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Maiden all-female crew travels the world to promote girls’ education

Maiden all-female crew

On August 3, Maiden, a 58-foot aluminum ocean racing yacht with an all-female crew, sailed into Saint John, Canada. The crew is traveling the world with an inspiring goal.

About the Maiden all-female crew tour

Maiden’s mission is awesome. The tour aims to provide girls with access to education, empower them to reach their full potential through their teenage years, and work with communities to raise funds to create a brighter future for all to create and support.

Maiden embarked on her three-year 90,000 nautical mile voyage sponsored by DP World, a leader in global logistics. The journey began in Dubai in January.

The tour of the world aims to raise awareness of the importance of girls’ education and women’s empowerment. It can motivate girls to participate in STEAM careers and fund girls’ education.

While in Saint John, the Maiden crew will participate in Summer Her Camps, Community Her Centers, charities that work with youth, and organizations that engage with the community through various events. Crew stories, day voyages, ship visits, tours, and fundraising can all help change the story of what one girl can accomplish.

While it might not be clear right away, sailing involves math and science skills. From calculating one’s location to determining how the wind will move the wings, there’s a lot to know and remember.

To encourage girls and women in STEAM careers

The 2021-2024 World Tour will focus on helping girls learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) to improve their lives and career choices. Many industries, including shipping, face severe skills shortages.

So, companies like DP World are working to increase female representation and bring much-needed skills and talent into the workforce. Sadly, female scientists are significantly underrepresented in the US workplace today.

Moreover, girls’ education has never been so important. Over 130 million girls are out of school, and about 15 million girls who are primary-school age never enter a classroom at any point in their lives.

Furthermore, an estimated 11 million girls are unable to return to school or access distance learning opportunities. That is the result of pandemics and conflicts around the world. This issue affects the most vulnerable school-age girls around the world, affecting their lives now and in the future.

The vision

Maiden’s vision is a world where every girl has 12 years of quality education. Among the places the Maiden will stay or pass through are Dubai, the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea, Palma, and Florida.

Maiden makes stops in Miami, Annapolis, New York, Long Island, (St. John) New Brunswick, Newport, and up the US East Coast. There are public events being posted online where you can interact and learn from the crew and see the vessel. Or, simply follow the updates as they get published in news articles throughout the tour.

The stay in Saint John will be until August 13. The boat will dock in Port Saint John for a little more than a week.

Concluding words on the Maiden all-female crew

Maiden is on an incredible journey with an inspiring goal. The money raised will go toward girls’ educational programs worldwide. Thank you to this all-female crew for helping encourage others and expand the possibilities for girls and the future generation of women!

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