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Living While Human book review: A call to action for our planet

Living While Human book review

Is protecting the planet on your radar? If not, it ought to be, explains Arwinder Kaur in her eBook Living While Human. Here is my book review.

Disclosure: I was gifted an electronic copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links in this post.

What to expect from the read

Living While Human by Arwinder Kaur is a thought-provoking and urgent call to action in the face of the environmental crisis that threatens the planet’s future. In this eye-opening book, Kaur took me on a journey through her own life experiences and the pivotal moments that shaped her perspective on the critical issues facing the world today.

Discovering ‘The Compass’: Kaur’s personal journey

The book begins with Kaur taking readers through her childhood in India, her move to Canada, and her experiences in the UK. She provides a vivid look at how her formative years led her to a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges posed by Western civilization.

These experiences played a crucial role in developing what she calls “The Compass” – a guiding set of principles, values, and beliefs that she encourages readers to cultivate in their own lives. “The Compass” is a roadmap for living a more fulfilling life while becoming more compassionate toward the planet.

Kaur explains in the book that her upbringing and later reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn influenced her significantly. She credits Ishmael with inspiring her views on environmental issues and human roles on Earth. Throughout the book, Kaur paints a stark picture of the challenges nature faces in its struggle to regain balance amid issues like overpopulation, consumerism, and deforestation.

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Earth’s struggle for balance: A stark reality

From the beginning, Kaur is blunt about the planet being unstable today. The book’s title, Living While Human, conveys her message that immediate action is necessary for the Earth to provide for coming generations. She has dedicated her career to this cause, working as a social worker specializing in child protection and guardianship, emphasizing the critical need to protect our planet for the well-being of children.

Kaur does not shy away from harsh truths and delivers her message in a no-nonsense way. At one point in the book, she makes a powerful comparison between humanity’s behavior to cancer cells, overpopulating the Earth and destroying the vital components of biodiversity. The book’s core message is crystal clear – to ensure the planet’s survival, we must follow nature’s blueprint, recognizing our dependence on nature and abandoning the destructive ownership mentality toward it.

A critique of modern society

The book takes a hard look at how the world is right now, criticizing the influence of corporations, politicians, and the media in perpetuating a culture of consumption over conservation. Kaur calls for a global pushback against this “axis of evil” (media, corporations, and politicians) and emphasizes the urgency of changing our priorities from wants to needs.

She points out the profit-driven society we live in. And how the “axis of evil” wants us to feel fear to keep us from focusing on the real problems and creating sustainable communities.

Living While Human encourages practical steps, such as resource sharing and carpooling, to create a sense of community and a deeper connection with nature. Kaur emphasizes the importance of individuals getting in touch with their inner compass, aligning their actions with values to prioritize the planet’s well-being.

Living While Human by Arwinder Kaur
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Living While Human is a visual, thought-provoking experience

Throughout the book, author Arwinder Kaur uses photos to enhance her message. The images provide a visual context for environmental issues as she addresses them. Her writing is not just a call to action but a plea for a change in mindset and a realization of our responsibility to protect the planet.

Near the end of the book, Kaur asks readers, “How can we teach children to respect life when we continue to destroy it?” This question speaks to the heart of the book, challenging us to reevaluate our choices and take action to protect the Earth for future generations.

Living While Human is a passionate and enlightening read that challenges us to confront the pressing environmental issues of our time and empowers us to make a positive change. Encouraging more people to take meaningful steps toward a more sustainable and compassionate world is what I see as the author’s goal in writing this one.

Concluding words

I made several bookmarks in my ebook copy for passages I wanted to reread. After finishing the book, I appreciate the Earth even more. I am soaking up tips for being better to the environment and rethinking lifestyle choices.

I am also taking a step back to see the news in a different light, as well as what I consider wants versus needs. As you can tell, this book has had a lasting impact on me.

Arwinder Kaur’s personal journey and powerful message make this a must-read. Living While Human is a wake-up call, and I, for one, am awake now.

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