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Book spotlight: The Shattered Vase by Gracie Lynne

Author Gracie Lynne

The Shattered Vase by Gracie Lynne is an award-winning book that is getting great reviews. It won the Firebird Award for Christian Fiction in 2021. This faith-centered book of fiction has underlying themes of hope, fear, and more, and it gets a special spotlight today. Below is more about this book, from the plot to the review and book trailer!

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Plot summary of The Shattered Vase by Gracie Lynne

Susie Whatley has an idyllic life. She lives out in the country with her husband, Joe, and their three children.

This picture of idealism shatters when Joe leaves her for another woman.

Soon, the forces of evil start a battle for the life of Susie. The evil entities of Deceit, Betrayal, Rejection, Arrogance, Envy, Adultery, Doubt, Insecurity, Condemnation, Bitterness, Fear, and Despair meet for one strategy meeting after another to defeat this wretched single mother.

If they could just get her out of the way, they then could feast on her children. Why won’t she give up?

Susie is not alone in this fight. Hope, Faith, Joy, Grace, and Mr. Mercy are in the battle too. With each attack, they draw Susie into their compassionate embrace, which is full of Godly wisdom.

As Susie continues to draw near to the wisdom of God, her destiny is revealed.

Will she be strong enough to fulfill her destiny, or will she succumb to evil?

The Shattered Vase book cover
The Shattered Vase by Gracie Lynne

Recent reviews of The Shattered Vase

“I bought The Shattered Vase expecting a good book but was totally got off guard that it had me addicted to it from the first page. The author’s writing is so clear and detailed that I felt like I was in the same room with Susie and feeling her pains and her strengths. I found Susie’s life paralleled mine and it brought the entire story to life . It’s a must read!” – Lori M.


“What a beautiful, amazing book! This incredible book is so inspirational and hard to put down. It is perfect timing to read. No matter what path you are on in your life this is totally relatable. Incredible HOPE & FAITH are characters that help portray walking with Love. It is something I believe we can all relate to daily struggling with self-doubt & overcoming fears. Probably a lot more than we realize.

“This beautiful story reminds us that God’s grace is carrying us through so many battles we may not even consciously understand. It’s restoration in paths of disaster whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically. I cannot recommend The Shattered Vase enough. It’s a beautiful gift for anyone you love. Buy several because you will be giving it away before you have finished. I truly believe so many wonderful people will be blessed by this wonderful illustration & remind us of our spiritual gifts. Truly a blessing.” – Penne M.

About the author

Gracie Lynne was not a born writer. She became one through the struggles of life, and it was through these difficult times that Gracie leaned on God.

Gracie was first noted to be a memorable writer through Christmas letters. Hilarious antidotes of her children’s lives were in those holiday memorandums. These letters were well received, and it was suggested that Gracie become a writer.

Soon after her third child was born; Gracie and her husband made the difficult decision to divorce. Gracie looked to God for guidance during this tumultuous time and became involved in a Church Single’s Ministry. She began writing, producing, directing, and acting in plays for this ministry.

Soon God put a calling on Gracie’s life to become a Christian author. Gracie felt led to write about a single mother, which quickly transformed into a story of spiritual warfare.

As a single mother of three children, Gracie struggled to provide an income. She worked as a home health nurse and moonlighted as an author. After working on the manuscript for nineteen years, The Shattered Vase was released in January 2019.

The Shattered Vase has been called a masterpiece by literary critics. It received a nomination for the Best Christian Fiction novel with Joy and Company in 2019 and won the Firebird Award in 2021.

Connect with the author and get your copy of the book

Gracie is grateful for the acclaim she has received for her debut novel. However, Gracie would like to acknowledge that without God’s presence in her life, The Shattered Vase could never have been written. This is His story, much more than it is hers.

Gracie lives in Texas. She is an award-winning author, a landlord, a bible study leader, and an actress. In addition, after raising three amazing children, as a single mother, she is now overjoyed to be a grandmother.

Connect with Gracie Lynne at The Shattered Vase website via the Contact page; she has meaningful blog posts there too. If this book touches your heart in a special way, Gracie kindly offers her email at She greatly appreciates reviews.

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Top photo: Meet Christian author Gracie Lynne. Photo used with her permission.

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