Cover Reveal for My Upcoming Book Versions of the Self

Here is the cover reveal for my next book Versions of the Self, which will publish in May. I am excited to show it to you!

Poetic Parfait

OH yes! It’s nearly time for the launch of Versions of the Self.

I can hardly contain myself in sharing with you the book cover for the first time publicly! I will be offering the book in BOTH Kindle and hardcover versions.

Here it is, the front cover for my next poetry book:

Poetry Book Cover Versions of the Self Book Cover of Versions of the Self. My next poetry book! Photo: ©2015 Christy Birmingham

I am so pleased with the way it turned out. Thank you to the designers who have helped me. I began by selecting a premade cover by designer Betibup33 of The Book Cover Designer. The paintbrush caught my eye as it relates to the creations (painting) of the self within the book. Such a unique

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38 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for My Upcoming Book Versions of the Self

    • Thank you, Teagan!! I wanted original and eye catching and here is what the wonderful designers crafted. I truly am grateful for all that is happening in my life. Having your friendship is… a delight!

  1. Christy, finally I found time to tell you that your book is wonderful! I got a Kindle version – it is what I do lately: I gave away all my paper books. Congratulations again, and keep writing! 🙂

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