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How to pack light for a trip (And still have everything you need)

Pack light for trip (Minimal travel)

Whether you want to travel the world or go on regular trips throughout the year, you will benefit from knowing how to pack light for a trip yet still ensure the best and most comfortable experience. You won’t want to leave things behind in case they’re needed, but you won’t want to take too much. Therefore, here is a list of essentials to consider like when you buy idr or other currencies depending on where you travel and packing to enhance your travel experience without overloading your baggage.

Professional camera equipment

Professional camera equipment is worth packing. Why? To capture the best footage on your trip.

A Matrice 350 drone is a great travel companion so that you can capture the best videos and images. You can enjoy professional footage when you’re home to feel like you are reliving the experience, and while you travel, you do not need to worry about carrying too much as the drone is lightweight and compact to fit in small travel bags.

Buy your toiletries upon arrival

Buying toiletries when you arrive at your destination is a smart idea. Toiletries are most often the heaviest items to carry.

Therefore, lightening your load and buying them when you arrive at the destination makes sense. From the airport, train station, or local shop, you will be able to find everything needed.

Select the optimal suitcase size

Choosing the right luggage can make all the difference in mastering the art of packing light. Size really does matter when you’re trying to pack light and still bring along your essentials. A medium-sized suitcase can be just the ticket. Take an example of the Eminent medium-sized luggage option – it’s got room for your drone and camera gear but isn’t so huge that you’ll go overboard and pack your entire wardrobe. Of course, there are other brands out there with similar features, like built-in compartments to stash toiletries separately from your clothes.

That’s a neat feature common in quality luggage these days. Don’t underestimate the material. You’ll want something that’s both durable and lightweight, so you’re not lugging around a heavy empty case. The medium size also naturally limits you to what you can pack, steering you away from those “just in case” items that usually stay in the suitcase anyway.

Pack and take a smaller bag for daytime activities

Packing and taking a smaller bag to help you efficiently carry your most-used belongings, such as money, credit cards, passports, and more. This can be a bag that’s an addition to your main bag. Or, it can be packed on top and inside the main bag, or within a belt on you as a way to avoid theft.

Having easy access to it on the day of your travels will ensure you get to grab things when needing them. After that, you can use the smaller bag for daily activities during your trip to have somewhere convenient and safe to store your belongings.

Take a small first-aid kit too

Taking a smaller bag for your trip will help you pack lightly yet efficiently if you take a small first-aid kit in there. It won’t take up too much space, yet if something happens, you can attend to a minor medical incident and not feel unwell during your trip.

You can take bandaids, painkillers, and bandages. These things ensure you can resolve the most common minor health issues when traveling.

Avoid taking those clothes that you ‘might’ need

Although you might like to have options when getting dressed every day, this might cause you to take away more clothes than necessary. Taking extra pieces of clothing just in case you “might” need them means you likely won’t wear everything.

Instead, stick to outfits and pieces you know you will wear. It is wise to re-wear clothes so that you can pack less.

Create and stick to your list

Creating a list can help you take only what you need to. If you start packing outfits without planning what is needed, you might take much more than necessary.

Instead, writing a list of outfits and packing only those things will help you pack lightly and ensure you have everything. A list ensures you remember everything and helps you pack less yet still have everything you require.


Taking layers is an excellent idea if you are unsure how the weather will be. Instead of packing bulky coats and sweaters, pack lighter layers, which can be worn when the weather is warmer and cooler.

You can layer up and stay warm on cooler days or evenings. Then, you can wear lighter layers when the weather is warmer. Taking layers is sensible if you do not know how the weather will be.

Wear your heaviest and bulkiest items on the day you travel

If you need coats, sweaters, and other heavy items, wearing them on the travel day makes sense. That means you will not need to bulk your bags with them.

Instead, reduce your baggage weight and ensure you have everything you need to stay warm by wearing them on the plane or other modes of transportation. Then take off what isn’t needed anymore when reaching the destination.

Pack one extra pair of shoes (if necessary and no more than one!)

If you can get away with taking and wearing one pair of shoes, that’s great. Doing so will reduce how much you have to take along.

Yet, most people like to have other options for different activities. For instance, you might be going on a relaxing break, yet know you will be walking all day, so your sandals might not suffice. Therefore, take only one extra pair of shoes with you and no more. Having two different shoe options is enough to ensure you are comfortable and feel great.

Use packing cubes

It is sensible to use packing cubes in your case or bag as they help to hold everything together, keep your bags organized, and ensure you pack less. If things do not fit in the cubes, consider not taking them.

For instance, you might use larger cubes for clothes, and if extra tops do not fit, it might encourage you not to pack them. Hence, you will lighten your load yet still have everything you need.

Share things with whoever you travel with

Are you traveling with someone else? If so, sharing things with them will help. You can share clothes with a friend or toiletries with your partner.

Sharing things will lighten both of your loads. Or, you could pack them together in one bag.

Do laundry on your trip

Instead of taking more clothes with you because items will need to be washed, doing laundry during the trip makes sense. That way, you can reduce what you take while enjoying clean clothes.

If the vacation or business trip extends for a few weeks, you might be able to wear the same four outfits on repeat by mixing and matching pieces. Washing them as you go means they will always be clean, and you can feel your best. You can handwash them or take them to a local laundry service like the one at the hotel.

Take a tablet

Do you enjoy reading? If so, consider taking a Kindle or another type of tablet rather than several physical books as you travel.

Books are bulky and heavy, and also not necessary if you can take one device to read multiple books from. In comparison, tablets are lightweight and compact. So, you can pack them in any bag and read wherever you are. They can fit in your carry-on luggage or purse if you’re taking a plane.

Ditch the unnecessary

There are some things that you might want to take yet are unnecessary. For instance, you might enjoy using your hairdryer. Yet, the accommodation might have hairdryers. Hence, you can use theirs and not need to take your own.

Or, you might consider taking hair styling tools. Yet, you know your friend is taking one. Therefore, you can share and use them together, so you don’t need to take two pairs.

Takeaway on how to pack light for a trip

If you can pack as minimally as possible and only take the necessary with you, this approach ensures you pack lightly.

Packing lightly and taking everything you need for a great trip is possible. You do not need to take extra outfits or pack your toiletries before you go.

There are many ways to minimize what you take and still have everything you need to be comfortable and safe. What is missing from this list? Or what do you think about the travel ideas mentioned here?


Top photo by Ivan Samkov via Pexels.

8 thoughts on “How to pack light for a trip (And still have everything you need)”

  1. All great tips! I never have luggage, only carry on, for up to 2 a week stay. I wash an outfit in the bathroom sink. While it dries, I’m wearing another. Extra undies & 1 great going out top (washable) is all that’s needed.

  2. Great tips Christy! I travel light. On a trip to Memphis, the taxi driver asked if I had lost my luggage, as I was only carrying a large oversized handbag. I replied that I travel light. He said boy do you ever!

  3. I don’t know. Every time I pack light, I need to buy something, or more than one something when I’m there! I like having options. Good tip though on wearing your heaviest clothes, never thought about that! Also, to buy your toiletries at your destination. Often, you don’t really need to even do that if the hotel is well accessorized!

    1. Hi Dorothy, I’m glad that some of these tips make sense to you, but I totally get that it won’t work for every occasion! I appreciate your feedback and support, always! I’ll be over to visit soon xx

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