How to be an optimistic person


Are you an optimist? I enjoyed this post from Jasmine at the blog flux + flow. Reblog time!


  1. Thank you for sharing this positive post Christy. Too much power and attention is given to negativity. The media being the biggest culprit.

  2. Great post… Half full or half empty…. It is all a matter of perspective, once again. :star:
    Here is to remaining positive regardless of any adversity.
    Best to you, CB, Aquileana :roll:

  3. Great post! I am becoming more and more optimistic as a general rule.. I think it’s because I have a daughter now and want that for her! lol.. But these are great points!

  4. Great post Christy. I agree with all of her points. The most important one is don’t surround yourself with negativity, because nothing drains a positive attitude like negativity.

    • Yes, I enjoyed the post and wanted to share the smiles for the weekend!! Thanks, C :) Happy weekend to you too!

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