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Finding the Right Weight for Your Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai gloves: What weight to choose?

Choosing the correct weight for your Muay Thai gloves is one of the most important choices for optimal training, performance, safety, and skill development. With numerous resources available, it can be overwhelming to determine the most suitable glove weight for your skill level and goals. In this blog post, we’ll dive into expert recommendations from the new leading-edge Muay Thai brand, CORBETTI.

Training Mauy Thai Glove Weight for Bag and Pad Work

Training gloves (for bag work and pad work) generally fall on the lighter end of the weight range of 12 to 14 ounces. These gloves are specifically designed to balance speed and protection for both you and your training partners.

Beginners are often encouraged to start with 14-ounce gloves to strike an even better balance between protection and speed. Beginners often need a bit more protection when they’re starting out as they’re still building up bone strength.

Sparring Glove Weight

For sparring sessions, CORBETTI suggests using heavier gloves between 14 and 18 ounces. Sparring gloves have extra padding to prioritize the safety of yourself and your opponent and minimize the risk of injuries.

The increased weight helps to absorb impact and mitigate the force delivered during strikes. It is crucial to prioritize safety and choose gloves with ample padding when engaging in live sparring sessions, especially for beginners.

Competition Gloves

When competing in Muay Thai matches or events, lighter gloves are utilized to maximize speed and maneuverability. Most professional fighters compete in 8 or 10-ounce gloves for this reason.

The reduced weight allows fighters to strike with greater speed and precision, enhancing their performance inside the ring. However, it’s important to note that specific regulations may dictate the required glove weight for different weight divisions or organizations.

Beginners may also want to compete in heavier gloves for the sake of protection, especially early on when they are still building their skills and conditioning. Beginners could consider competing in 12-ounce gloves (depending on your body weight, which we’ll dive into below).

Sizing Muay Thai Gloves by Body Weight

In addition to choosing Muay Thai glove weight based on the training or performance scenario, factor in your body weight too. Doing so will help you find the right size.

Heavier individuals should opt for heavier gloves for increased protection and resistance. Meanwhile, lighter individuals may opt for lighter gloves to match their weight.

3 Personal Factors to Consider

Along with the guidelines above, individual factors also influence the decision when selecting your Muay Thai glove weight. Here are personal things to consider:

1. Style Preferences

In addition to choosing the right weight for your next pair of Muay Thai gloves, you may also want to consider the look and style that suits you, paying attention to the quality of the glove.

For example, genuine full-grain leather Muay Thai gloves offer both increased durability and a certain rugged aesthetic quality. Preferences on color and pattern may also factor into the gloves you choose.

2. Your Skill Level

Beginners may find it more comfortable to start with slightly heavier Muay Thai gloves for added protection and support during training and sparring sessions. As you progress and develop better technique, control, and bone strength, you can gradually transition to lighter gloves as you feel comfortable.

Once you reach an intermediate level, you can start to use lighter gloves in favor of speed and agility. Lighter gloves sacrifice some protection, but this is typically fine for intermediate athletes and above as they have built up the conditioning, technique, and bone strength needed for these lighter gloves.

3. Personal Weight Preference

What do you prefer? Ultimately, personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the weight of your Muay Thai gloves.

Experiment with different glove weights and assess how they feel during training. Remember that comfort and confidence in your gloves are vital to maximizing your performance and enjoyment in this type of martial arts.

Concluding Words on Muay Thai Gloves Weight

In summary, choosing the proper weight for your Muay Thai gloves is important to your training journey and overall success. The recommendations provided in this article are meant to act as a valuable resource, offering insights into the ideal glove weight ranges for training, sparring, and competition.

These guidelines, combined with personal factors such as body weight, skill level, and personal preference, will ensure that you choose the perfect glove weight. Having the right one helps to enhance your skill development, protect your hands, and achieve your goals in the exhilarating world of Muay Thai.

About the Author and the Brand

Inspired by his son’s Muay Thai athletic career, Leonardo Gutierrez founded CORBETTI with a mission to embody the style, strength, power, and class reminiscent of luxury brands like Bugatti and Ducati, all while celebrating the beauty and tradition of Muay Thai.

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