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7 amazing benefits of playing electric guitar

Playing electric guitar benefits

Many of us consider learning to play an instrument at some point, and the electric guitar is a popular choice. There are many benefits to learning to play the electric guitar, and guitars more generally. Here’s a look at 7 of the top perks.

1. It’s cool

Am I right?! While all instruments have benefits, some are cooler than others. Playing the electric guitar is one of the coolest. It’ll look great in your home, and you’ll look and feel incredible when playing it. Take a look at Ernie Ball Music Man electric guitars for some trendy options.

2. Playing guitar can boost concentration

Playing any instrument can help boost your concentration. You have to focus on the music, in the case of the guitar, your finger placement, and any materials in front of you, and think about what is coming next. You’ll also have to commit time to learn and struggle through mistakes and setbacks. All of this can make it easier for you to concentrate on other areas of life.

3. Electric guitars can be quiet – Surprised?

One of the most significant benefits of playing electric guitar instead of acoustic is that you can plug it into headphones or turn the amp down. That is ideal for beginners who might not want people to hear their mistakes or for people who want to play loud without disrupting anyone else in the house.

4. Learning an instrument can boost memory

Learning any instrument can boost your memory, but the guitar can be particularly effective because it often involves learning patterns and repeating movements. This can be a great memory exercise that helps you in other areas of your life and even reduces the risks of cognitive decline as you age. For the best results, try to learn various songs and complete simple practice exercises focusing on repetition.

5. Playing electric guitar can reduce stress

Playing an instrument gives you a creative outlet for stress and negative emotions. It gives you a way to relax or even a way to burn off negativity and stress. Electric guitars can be ideal because you can plug your headphones in, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else hearing your angry playing. You might even start singing along and realize you have a natural talent for that too!

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6. Learning an instrument can boost confidence

Learning something new gives you a way to see improvements in yourself. You aren’t just practicing for nothing. There are noticeable improvements. These improvements, however small, can be a significant confidence boost. For a more considerable boost, try setting yourself targets or taking on a few bigger challenges, like playing in public or joining a club or group.

7. Gain strength too

Some musical instruments are quite comfortable to play. Your arms get a good workout when playing guitar. So much so that you might notice increased strength over time if you practice regularly. You could also get more finger strength.

If you are considering starting to play an instrument, the electric guitar is a fantastic option, not least because it will make you look cool and impress your friends, family, and even children.

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  1. Sounds right on to me. I live with one. Well, not just a guitar, a guitar player.
    AND …. When one gets really good at it, turn up the volume!

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