom Sawyer has now fully completed the task in hand! With a few exercise aches and pains, fence & shed painting could be just as therapeutic as going to a gym. :)

  7. You have highlighted three very important items here. Loosing a job and illness are the two most important ones when there is a family with small children depending on someone. Getting rid of the stress and back on the horse are crucial to survive. Great post. Thanks for writing this.

    1. By getting back on track, we can not only become more of ourselves but also give more to others ~ win-win! Your comment is appreciated :)

  8. An interesting piece Christy. Especially the section about losing a job. When I left uni with a first-class degree I truly believed the world would be my oyster. 157 job applications later (not a single reply) I learned that the world was not the place I thought it was. 18 months followed when I couldn’t even write a new song, let alone progress in life. My creativity, I thought had died. A little coffee making cafe zero hours work; working for nothing at all with a new start business etc. didn’t count as employment to me. In the end, about this time last year, I decided that if no one would employ me, I’d employ myself; create my own job, hence Zoolon came into existence. Not having a job is a rotten thing. I can vouch for that. Thing are fine now.

    1. Your story reminds me that this modern world of ours provides us with opportunities we would not have had even 10 years ago. I know I for one would not be able to have my writing career based around the Internet. I’m so glad you took the bold step (I can relate – scary as hell) to start your own business. And wow you’ve only been at it one year – you are making strides and kicking a$$!

    2. The thing is, I guess is that I wasn’t broke. What about those who can’t afford to take time out. Between June and October 2016 I was setting up a business – zero income; I never traded until October. I’m a lucky one, my dream is maybe one day I can afford to help others out.

    3. I’m glad you had the savings built-up. Your story is inspiring. Perhaps you will share it on your blog one day. I’m sure other musicians would find it helpful. In the meantime, keep creating and we’ll keep enjoying your offerings xx

  9. SO grateful for modern medicine. Things like Parkinsons and Dementia run in my family and I always am super excited when new research comes out about them. I love what you said about continuing to live you life as much as possible when dealing with an illness. I will add that sometimes it helps to find a new community of people going through the same thing, as your old life may not be easy to get back to. Love this post

    1. DGGYST, you’re awesome for looking to educate yourself about modern medicine rather than putting your head in the sand like some people would rather do. Here’s to self-empowerment!

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