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How You Can Upgrade Your Family Kitchen

Upgrade your family kitchen

You enjoy spending a lot of time in your kitchen, but does it look and feel as good as you want it to? Does it look dated and tired, and is it ready for a little upgrade or makeover? Upgrading your family kitchen doesn’t have to be a major project or remodel that you undertake. It can be as small of a project as you like (and as the budget allows).

Create More Storage Space

One upgrade you may wish to focus on is to add more storage space. Clutter and mess on the countertops can leave a kitchen feeling very chaotic and hectic. To avoid this, you will want to look at smart storage solutions.

These may hide away paperwork and kids’ homework. Or you may find that storage may provide hidden cabinets for your herbs and spices. When looking at creating more storage space, think about how you use your kitchen. Also, consider utilizing those hidden spaces that you have.

Upgrade Your Family Kitchen: Install New Countertops

If your family kitchen has countertops showing wear and damage, why not upgrade them? Fresh and bright quartz or granite countertops can replace damaged countertops.

You can even look at a more durable option, such as quartzite. You can find a supplier for quartzite countertops and find the color and style that will lift your whole kitchen and make it an enjoyable space once again.

Introduce New Lighting

Even if the family kitchen is not the brightest and lightest room in the home, it still has potential. When you introduce new lighting, you change the ambiance and aesthetic of the room.

Daylight fixtures and fittings can make a space feel warm and light. Softer warm yellow bulbs and fixtures can leave a room feeling welcoming.

When looking at new lighting to purchase, consider how easy it will be to maintain and clean. Kitchen appliances, fixtures, and fittings can get greasy and dusty quickly.

Have Family Get-together Spaces/Areas

A family kitchen must have areas where the family can get together. This space (or spaces if you have a larger kitchen) may feature a sofa, comfortable chairs, and a dining set.

If you are restricted in terms of space but still want to have these features, then consider giving the furniture a second use. For example, built-in benches can double up as storage.

Introduce a New Color Scheme for a Family Kitchen Upgrade

If you don’t want to go all out with large upgrades for your family kitchen, why not look at mixing up the color scheme? Paint can make a kitchen look and smell as fresh as if it was new.

A new color scheme can make any space feel bright and rejuvenated. When looking at colors and paints to purchase, look at those created with the kitchen in mind. These colors will most likely reflect the light, and they will have a finish that is easy to maintain, clean, and wash.

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    1. Oh wow, that’s great timing ~ At our condo we lived in before where we are now, we painted over the cabinet doors. Email if you want to know the type of paint etc. It really freshened up the kitchen and didn’t cost a lot either!

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