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She Rises Studios inspires women to live life fully, says co-owner with incurable cancer

She Rises Studios co-owners

Maintaining hope in today’s times is often easier said than done. Making it their mission to inspire other women to fully live life is Hanna Olivas and her daughter Adrianna Luna Carlos. This powerful Latina mother-daughter duo co-owns She Rises Studios to help women find purpose, separate the trivial from the meaningful, and truly live. As the CEO and founder, Hanna grew this million-dollar company during the pandemic while battling an incurable blood cancer. In the most impossible situations, there is hope, as she explains in the inspiring interview below.

Disclosure: This sponsored post highlights a multi-media company that gives a voice to voiceless women by publishing books, podcasts, summits, and more.

Interview with Hanna Olivas, She Rises Studios co-owner and CEO

The message of hope and fearlessness that co-owners Hanna and Adrianna spread through their personal journeys at She Rises Studios is incredibly powerful. Hanna Olivas defines resilience.

When she was diagnosed in 2017 with an incurable blood cancer called multiple myeloma, she became a right-to-die advocate. Her story became a national headline in People magazine. Rather than having a pity party, she championed medically assisted dying.

In 2020, she released the self-help anthology Becoming an Unstoppable Woman with her daughter Adrianna Luna Carlos. The two had been recently reunited after a period of estrangement following an abusive situation that divided them.

Below, Hanna Olivas talks about faith, spirituality, and hope. She discusses She Rises Studio’s origins, everyday purposes, and much more. Here is our conversation.

What inspired you to create She Rises Studios?

Women being underrepresented and not having a safe zone but also needing inspiration. We hit the world in a pandemic, and it shifted our world as women.

You are an end-of-life advocate and also encourage women to live life fully. Where does this passion stem from?

I advocate for both because I was diagnosed with a terminal illness, yet I do believe that every individual has the right to choose how they die. If the medical field and doctors have done everything they can and nothing is working, if they choose to peacefully go in their home, I think every single person should have that choice.

Yet, I encourage women to live their fullest because they only have one life, and someone like me is dying to live, not living to die.

I maintain a balance of the two purposes because I’ve never denied my own personal health diagnosis, but I’ve never let it deny me or stop me from living my life without limits. I’ve accepted what can happen and if I choose to use the end of life bill it’s because I’ve done everything in my power to live, and now it’s my time.

How do you balance these two purposes day-to-day?

For me, I had to make a choice. The doctors gave me an option, and I could have given up immediately, but I’ve established the strength of mindset to want to keep going and not let a diagnosis or illness control me and define every piece of me. I’ve found my purpose to fight and help others fight too.

A lot of people get caught up in trivial things. How do you look at the bigger picture to avoid this happening?

The trivial things don’t matter. It’s considered a form of self-sabotage. They don’t help you achieve your goal, so to avoid it, you really have to always feed your mind, heart, and soul.

You have to put focus into avoiding things that are toxic and will trigger you. If we focus on all the trivial things in life, we are going to miss all the big things and blessings that are truly meant for us to be a part of.

She Rises Studios interview

When you are feeling low, how do you pull yourself up?

I put my big girl panties up, drink some coffee, journal, and pray.

Who inspires you, Hanna Olivas?

Life inspires me, and the infinite possibilities that still exist and the miracles and blessings I see every day. I went yesterday with my son to go walking on a 2-mile trail. My health conditions lately have prevented me from walking and the other day I finally completed the 2-mile walking trail. Things like that inspire me, conquering something I believe I couldn’t.

We always have a choice in pushing forward or holding back. Doing new things and challenging myself always inspires me.

Is there anything else you want to add?

No matter how hard anything gets, we just can not give up. Women are so strong and powerful; I want all women to think about the infinite power that they each possess. We’re some pretty amazing creatures. I just wish more women felt that about themselves and want to push hard to achieve their goals. Our intuitions guide us.

Empowering! One final question. How can we get involved with She Rises Studios?

We offer a free community Facebook group, social media, we frequently host podcast guests, Fenix TV, reading or writing, or by joining a workshop or summit. It can all be found at

Connect further with She Rises Studios

Find out more about co-owners Hanna Olivas and Adrianna Luna Carlos at the She Rises Studios platform.

She Rises Studios is on social media too. Reach out and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. She is truly an inspiration! What a beautiful and you captured it beautifully in the interview. I am going to look them up in Facebook. Thank you so much for the great interview!

  2. This posting is full of so much strength, perseverance, determination and love. The phrase (something like) “when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ really applies to this mother & daughter duo. An inspirational story to be shared and remembered.

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