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Guest Post! Team Bossy Girls: Inspiring the Dreams of Women

Inspiring women with community

Hi all! Thanks for your patience while I am in blogging break mode :) This is a guest post about Team Bossy Girls, a great female-empowered organization that I first heard about from Lydia Oyetunji. Thanks to Lydia for forwarding me the feature, explaining the company’s goals, and inspiring me with the story of Team Bossy Gals CEO Gerri Chambers. Take it away!

Team Bossy Gals: Inspiring the Dreams of Women

Team Bossy Gals is founded by Gerri Chambers, author of the eBook “Bossy! 8 Steps to Take You from Paycheck to Prosperity”. The eBook went #1 on Kindle Amazon within 16 hours of her promotional launch in November 2014.

Most recently, the Team Bossy Gals founder was named #30 on Evan Carmichael’s April 2015 Top 100 Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter. What amazing accomplishments for the mother of four and entrepreneur.

This remarkable single mother finds time to home school her children run her businesses and coach other women establishing a business.

Recognizing her as a role model for women entrepreneurs and moms, Gerri has been named a finalist in the 2015 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year presented by the Mom-e Club.

Gerri Chambers represents what many women want.

She started her entrepreneurial career after being laid off; vowing never to enter the workforce again.  Starting her solo career in business training, she then moved to coach and mentor women entrepreneurs as a way to give back to others.

This gave birth to Team Bossy Gals, the first multi-national women-owned, women- operated, conglomerate. A team of female entrepreneurs that recognize the hard work, and dedication it takes to start a business. Not to mention the fear, frustration, and exhaustion that is involved as well.

Gerri leads the team with one of her favorite sayings, “Present your heart and your vision to the public. Don’t let fear hold you back, and you’ll find that special person who will become your strongest supporter.”

This statement carries over to the support that Team Bossy Gals will provide for you.  To uplift, teach, and inspire all women to live out their dreams of business ownership with the support of an extraordinary team of women.

Team Bossy Gals mission is to assist female entrepreneurs in their pursuit to be their own boss. We are available to make this task as less overwhelming as possible. Through our ability to provide the following:

  • Assist you in developing strategies for success.
  • Provide specific tools to address individual needs and challenges.
  • Mentoring
  • Sharing our histories and accomplishments to connect and inspire our members.

We are actively working to provide a world-wide interactive platform of resources, education, networking, and partnerships to empower all of our members.

Team Bossy Gals has grown tremendously since its start in 2014.

We have hundreds of loyal subscribers with about 30,000 site visits per month.

Our following is over 1 million strong and growing steadily.

Gerri states, “If you can find that one person who believes in what you’re doing, who will take your hand and help you rise to the top, you can fly as high as you dream.” The belief and passion in this statement fuel the ambition and determination of Team Bossy Gals members. Allowing us to “soar” to great heights!

Get Bossy! Allow us to not only serve you and your entrepreneurial dreams but also accomplishing those dreams. Who better than like-minded women that have and are experiencing those same dreams?

It’s as easy as visiting, entering your name and email then click sign up. A Team Bossy Gal will get you involved with our tips and special offers about starting or growing your business with expert input.

Time is of the essence and why put off changing your life one more day and be sure to share the passion!

Connect with Geri Chambers too, via:


20 thoughts on “Guest Post! Team Bossy Girls: Inspiring the Dreams of Women”

  1. I love this story! Especially Gerri’s message about not letting fear stand in your way and having that blind faith that your opportunity will manifest eventually, with persistence. Thanks for that inspirational story. -B.O.S.I

  2. Hi Christy: What a great female-empowering post!!! We luv <3 Team Bossy Gals & Gerri Chambers sounds like an amazing woman!! We'll be sharing this post to help inspire other women and get the word out on this amazing lady!! xoxo ;)

  3. Thanks, Christy for sharing this wonderful interview. Hope you’ve enjoyed your break. Have missed your posts. Great to have you back. Have a wonderful week.

    Best wishes,

  4. Thank you so much, Christy, for allowing me to guest post this feature. I’m very grateful not only as a Team Bossy Gal member but as a writer as well. You’re an inspiring writer and a wonderful friend!!! I hope you have a great weekend!!! :)

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