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On women who pay it forward

Sharon is a Woman Paying it Forward

Hi all! Today I’m pleased to welcome Sharon Phillips to the blog to chat about networking and empowering women. Her project titled the “Empowering Women Exchange” provides an exciting opportunity for females that I want to share with you. Without further ado, here is Sharon.

Empowering networking women to the highest degree

So many years ago, I discovered the power of paying it forward, and, once I did, the blessings and rewards began for me, and have not stopped. What a concept!

Then a dream project rested on my heart and I started “Empowering Women Exchange”  We shared business tips and ideas, showcased businesses along with quest speakers, and began relationships that I still have today, 4 years later. The Exchange doesn’t hold meetings anymore, however, empowering women never stops.

And then I discovered International Women’s Day, March 8, in 2014, and told myself, here is my chance to spread the word, not just on a local level, but on a more global scale.  And to bring Women together for networking and fundraiser events.

The first 2 years were a bust!  1st year, no one showed, last year, it was our guest speaker, and my self, ha! We had a blast, since we did a BLAB podcast, sharing our networking tips and suggestions.

This year, 2017, 15 women attended, and I was so happy! Check it out:

Reading Materials for International Women's Day
International Women’s Day Conference Materials. Photos Used With the Permission of Sharon Phillips.
IWD Conference Attendees
Women Who Attended the Local International Women’s Day Conference. Photo from Sharon Phillips.
Discussing Female Leadership
Women Networking with Women. Thumbs Up! Photo From Sharon Phillips.

The word is getting out, and more than ever, we need to come together to support Women everywhere.

It warms my heart to see a roomful of strangers come together to sincerely ask about each other and ask how they may help one another. And, to have a real interest in the the meeting that they were attending, since I noticed a lot of the ladies took the time to go into the IWD website, and share their thoughts about the program. And to also contribute monies to the non-profit we were promoting.

Quota International has chapters in communities where policemen share the love for books and reading. Its called Cops ‘n’ Kids.

I encourage you to take some time and read about the success stories of so many women, who did not let adversity of any kind get the way of their dreams and visions for a better tomorrow for their children and grandchildren.

Am I planning on next years event?  You bet! So, if you are the Dallas, Texas area next March 18, join us!

By the way, if you would like to contact me, I would love to hear about you and your business. Here is my contact information:

Sharon Phillips
Social Marketer with Modere

And, I would like to leave you with this quote:
“When we have our Health, we have Everything!”

Thanks to Sharon Phillips for stopping by! She exemplifies a women who pay it forward.

Feel free to leave her comments below or to share your own success stories about women. Guest posts are always welcome here; you can submit post ideas through the About page here. Enjoy your day! ~ Christy

32 thoughts on “On women who pay it forward”

  1. Wow!! Look at how we can make a difference and show love, sisterhood and make connections! Congratulations, Sharon and gratitude to Christy for promoting this lovely union. We need to come together in every way we can to become a better world. 🕊💞🙏

    1. Sharon’s work impressed me and I was excited when she agreed to guest post here! I’m so glad you read this one, Robin. Thanks for taking time to catch up on posts as I know life gets to busy.. it means a lot to me xo

    2. I think it is well worth my time to catch up with you. Hopefully, I may write more comments since you are a gracious receiver. :)

  2. Hi Christy,
    I am uplifted when I visit here. Thank you for sharing your guest blogger, Sharon, and her wonderful efforts. Way to stick with it, Sharon! I’m impressed, and to realize that you do so on behalf of us all. Christy, you really are a beautiful soul.
    Love to all, Ka

  3. So lovely to learn about Sharon and her empowerment for women efforts. We could use this more than ever now, and it’s always a pleasure to read about something uplifting here on your blog dear Christy. :) <3

    1. Thanks Debby and YES Sharon is doing great work :) It’s my pleasure to support women and share good news

  4. I adore this post and have recently joined a committee for Women Working In Film. Of course I am talking the crew, not the producers or stars. Outside of hair, make-up & wardrobe it is still largely male dominated industry. Many women would like to be in the camera, lighting and grip departments. Young women don’t even know how to approach the industry.
    Well, we are attempting to bridge that gap. We have had 2 meetings, so far. We have tabled some good ideas and at least 1 wheel has been set into motion.
    Yes, women networking with women is a powerful idea! Thank you, and best wishes for your continued success!

    1. Congratulations on your goup, Women Working in Flim! I love that you are providing mentorship and fellowship to women who want to enter the film industry. Empowering women with ideas and direction, that is very encouraging! Keep us posted.

    2. Wonderful, Resa, about your committee! Perhaps in the future you will come to the blog to chat about it? You are always welcome. Women supporting women = awesome ♥

    3. Oh, I’d like that, Christy!
      Our next meeting is in 2 months. I will introduce it to the committee. Our first project is a go, and should come to fruition in 5 months. (We are only 4 months old.)
      I think that when this first project happens, I will have not just have committee ideas, but something solid to share.
      Will excitedly keep you posted! <3

    4. Wonderful, sweetheart! You have my email ♥ No rush, and I appreciate your taking the effort to suggest the idea to the committee

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