Weekly Inspiration Roundup Vol. 13

Lucky or unlucky #13? Given the cold that doesn’t seem to want to let go of this body of mine, I’d be compelled to say unlucky. But then again it has forced me to take time for myself, and that’s a blessing. It is a reminder that, yes, I need self-care. Hence this post being a day late!

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Weekly Inspiration Roundup, Volume 11

It’s Friday! Are you ready to go dancing with me? I think you ought to come along! It’s been a busy week but a fun one, including writing a lot, watching a live taping of CVV TV, and going to a hot tub. If you’re wondering about hot-tub therapy, check out Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s The Laziest Exercise Tactic Believed to Work. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Now onto the latest inspirational blog posts from all of you wonderful peeps:

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