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Common beauty mistakes: You might be doing this wrong

Common beauty mistakes

Many of us take our beauty seriously and spend serious time in front of the mirror every day perfecting our makeup and applying moisturizer. However, we may be doing things wrong within our beauty regime while affecting our health in the process. Here are seven of the beauty mistakes you may be making each day.

1. Washing your hair too often

You don’t need to wash your hair every day. Three or four times a week is enough, but if you prefer to give your hair a good clean on a daily basis, avoid using too much shampoo. That’s right, you might have been shampooing your hair wrong all these years.

2. Using dirty tools

Your hair and makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly to remove the buildup of dirt and bacteria. You’re trying to make yourself look pretty by removing those dead skin cells when you exfoliate, so you don’t want to redeposit any debris back into your face and damage your skin.

3. More mistakes: Damaging your beauty sleep

The effects of good sleep are evident. However, you need to remove every ounce of eyeliner and other makeup from your face the night before because you will wake up with parched and blotchy skin.

Try to also avoid lying with your face pressed too heavily into the pillow. Otherwise, you may wake up with added lines on your face, which can lead to facial wrinkles over time.

4. Not looking after your teeth

You may have a radiant complexion, but if your teeth are covered in plaque, and your breath smells worse than your cat’s litter tray, all the work you have put into your face will be undone. Many of us hate going to the dentist but modern dental practice is not the torture chamber you might expect. So, make regular visits to maintain your pearly whites.

5. Another beauty mistake: Washing your face with hot water

Hot water will leave your skin feeling parched and can undo the hard work you have put in moisturizing it. Use cool or lukewarm water when washing, and splash hot water onto your face in the shower rather than letting it flow over your skin.

6. Living an unhealthy lifestyle

All the skincare products in the world won’t save your beauty if you consume a lot of alcohol and smoke cigarettes every day. Alcohol will dehydrate your face and decrease vitamin A which is necessary for fending off free radicals. Nicotine will make your skin look discolored and depletes vitamin C which protects and repairs skin cells.

There are some great ideas for a healthy lifestyle that can revolutionize your health as well as your beauty.

7. Not drinking enough water is a beauty mistake too

Your skin becomes dehydrated throughout the day through all the sweat you expel, so you need to re-hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water.

Doctors recommend between 8 and 12 glasses a day. You may need to head to the bathroom more often, but your skin and your overall health will feel the fantastic benefits.

37 thoughts on “Common beauty mistakes: You might be doing this wrong”

  1. I used to wash my face with warm water and just found out that cool cold is better and my skin looks way better. Now I just need to get a good night’s rest.

  2. Good tips, Christy, on things that are sometimes too easy to overlook or not consider. What would you consider the best way to wash hair and makeup tools?

    1. Hi Amy, so nice that you took time to read posts today! I know you’re busy so it means a lot :) I’m going to write a post on cleaning makeup brushes because I think that’s important for maintaining clear skin (the germs in them add up!). As for hair tools, clean your hairbrush about once a month by filling up the bathroom sink with warm water and a bit of shampoo. Let your brush soak in it for at least a couple hours. As it soaks, the accumulated dirt and hair in the brush starts to come off.. I would usually do this before bed and then wake up, wash the brush under the tap, removing particles, and then leave it on the counter to air dry :)

  3. Great tips Christy. I’ll vouch! Here’s another great one – coconut oil. Pure, extra virgin coconut oil has tons of uses. I use it to take off makeup. Nourishes the skin and removes makeup in a breeze. Also if your skin is dry it’s a great moisturizer to sleep in, face and body and hair! :) xx

    1. OH wow, these are great tips, Debby! For the coconut oil, do you use it to remove eye makeup? With a cotton pad? I would love to use that instead of makeup remover liquid. So natural! Thank you <3

  4. I meet so many people who cannot go a day without washing their hair, and it shows in the health of their hair. I used to be an every-day hair washer but when I had kids, I didn’t have time. Then I developed dry, sore skin on the top of my head and learned it was from the chemicals in the shampoo. I switched to goat milk soap shampoo bar. I was worried I’d have a mass of tangles without using condition (my hair was down to my belt line then), but surprise: the bar soap did not strip away the natural oils, so I had no tangles. I was shocked.

    For the past ten years, I’ve been washing my hair every four to five days with the goat milk soap bar, and I have less oily hair. It’s strange the way that works. From what I’ve read, shampoo strips the natural oils, so the body has to over produce, making hair oily after a day or two. But if you don’t strip away the oils, the body balances itself and produces very little oil, making your hair less oily.

    The key is to get real lye-made goat milk soap. The fake stuff doesn’t do it. Now that we have goats, I make my own, so I know there are no chemicals in it.

    It’s odd. We are not taught all these wonderful tips you have in your post at a young age. We must learn them over the decades. It took me fifty years to learn all this–or for this to all sink in. Perhaps I wasn’t listening when I was 18.

    1. Wow, Diane, that’s wonderful about your making your own goat’s milk soap and how it has helped you. Would you be willing to turn this comment into a blog post and I could post it here for you? I would link back to your site/books/etc. within the post as a thank you. Really fascinating – and great you’re going natural as well as paying attention to your body :)

    1. Great that you’re enjoying the tips, Aqui! Regarding water, I am thankful where I live that I don’t need to filter the tap water, unlike some people I know elsewhere who worry about contaminants. Thanks for your visit, hunny! ***Star*** :)

  5. Drinking enough water is one of my neglects.
    (Think I commented on hair on the next post, but that’s because I read a bunch of posts before I started commenting)
    Teeth! That’s a biggie, but healthy is the word. Do you really need to shell out $$$$ for purely cosmetic reasons? Personally, I love a little flaw here and there.
    Your tips posts are great, Christy!

  6. I get zero beauty sleep. I’m lucky to average 2-3 a night, and those are UGLY hours, believe me. But I work hard to keep up the rest. And yes, a beautiful smile can compensate for other things…oral hygiene is not just cosmetic but good for overall health! And water does just make everything run better, I think. It’s our motor oil.

    1. I really do hope you manage to get some more sleep. Or, at least, some restful time. Then again, think of all the writing time you get!

    1. Oh Teagan… I send you so many hugs that you won’t know what to do with them all except to wrap them around you and enjoy the love <3

  7. More excellent advice, Christy. It’s easy to fall into bad habits, or even ignore advice. But taking care of our looks is important from the start if we are to benefit in later years. 😀

  8. This is so helpful! I’ve found that once you get into those certain bad habits, you keep doing them even if you know it’s wrong! Looking forward to your future posts!
    Stop by my space sometime,

  9. Women………… Hey Christy! we have to go out to meet George and Stephanie I tell you while waiting in the hall having a beer, “I’ll be right there” You say, two hours later….. I’m laid down in the floor already drunk and you come out of the bathroom “I’m already finished lets go” and me, ” I’m already done, you go”

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