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The Stretching Benefits No One is Telling You!

Stretching for the Female Body and Mind

Stretching has several excellent physical and mental health benefits for the body, regardless of your gender. But this is a blog about women, so I’m targeting the post for the female body. There are great reasons to take the time to stretch on a regular basis, even on busy days! I really wish more people knew these stretching benefits so I want to share them here.

Stretching Benefits Flexibility

One of the many benefits of a good stretch session is the increase in body flexibility that is achievable with the movements over time. Flexibility refers to the range of motion for a particular joint or another body movement. When done on a regular basis, stretching increases flexibility. Please know that there are two kinds of stretches – dynamic and static.

As being flexible is an important part of many sports, you likely will also start to notice developments in your athletic abilities. Yoga, for example, requires a high level of motion of the joints. When you stretch on a regular basis, you increase flexibility and likely will achieve a higher performance level in yoga.

How Stretching Prevents Injuries

Another of the top stretching benefits is the reduced potential for bodily injuries. You can stretch in conjunction with exercise warm-ups. By stretching before vigorous physical exercise, such as running, you warm up your joints and muscles to prepare them for the activity. Stretching increases the range of motion of muscles and joints so that they are less likely to tear during exercise.

Stretching is also a healthy way to start the day! When you wake up in the morning, your joints might feel stiff or tight due to inactivity or joint inflammation. If you do not warm up your ligaments with stretches early in the day, they are more susceptible to cramps and injuries later in the afternoon or evening. Stretching helps to prevent these injuries. Plus, taking care of your body is a great way to welcome the new day.

Stretching Gives You Time for Yourself

Want more stretching benefits? Ok. This activity is one you might not have thought of… yet. It forces you to take time for yourself.

As you stretch, you use those moments to focus on your female body, rather than focusing on the to-do list for the day, the kids, or your relationship partner. When you place the focus back on yourself as you stretch your body, you refocus on how your body feels as it moves positions.

When you stretch, you may notice aches or other potential issues facing your body. You may not have noticed these issues had you not stopped to stretch and “listen” to your body. You become more in tune with your body and the care of your own body improves.

As well, you force your body and mind to slow down and relax when you stretch. The movements are slow and deliberate ones, with your mind focused on the present moment rather than on any stresses. You take the time to calm down when you make the effort to move your body. That’s one of the most underrated and valuable stretching benefits!

Refresh Your Mind and Body, Ladies!

After a stretching routine, you are likely to emerge refreshed mentally and with more energy than when you began the session! It’s also important to let go of guilt as nobody is perfect and, heck, being perfect would be boring. This point is true whether you are a young woman or older – it applies to every age.

Final Words on Stretching Benefits for Women

There are many stretching benefits for both your female body and mind. Stretching increases flexibility over time, and, in turn, your athletic performance. Stretching prevents injuries too; it reduces the potential for cramps and injury to muscles and joints later in the day. Stretching is a wonderful way to start your day; the activity gives you time to take care of your body and helps relax your mind. Regular stretching is a great part of a healthy lifestyle!

31 thoughts on “The Stretching Benefits No One is Telling You!”

  1. I totally agree with all the above benefits from stretching that you’ve mentioned. Although I only do about 5 to 10 minutes stretch every morning, I feel a huge difference.., I feel so much better compares to the days without stretching.
    What a great post! Thank you Christy!

    Vivienne X

  2. Thanks, Christy, for sharing the post on stretching. It is a good reminder of the benefit of stretching in additional to physical activity. Working behind a computer can sure do funny things to your body. I’ll have to work this into my routine. Have a wonderful week.


    1. Christy Birmingham

      I’m honored that you would take my advice and incorporate stretching into your day, Linnea ♥

  3. I so agree with Lisa Orchard’s comment that stretching is important for writers who sit at a desk. I have been doing yoga for over 15 years and it has become part of my life. I find that after working at my desk for an hour or so I need to get up and do some bends and stretches. Not only does it get the blood flowing but it also stretches the mind. Great post, Christy. :)

  4. Tricia Drammeh

    Great post, Christy. I definitely need to do more stretching. I think it will help with fibromyalgia and stress.

    1. Christy Birmingham

      I hope that the gentle stretches help you, Tricia. I like that stretching also gives us time to ourselves, away from the busy day xx

  5. There is nothing like a glorious morning and evening stretch, is there? I feel just so wonderful…and it makes me want to do yoga, too. :)
    Hope you’re well, sweet friend!

  6. I have always taken the time to stretch first thing in the morning, and as we age, it becomes even more important. Stretching throughout the day relieves tension and wards off the injuries that are associated with a sedentary lifestyle. However, the best reason to stretch is that it feels good. Wonderful post, Christy.

    1. Christy Birmingham

      Stretching helps us feel better, mentally and physically, as does smiling :) Thanks, M xx

  7. Absolute truth here Christy. Stretching on a regular basis will definitely make one more agile. Stretching the body also stretches the mind. :) <3

  8. So true when we stretch physically we stretch mentally. When we stretch, we slow down and give ourselves a moment to get organised too. It can be refreshing too – I like stretching in the middle of the day to wake myself up at work :)

  9. The thing about stretching and taking care of our bodies – the benefit is not just for the moment. The real benefit comes when you enter the latter part of life. A stretch when your 20 leads to a stretch when you are 40, then 50, then 80. The ability of living independently through the aging process is a gift that begins with movement. Another great post, Christy.

  10. Great post. I am a believer of stretching.
    After sitting too long in front of my keyboard, I stiffen easily because I have tendonitis and bursitis in one shoulder. Exercising often throughout the day keeps me limber–or as limber as I’m capable. Doing something else away from the keyboard–even making lunch or soup–I also consider an exercise. <3 :-)

  11. I only do this when I wake up… And more randomly than on a regular basis… 😁 I will keep your advice in mind… Thanks for sharing, Christy… Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana ☀️

  12. A great post Christy. I do a bit every morning and it is so true re flexibility helping prevent so much,. I always feel the benefits after a day on the hills actually and I sear by it.

  13. Agreed, Christy — and a great reminder. I wish I had more space for stretching because I’d be more encouraged to stretch more.
    Even little stretches that can be done in the office, sitting at the desk help. I have an old book from OSHA with a great collection of RSI prevention stretches. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs.

  14. I have been stretching since my first ballet class at age 7. Now at age 63, I can confirm that it is the fountain of youth for the body and is a protector against injuries as one gets older. I still stretch everyday and certainly feel it if I don’t.

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