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Overcoming the bad to get to the GOOD

This is an excellent post from Madelyn Griffith-Haynie on how to “stop digging negative brain-trenches so that you can access happier states of mind” and why it is beneficial to do so. Please follow Madelyn’s site ADD And So Much More if you are not already doing so as it is full of many informative posts like this one. I hope you all are having a nice weekend xx

15 thoughts on “Overcoming the bad to get to the GOOD”

  1. Thank you for sharing Madelyn’s post Christy.. I often find her words so resonate with me..
    Wishing you also a Wonderful Sunday.. Hope it is a peaceful one.. Love Sue xx

    1. Exactly, Sue. Madelyn’s site is a great resource. I’m glad you know her too. Sunday was a nice day with family and friends. I hope your week is off to a nice start xx

    1. I’ve been itching to get to the library! Your comment makes me want to go up to any of the shelves, open a book, and start reading

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